How do you feel about your gender right now?

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I identify as a woman, but how I feel about being female changes from day to day. During my period I hate being a woman, because it's inconvenient and being in pain is never much fun. When I'm thinking about what to wear on a night out, I hate the pressure of being supposed to look hot but not slutty while expressing myself through my fashion choices. On the other hand, I love being able to wear mini skirts and short shorts, I love that my body is able to create new life, I love being a part of a long line of women who have fought for my rights to study and have any job I choose. Most of the time though, the negatives weigh out the positives. But overall, I'm glad I was born a girl.


I hate living in a world that daily chooses to try to make being a woman a curse.

I'm a thirty year old who identifies as female. Most of my life I didn't fit the notion of the quintessential 'woman.' In fact, I loved being boyish, or tough, or butch--whatever you want to call it--because that was intuitive and graceful for me for many years. For the first time in my life high heels and lipstick complement backpacking and building projects. If there's anything I'm learning it's that whatever I dabble in with regards to gender expression: it just gets more fun!

I identify as female, but I do not particularly like being a woman. As an asexual, this brings up many questions. Do I want to do something about it? Am I fine enough where I am? I hate having to deal with periods, but I also really dislike the way society automatically views females in contrast to males. I dislike this for similar reasons that I dislike being short - it is very difficult for me to look intimidating when I am usually eight or more inches shorter than them. I look like a weak person even with strong body language and it bothers me.

Additionally, I love to read. A lot. This ends up being unhealthy for my self esteem, because male main characters almost always seem more extraordinary than female main characters. There are more genius main male characters than female ones, and the female main characters always have a male friend to help them out or they are put into a stupid high school setting in which case they are probably not very awesome in my eyes.

It's good to know that a majority of people feel good about their gender identity. :)

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