What are YOU doing most to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in the world?

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I'm committed to practicing safer sex - including barriers and testing - always.
20% (41 votes)
I'm dispelling myths about HIV, AIDS and people with HIV or AIDS.
3% (6 votes)
I'm treating people who are HIV-positive with respect, not prejudice.
4% (9 votes)
I'm starting conversations about HIV or those with HIV the world isn't having yet.
0% (1 vote)
I'm speaking up as a person living with HIV.
0% (1 vote)
I'm not pretending myself and people I know are not at risk just like everyone else.
2% (5 votes)
I'm staying as educated as I can about HIV/AIDS, with both prevention and treatment.
4% (9 votes)
I'm supporting the work of people or organizations who work for positive change around HIV/AIDS
3% (6 votes)
I'm making clear that taking care of our sexual health is important to and for everyone.
9% (18 votes)
I'm learning what impact my choices, with sex and sexual health, with how I talk about HIV/AIDS, can make a difference.
2% (4 votes)
I'm fighting poverty, sexism, homophobia, racism and ableism, knowing these greatly impact HIV.
9% (19 votes)
Most or all of the above.
36% (73 votes)
Nothing. (Why not?)
5% (11 votes)
Something else: tell us in the comments!
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 205


If you are doing even just ONE of those things? You're making a difference. And that is awesome. :)

If you're doing only one of those things? See if you can't aim for just one more: we all can.

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I'm doing a lot of those, but the one that's most prominent in my life right now is that I'm volunteering for my regional HIV/AIDS centre. We do needle exchange, education, and outreach. So far it's been awesome!

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