The Laurel Center (formerly known as the Shelter for Abused Women)

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The Laurel Center has been helping families in the northern-most part of Virginia since 1983; it is a reliable and well-respected organization in Winchester that puts your safety and well-being first. In addition to offering crisis services, such as emergency housing for women and their families escaping domestic violence, they also offer counseling and a variety of support groups, workshops, and classes; they are glad to do community outreach and educational programs with groups in the community. In addition to their website postings, they regularly announce upcoming events in local newspapers like the Winchester Star. Their location is secret so calling is really the best way to get in touch.

Phone Number: 
Serving the City of Winchester, Frederick County and Clarke County, Virginia
counseling/therapy or support groups
teen-specific services
rape/abuse crisis services
shelter/crisis housing

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