If you now use a method of contraception that is NOT condoms (like the pill)...

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when I started having sex with my current boyfriend, we stopped using condoms almost immediately (I was on the pill, and find it hard to orgasm if he wears one). After a few weeks, I had a bout of the flu, so we started using them again, and continue to do so (I'm much more comfortable and able to relax knowing we have two solid methods of birth control). When I'm finished university, and I feel able to deal with the 2% chance of an unplanned pregnancy, we may stop using condoms again, and continue with IUD or hormonal birth control alone.

Condoms until testing and exclusivity happens. And even then, I'll use them if we have a short amount of time together so the cleanup is quicker.

when i first began birth control, i stopped using condoms after a month with a boyfriend who i had no exclusivity agreement with.
now i'm on a nuvaring, and i won't ditch the condoms until i've been exclusive with someone for 6 months and we've both been tested.

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