Men Like Us : The GMHC Complete Guide to Gay Men's Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Well-Being

Can't find your frenulum? Can't interpret your insurance? Can't name the major herbal remedy for prostate problems? Daniel Wolfe's amazing, enlightening, and physically weighty compendium on gay men's health can usher anyone through the major crises of life--grief, illness, bad hair--and offer sane advice on gay-specific issues, from coming out to harassment to spirituality within mainstream and alternative religions. Readers will expect a great deal of attention to HIV--and won't be disappointed--but may be surprised by the comprehensiveness of the section on recreational drugs, for example, or the attention devoted to the pharmacological treatments of depression. Passages on anal eroticism will help the reader chart new territory. Sections on exercise and nutrition are necessarily less complete. The text is supplemented with charts and sidebars (one of the best lists necessary legal documents for single or coupled men), as well as quotes from hundreds of gay men who were interviewed in person by Gay Men's Health Crisis or who responded to surveys ("My mind said I was walking home, but my body was walking to the sex club"). An essential resource for health care providers, therapists, and educators, Men Like Us also makes for lively casual reading, as in this word on allergies to latex condoms: "Although it sounds like a bad gay joke, don't eat bananas or nuts. They're among the foods, along with papaya and avocado, that can make a latex allergy worse." --Regina Marler