Do you care about a partner's sexual history?

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I care but only about how their history effects our future, if they have been good to themselves and others but also if others have been good to them, ect.

... Is the closest--though I meant to select the last option, quoting "I identify as a woman: I care, but mostly about if a partner has been kind to and safe with others & themselves," and, as not the most experienced lover myself, adding a touch: that partner potentially being more confident about telling me what they want and like or don't want or don't like (I know these qualities aren't magically or defaultly granted). Though exploring together is rather fun...

I identify as a woman, I care mostly about whether people are kind and safe, and I also strongly prefer partners who've had a bunch of varied sexual experiences.

15 years ago I lost and Great Uncle who was HIV positive so yes I do care about my sexual partners history I get tested all the time even when my partner tells me that he is Negative I still protect my self........

I love my partner very much, and we are in a monogamous relationship. He is the only sexual partner I've ever had, but he had one before me. I know it shouldn't be an issue, and it almost never comes up, but I'm bothered by it on an irrational, emotional level. I get jealous of the girl I never met, who had sex with my boyfriend before I even knew him.

I have only had one sexual partner, who I dated twice with a two year break inbetween when he went to college. He has kissed a total of ten girls and been sexual with three. While I'm one of these girls, it breaks my heart to know that he's been with so many and I've only given myself to him.

NO not really, i mean what they did is in the past as long as it doesnt affect our relationship and as long as that he has been cleared of SAIs, HIV and aids.

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