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The Doula Project seeks to expand the doula model of care (emotional, physical, and informational support) to also include abortion, miscarriage and perinatal loss, and adoption.

Abortion Support:
We have partnered with several clinics in New York City, including Planned Parenthood of Brooklyn, so that we are available automatically as part of the abortion service. By partnering with clinics, it ensures that we will be able to provide continuous support before, during, and after the procedure.

Please email us if you would like further information about our clinic partnerships. If you are planning to have an abortion in New York City that is not at one of our clinic sites, we will be happy to try to make arrangements with that clinic so that we may attend your procedure with you. If your clinic does not allow us to attend your procedure, we can come with you to the appointment.

Miscarriage and Perinatal Loss:
We provide continuous support for D&Cs and stillbirth labor inductions through one of our clinic sites, as well as clients who contact us independently. We also provide outside resources as requested.

We are partnered with pro-choice adoption agency Spence-Chapin to provide birth doula support for birth mothers. You are also welcome to contact us independently with requests for adoption-emphasized birth services.

We provide birth doula services only to those who could not otherwise afford a birth doula. We will provide continuous support before, during and after labor. Typically, we'll see the client for a minimum of two pre-natal visits where we'll assist her in creating a birth plan, and we'll plan to be on-call for the client's birth for a minimum of three weeks. After, we'll see the client for a minimum of one post-partum visit. We can also provide childbirth education coaching/consultation in person or over the phone as requested.

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