What's the best thing your love can offer to others?

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Acceptance or a place to be themselves
22% (260 votes)
5% (58 votes)
7% (86 votes)
8% (98 votes)
Happiness and joy
10% (121 votes)
Strength or courage
4% (43 votes)
Community or a sense of belonging
2% (29 votes)
Excitement or adventure
3% (33 votes)
Support and encouragement
6% (76 votes)
A gazillion dollars. Plus, puppies. And also rainbows. (Just kidding.)
4% (44 votes)
Can't pick one, my love can give so much!
26% (313 votes)
Something else (tell us in the comments!)
2% (22 votes)
Total votes: 1183


I am a bit confused by your question. I would say that love is different to all the listed 'things', and that I can offer love to others plus support, acceptance, courage, etc depending on the situation. Oftentimes I offer those other things to people without love being involved.

I think that love is something special that cannot truly be described in any list or poll. Yes, it makes you feel like you belong, and it makes you feel special, and it hopefully agnoledges some of your physical desires, but it isn't just that. I think that when you are in love, it is a feeling in that of itself. For me at least, describing the feeling of love is like describing your favorite color; you really can't, there's just something about it that feels right.

That One Whovian.

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