What kind of sexual/romantic relationship model per exclusivity do you want right now?

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A completely exclusive model, where myself and a partner are strictly only sexual and romantic with each other.
50% (763 votes)
A fairly exclusive model, where we're mostly exclusive, but things like flirting or kissing others could be okay.
9% (140 votes)
A somewhat open model, where we are exclusive about some things, but not others.
5% (80 votes)
A very open model, where we have little to no sexual or romantic exclusivity.
5% (80 votes)
An open model where we're mostly exclusive, save things with others we only do together.
2% (29 votes)
A flexible model, where we negotiate and renegotiate these things as wanted.
10% (156 votes)
A closed polyamorous model, where the relationship is exclusive, but between more than two people.
2% (37 votes)
A don't-ask-don't-tell model, where we just don't talk about this stuff.
1% (19 votes)
Some other kind of model (tell us in the comments!)
1% (18 votes)
I really don't know, or it'd depend on the relationship.
5% (82 votes)
I don't want a sexual/romantic relationship right now.
8% (116 votes)
Total votes: 1520


Just to be clear, when we talk about exclusivity, we're talking about things people do (or don't) only want to do or have with someone else in a relationship; the "fences" people can, do or may create in relationships in terms of what sexual or romantic things are just supposed to be between them or not.

What those things are will vary, so figure we're asking about what things you would consider sexual or romantic.

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In my partnership, and the levels of exclusivity that we have agreed upon are not reciprocal. He limits his romantic involvement to his other partner and me, and I am encouraged to date. This works well for us most of the time.

For me personally right now, I need a monogamous, exclusive model. That doesn't mean I'll always feel this way in the future, but for me right now, it's what works best.

I want to be in an exclusive romantic relationship with my boyfriend but sexually... Well, I'm bisexual and I want to be with a woman once in a while. Fortunately he has no problem with this :)

i really want an open relationship where its okay to have a romantic or sexual relationship with others, as long as everyone is okay with the people involved, but my current boyfriend doesnt want that kind of relationship. hes too much of the jealous sort

Although I haven't yet had a sexual or romantic relationship, I think I could be happy in all of these relationships: a completely exclusive model, a flexible model, a closed polyamorous model, or a model where I am completely exclusive/flexible/closed polyamorous and my partner/s are in whatever model works best for them.

I probably would be the happiest in/most willing to enter the first three models because they would be simpler.

I believe that I could be perfectly happy in a polyamorous relationship if I was slowly eased into a small one, and that my poly experience would be terrible if I just jumped into a big, established relationship, especially if partners were regularly added and subtracted from that relationship.

I feel able to communicate my needs to a partner or partners, and don't think jealousy would be a big problem for me (and if I do feel jealous I know I could communicate with my partner/s and come up with a solution).

I personally don't want a fairly/somewhat open model because I feel like I want every relationship to be equally important, and for me that can't happen if one partner permenantly places inflexible limits on what I can do with another partner.

I also don't want a completely exclusive model for myself because I don't feel the need or have the effort to mantain many relationships with different dynamics at once, although I'd feel okay with a partner or partners having a completely exclusive model.

I guess I would also generally want long-term relationship/s (although I could consider short sexual relationships or friendships with benefits, though I'll probably want long-term relationships more the older I get).

So I guess the meaning of all those words is that I best fit into the "it'd depend on the relationship" category.

(If it's of statistical interest, or someone's just plain curious, I'm a cis teenage bi/queer/pan girl.)

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