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HPV vaccine, Male Health Services: Vasectomy
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Formerly Planned Parenthood Golden Gate. The woman working up front was very nice and got all my paperwork (available on the website) taken in very quickly. I was late for my appointment-Palm Avenue can be a bit tricky to see at first! But it was no problem. I didn't have to wait for all that long at all. I scheduled my appointment online for birth control without a pelvic exam (seeing as I had just gotten one about a month before at school) and went in knowing I wanted to try the nuvaring. I had my blood pressure and weight taken, asked a few questions about family history of certain diseases/illnesses like diabetes, then asked why I had come in, and after saying, was asked which method I wanted to try, which i found incredibly awesome. I was then instructed to give a urine sample, and afterward waited in the lobby they have, and not too much longer was called in to speak with the nurse practitioner, who was incredibly kind and funny. I was shown what the ring looked like, how it worked, and then had my prescription written. I was also given an entire bag of condoms and water based lubricant. Then I was done, and because of the Family PACT program didn't have to pay for anything, including the prescription. They also have a person up front who can speak Spanish for patients who would like/need that service.

San Mateo
sexual/reproductive healthcare
STI/STD testing and treatment
contraception (birth control) and emergency contraception
pregnancy testing
pregnancy all-options counseling
abortion services
teen-specific services

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