Re: Aurora Medical Services

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Full disclosure: I've done sex education outreach at this clinic, so have a professional relationship with them. However, in doing that, I was also able to observe all of Aurora's staff when they served young people, and they're fantastic: respectful, kind, responsive, warm. Dr. Oyer is also particularly great about inserting and providing IUDs for young people, something some healthcare providers still discourage or don't support despite medical standards supporting IUD safety and use as having nothing to do with age.

As well, I have also gotten well-woman care at AMS for myself. Their ARNP, Susannah Herrmann, was (and no doubt, still is!) wonderful and friendly. I was being seen for a health condition which I frequently have, but which often shows up borderline in tests, and she trusted me to know my own body and gave me the care that I needed. AMS was also great at handling billing and payment for me as an uninsured person.