Teen Matters

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Additional Services: 
A text line answered by a health educator: 706-410-8558. Immunizations, including the HPV vaccine.
Do they offer free condoms?: 

Services provided include access to free condoms and other forms of birth control (birth control pills, Depo-Provera shot, Nuva ring, Plan B emergency contraception), sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, HIV tests, pregnancy tests, pap smears, immunizations (including the HPV vaccine), relationship advice, nutrition and exercise advice, decision-making skills training, and abstinence education.

We also have a health educator available who can answer questions in person or by phone or text. The text line is 706-410-8558.

All services, exams, tests, medications, and contraceptives are free.

We welcome and encourage parental involvement, but parental consent is not required in order to use clinic services. We always respect the privacy of our patients, and we don't share patient information with anyone, even parents. In Georgia, state laws protect the privacy of minors seeking reproductive health services: http://www.sexetc.org/state/GA/

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Phone Number: 
sexual/reproductive healthcare
STI/STD testing and treatment
contraception (birth control) and emergency contraception
pregnancy testing
teen-specific services

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