Girl Power

"I wonder if everyone feels the way I do. I wonder if every girl at the age of 17 feels dumb and alone." Sam, a zine writer and Riot Grrrl from San Diego, voices a lament echoed by many of the young women who speak their minds and souls in Girl Power. Hillary Carlip (who co-authored the funky and fabulous Zine Scene with Francesca Lia Block) wanted to provide a forum for young women of all types, temperaments, and truths to express their deepest sentiments. Carlip felt that writing was the perfect platform, believing that "Through writing, not only are demons freed and mockeries banished, but through self-expression ... they come into their power." The result is a beautiful, intoxicating outcry--of opinions, feelings, rants, raves, poetry, prose, shouts, and cheers--given structure and flow by Carlip's insight and explanations. As diverse and individual as these teens are (homegirls, teen moms, queer girls, cowgirls, farm chicks, sistas, surfers, sk8rs, jocks, sorority girls, and pageant queens, to name a few), they share the common thread of needing to be heard on the issues that matter most in their lives. Bound loosely together like unique and lovely trinkets on a charm bracelet, the voices of these young women will inspire and encourage other girls to speak up, speak out, and speak from the heart. This fascinating, important book should not be missed. (Ages 12 and older) --Brangien Davis