Sexual Health for Men

Ever since God got angry with David and took away his potency, male sexual function has been more clouded in mystery and myth than in science. But science has done an admirable job catching up, starting with the clever Belgian cleric who observed barnyard chickens in the mid-19th century and determined that the rooster's testicles were the key to his relentless sexual drive. We now know that about 30 million American men suffer erectile dysfunction; that about 40,000 men a year die of prostate cancer; and that men have three kinds of erections (sexual, frictional, and nocturnal). But there's still a bigger story to tell, and Dr. Richard Spark, a noted endocrinologist, leads us down many paths. We learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol on sexual function, and the role of hormones in male sexual health (and what happens when those hormones are given a boost, usually in the form of an injectable substance purchased in a locker room from a guy with 20-inch biceps). Dr. Spark does an admirable job of lassoing all this information into a very useful guide, keeping it all in layman's terms, and organizing it in such a way that the information you need is easy to find and easy to understand once you find it. Size may not matter in sexual intercourse, but in the case of Sexual Health for Men, the magnitude of the volume definitely translates into value. --Lou Schuler