Vinnie's Cramp-Kicking Remedies: And Other Clever Cures for PMS, Bloating, and More!

Fans of Vinnie's Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book rejoice! Menstruation magnate Vinnie the Tampon Case Distributor is back with Vinnie's Cramp-Kicking Remedies, a low-priced, take-along how-to handbook for curing the PMS blues. Timed to dovetail with the release of Vinnie's spankin' new line of tampon cases, this book is chock-full of over 50 recipes, crafts, exercises, and quick cure-alls to soothe a cranky mood, massage an achy back, and curb a crampy tummy. Best of all, the remedies don't call for exotic ingredients, just simple everyday items from soup cans to doorjambs, fluffy pillows to minty tea. (Who knew that Mister Purring Kitty could be transformed into a comforting heating pad?) When it comes to demystifying menstruation, there is no one better than Vinnie. His humorous, friendly tone and his playful illustrations will inspire every gal to stand up proudly and say, "I know my flow!"