If you're sexually active, who's usually the person who initiates (starts) any kind of sex?

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I voted that I generally initiate, and that I identify as 'other'. My other is getting more complicated all the time--I'm still working through it. My various labels are:

Genderless woman

Woman, and that means that I can be whatever the heck I want no matter what you say about women!

A woman who prefers neutral terms (instead of garbage like 'freshwoman', which serves only to reinforce our society's artificial gender and sex binary rather than subvert it)

...And so, like I said, it's complicated. I want to be viewed as a person more than I want to be viewed as a woman or man, but I wear clothes that I like, which are generally dresses and skirts. (I have really big hips, and they're much more comfortable. Also, they're pretty.) So I'm always perceived as a woman, and that has an undeniable effect on my life and experiences, so I can't deny that part of me.

I've been leaning toward woman lately, but I can't stand choosing Mr, Ms, etc on forms, and, if the 'other' option is available, I pretty much always choose it.

...I just thought that I'd explain, since I'm currently the only vote for that option.

You know, when I put up the poll this morning, I sat for about a half hour afterwards thinking, "I put an option for the gender of partners varying, why didn't I put one for a person, themselves, not always having the same gender?"

I actually feel a lot like you express you do, though that's not the only reason I asked myself that question. However, your response has perhaps provided the answer: maybe next time around, it's time to go ahead and put that in there as an option, since I know it's obviously relevant. :) For now, I went ahead and added fluidity to other. Thanks for leaving your comments!

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