The best sex education I have gotten so far has been from

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The best and more or less ONLY sex ed I have gotten has been from Scarleteen. Thanks!

This is the best website!

SCARLETEEN wins. hands down.

local (San Francisco) Men's Health resources. And some websites relating to these groups.

Our Whole Lives (OWL - comprehensive sex education done in church. UU or UCC)

I learn more and more from the kids at school and me and my boyfriend do alot so when I watch him I figure it out on my own I guess.

This poll is meaningless. Why, you ask? A little thing in statistics called "bias."

The people coming to this website will be mostly people who are searching for information via the internet on the given topic. Those who do not feel the necessity or desire to seek out such information on the web, for whatever reason, will not view this poll and consequently will not vote.

Thus, the poll has a high degree of inherent bias: the result will be skewed (not screwed) toward the "Online sex ed sites and resources" catagory having the most votes.

Yeah but it's not like they're publishing these results and claiming that they're accurate. Why be upset about this if it's just for fun?

I love scarleteen, without it I don't know what I'd do. Parents aren't helpful, school isn't helpful, friends are definitely not helpful. Especially as a bi teen. Thanks for all your help!

I LOVE SCARLETEEN!!! thank you :D

You've been there for me though no-one and nothing else has!
Thank you for helping me grow up into a sexually well-adjusted person.


You're not the only one. Also, Fanficrants. So many rants about "Sex doesn't work that way!"


i will say a big thank you to websites like this one and other sex d websites for the info that i have because we don't get sex ed at my school.

I was a frustrated virgin until age 24 and I fought my frustration by learning everything about sex, the real thing, not vicious myths and lies, because I knew when I did have sex I wanted to reward my partner with the best sexual experience of her life. Professional websites by concerned, responsible sexual health experts were the biggest help.

I learned most from Our Whole Lives (OWL), a program at the Unitarian church my parents went to. Fantastic and informative program, I hope some day every one can have something like it :)

My Human Sexuality teacher is the best teacher I've had so far, on that subject and any other. Scarleteen comes a close second to her.

a human sexuality class??? that's awesome. is it required or an elective?

Exactly the same for me. Not only did it teach me the mechanics, but I also learned a lot of tolerance for different sexualities, genders, and socially-unacceptable relationships, plus about the possible effects of casual and committed sex.

I'm not a closet anything. I'm unashamedly feminist, slightly genderqueer, not-quite-straight, and pro-choice. I don't feel the need to be judged for these things, and in fact, I think they're pretty awesome. If you can't handle it, I don't want to know.

The best info I got was online on sites like Scarleteen, but what I think is interesting is that the best sex ed I got in school did not come from my sex ed class. We were told about birth control but very little, and our teacher spent more time stressing abstinence than explaining birth control options.

However, during the reproductive systems unit in our IB Bio class, we went over all the most common methods of birth control, failure rates, debunking myths, etc. It was the first time I had heard about a lot of things, including the IUD and natural family planning. And our teacher was a lot less insulting in the way she presented it; we had to know for the test what they were, but she presented it as though it was info that we needed to know in real life. Not just info that, you know, if you don't ABSTAIN but YOU REALLY SHOULD ABSTAIN like our sex ed teacher said.

So if you didn't get good sex ed, high school students (and college students) - take a bio class that covers the reproductive system. You might actually get the info you need there, instead :)

For me it was definately scarleteen because it was the only objective opinion i got, not telling me 'sex is wrong' or someone just trying to get in my pants. This website has helped with ALL my questions without judging me and I love it for that:)

The best advice I has gotten would deffinitly be from this website. Its so much easier to ask questions on here. All the people who give advice are there to support you, not make you feel like your doing something wrong (like alot of websites do). Im sure every whos gone on this website has left knowing something they didnt or feeling more comfortable in their own bodies, including me.
Thank you so much scarleteen! :)

My friend and I went to a sex toy party and I learned so much. There was lot more than just learning about the different toys there. It went a lot into bodies and just how things work. There was a lot about the brain too and what sex and relationships can do for you mentally and physically. There was information on just taking better care of yourself and protecting your self better as well.

Mostly through experience of my own body.

Everything I learned about sex, I learned from fanfiction. Porny fanfics are awesome! :3

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