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Treatment of other genital conditions, for example, thrush, bacterial vaginosis, skin problems Rapid HIV tests Free condoms Sexual Health Adviser service offering advice and information on sexual health issues Advice and referral for termination of pregnancy/abortion Follow-up care for patients who are HIV positive Specialist Dietetic Clinic for HIV+ patients Hepatitis B/C screening and Hepatitis B vaccinations for at-risk individuals Safer sex advice Telephone/text results service Specialised Services Cont@ct2—walk in clinic for those aged 19 and under (Mon, Tue, Thu 2:30–5pm) West6—for men who have sex with men (Tue 5:30–7pm) Orange Clinic—for women who have sex with women (Alternate Weds 1:30–6.45pm) Pearl Service—for people with learning disabilities Indigo Clinic—for those working in the adult entertainment industry Hepatitis Clinic—for people with viral hepatitis Know4sure with NPL (Naz Project London)—for Black & Minority Ethnic communities @ WLCSH (Weds 3:30–5:30pm), call NPL for an appointment on 020 8741 1879 The Gold Service—for the transgender community Outreach Services Cont@ct2@College Walk-in sexual health and contraceptive service for students of EHWLC—availabe Tuesdays 12.00-2pm during term time, located at the Hammersmith campus of the Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College Cont@ct2@William Morris (Sixth Form College) Walk-in sexual health and contraceptive service for students of Wm Morris—available Thursdays 12:00–2.00pm during term time, located at St Dunstans Road, Hammersmith Sexual Health @ The Bush Sexual health and contraceptive service for people without symptoms—available Mondays 10am–1pm at The Bush Doctors, West 12 Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush
Do they offer free condoms?: 
Phone Number: 
West London Centre for Sexual Health (WLCSH)
sexual/reproductive healthcare
STI/STD testing and treatment
contraception (birth control) and emergency contraception
pregnancy testing
pregnancy all-options counseling
trans gender/gender-variant services
LGBQ services (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning)
teen-specific services

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