The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order

"In BUST we've captured the voice of a brave new girl: one that is raw and real, straightforward and sarcastic, smart and silly, and liberally sprinkled with references to our own Girl Culture." So say Marcelle Karp and Debbie Stoller, smart, sassy founders of BUST ("the magazine for women with something to get off their chests"), and editors of this funky, fabulous, neofeminist manifesto. The Guide to the New Girl Order collects the best of BUST, including thoughtful articles, personal essays, and racy rants about anything from abortion to the lameness of the Lifetime television network. In their own words, they address "that shared set of female experiences that includes Barbies and blowjobs, sexism and shoplifting, Vogue and vaginas." Having started out as a hand-stapled zine, BUST swims with an in-your-face, grrrl power attitude that alternately taunts, encourages, and calls readers to battle. Contributors range from mysterious authors with names like Betty Boob and Scarlett Fever to such famous femmes as Courtney Love. Karp and Stoller organize the pieces into sections labeled "Sex and the Thinking Girl, "Men Are from Uranus," etc., offering introductions for each that provide humor, insight, and cultural context. And with selections like "Sex, Lies, and Tampax," "How to Be as Horny as a Guy," and "Bitch on Heels," this is not your mother's ladies' journal. Also included are such hilarious explorations of pop culture as "The Mysterious Eroticism of Mini-Backpacks," "My Keanu, A Fantasy," and "Bring Me the Head of Melanie Banderas." Whether you're intimidated or intrigued by such an irreverent approach to redefining the feminine, there's only more to come--and there's no place to hide. As the editors warn, "Wake up and smell the lipgloss, ladies: the New Girl Order has arrived." --Brangien Davis