Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC)

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The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center was one of the first rape crisis centers founded by radical feminist activists in the 1970s. It has become a very strong institution now that offers a wide range of free services to all kinds of survivors of all kinds of sexual abuse and assault.

I was a 23 year old rape and abuse survivor who accessed BARCC's free 12 week individual counseling program. My assaults had taken place years earlier, but BARCC offers both emergency services and counseling for people like me, trying to get over past abuse.

Counseling was difficult-- I was at that rock-bottom, 'it gets worse before it gets better' place-- but life-altering. I can't thank BARCC enough for offering free therapy. PTSD is so insidious and hard to navigate on one's own, but professional therapy is amongst the least accessible treatments. I really needed it and am very grateful for this service.

To access counseling, first you call BARCC and explain you want counseling. Then they set up an initial meeting with you to discuss your needs and what they offer. Then they pair you with a counselor who you can see weekly for 12 weeks. When individual counseling is over, they also offer group therapy including yoga classes and support groups for people with different backgrounds (male survivors for example).

I am a hetero, white ciswoman, but I have a trans friend who used the same counseling service and found it helpful. I saw brochures in the office for LGBTQ-directed services and support, and many Spanish-language brochures.

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