Michigan Avenue Immediate Care

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After trying and failing to make my university health care pay any attention to me on a weekend, I went to MAIC with concerns about STDs and they were great. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and their attitudes went a long way toward putting me at ease even before my exam. The nurse and doctor who helped me were careful to make me feel as comfortable as possible with the process of wearing a silly paper blanket and having someone examine my genitals. the nurse asked me if I had a preference for a male or female doctor, and the doctor explained everything she was going to do, and why, before she started the exam. She took a lot of time with me to discuss her medical opinion, and fully address my questions, with the utmost professionalism regarding my sexual history.

I went to the walk-in immediate care clinic, so of course they don't provide all the services of a primary care provider. If you have any sexual-health related immediate care needs and you're in the Chicago area (so easy to get to!), I strongly recommend this clinic.

They also have a primary care service, which lists pap smears, STD screening, and women's health in its services provided. I have no experience with their primary care physicians, but I got a good enough vibe from the clinic that I think it would be worth at least looking into their practice.

Phone Number: 
sexual/reproductive healthcare
STI/STD testing and treatment
pregnancy testing
pregnancy all-options counseling

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