Melanie Winkler, LPC

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Art Therapy, and Adoption and/or Foster Care
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Melanie's office is warm and inviting, often decorated with art created by her youngest clients. Her client history represents a wide variety of ages and needs, with children and adolescents comprising the majority. Many clients begin therapy knowing the area of life that is causing the most distress, and are looking for ways to ease pain, create more happiness, or start a new way of handling life's difficulties. There are many issues that bring clients into the office and each is treated with the attention and respect that is required for open, non-judgmental discussion. Treatment goals are identified early, and each client's strengths are used as part of the healing process. While adults usually come into the office on their own, first appointments with children and adolescents usually require parental involvement. Some individual time will also be set aside during that first appointment, and following sessions are usually individual sessions with only the teen present. Family sessions may be incorporated as needed.

Melanie offers later evening hours, and is experienced in working with local school systems, DCF, other providers, and court-ordered clients. She is happy to work with your doctor, psychiatrist, or APRN if you are currently taking medication or seeking medication management.

What is Art Therapy?
Some clients, especially children and adolescents, are very uncomfortable discussing their feelings. Art Therapy offers a way of using each clients' creative strengths to jump-start the therapy process. Drawing, painting, song-writing, poetry, sculpture, and crafts can all be individualized as a effective communication tool. Art is created that addresses the client's thoughts and feelings, but in a non-confrontational way. Discussion about the art, and therefore about the issue, flows easily. Art Therapy clients are also able to keep record of their sessions, and their progress, through each artwork. Many of my adult clients also like to utilize Art Therapy during their sessions. No prior experience or talent is required - the creative process is as individual as your fingerprint.

Insurance is accepted, including the State of Connecticut's Husky and CharterOak plans.

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