A Car, Some Cash and a Place to Crash: The Only Post-College Survival Guide You'll Ever Need

Every year, more than a million young people accept their college diplomas and step off the stage wondering what on earth they are supposed to do now. This is the field guide they need to survive that crucial first year out, with a smart twenty-something author pounding the pavement on their behalf. Knight has talked to scores of young men and women and shares their real-life experiences: the best and least effective ways to find a job, get an apartment, buy a car, make friends, live large on a budget, and generally get up to speed on how the world works. She asks the experts questions the young graduates haven't even thought of yet: a real estate agent reveals the secrets to negotiating rent, a young investment banker describes how to have fun but still be financially responsible, a doctor explains how to get by without health insurance. Knight includes nitty-gritty useful resource information for each topic she covers allowing readers to personalize their search for information on subjects like career or choosing a city to live in.