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The DYSC (Diverse Youth for Social Change) program works with youth who are in the age range of 13-22 in an effort to facilitate the access to the tools that will increase their capacity to improve the quality of their personal, home, school and community lives. We do this work through a holistic combination of leadership development, the development of an anti-oppression analysis, the development of organizing, activism and advocacy skills and cultural work. CAR's commitment to diversity and inclusion means that this program is open, welcoming and affirming to ALL youth/young adults regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Our program provides: Leadership development Peer support Adult support and mentorship Safe environment Development of organizing and advocacy skills Working on issues that impact the lives of youth and young adults Civic participation Cultural work Fun activities Wellness support: physical, mental and spirit Building relationships with diverse communities and organizations Community art/cultural projects DYSC is CAR's youth/young adult program - ages 13-22 DYSC meets every Friday night at 6:30 800 Scott St., LR Inside First Presbyterian Church Call 501-244-9690 for more information or email:
Do they offer free condoms?: 

To clarify:

-We can offer support/services in more than one language if we are given enough time to bring in an interpreter. (Languages: Spanish and ASL)

-We try to keep a decent supply of condoms in our office. However, we go through Planned Parenthood for our supply and we suggest people to do the same.

-We are accessible to most people with disabilities. However, in order to reach our offices you must travel down stairs. If this is a problem, we are happy to meet with people outside of our office or even at an alternate location - it is up to the individual(s).

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Youth Group - DYSC (Diverse Youth for Social Change)
counseling/therapy or support groups
trans gender/gender-variant services
LGBQ services (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning)
teen-specific services

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