At what point do you figure you're in a relationship?

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Right away: if we've had a date or some kind of sexual encounter, I figure we're going out.
4% (78 votes)
After a few dates or hangouts together.
6% (106 votes)
After a few weeks of dating.
7% (134 votes)
After a few months of dating.
5% (90 votes)
After some kind of sex has happened.
5% (91 votes)
When one of us tells the other it's a relationship.
4% (67 votes)
When we actually talk about it together and mutually agree to be in a relationship.
56% (1017 votes)
I have no freaking idea.
11% (198 votes)
After something else (tell us in the comments).
1% (20 votes)
Total votes: 1801


girls are so freakin retarded sorry guys just want in ur pants sorry

not all guys are like that! just pick better men.

Hello GaiaLove (or whoever posted the previous comment)!

First, I wanted to stay that you make a very good point in your first post about open communication from the start being essential for good relationships.

Second, I wanted to follow up on your second comment on the page. I realize that you mean to be helpful with your words, but there are a few things I want to address as they pertain to the Scarleteen User Guidelines and Privacy Policy. We ask for users to post using standard grammar and punctuation so everyone can understand the points you are making; for example, not everyone is a native English speaker or understands netspeak. :-) As we seek to create a site that is as welcoming and safe as possible, we ask people use language that is respectful of all others. I know people often use the word "retarded" as a synonym for something they dislike these days; however, despite good intentions, it does come across as disrespectful and unkind to a group of people. Likewise, we also ask people to be careful about making broad and sweeping statements regarding "what girls are like" or "what guys like"; not all females have bad judgement and not all males have bad intentions (although, right there, that's a tricky subject, too). In fact, not all guys are even attracted to girls and vice versa!

You are more than welcome to keep posting your comments, and I hope you do. However, we do ask that you please adhere to the guidelines you agreed to when you registered.

Thanks so much! :-)

Sometimes other people tell you its a Relationship, by refering to the guy as you're boyfriend. But if you're seeing a guy, maybe for a couple of weeks and hes not you're boyfriend but more than just "a guy" what do you call him?????? The guy I'm seeing sounds so....clunky.

kiss at school/ public affection is key

Femke, I think the first comment was by GaiaLove, and the second was by someone entirely different in response to it (so they used her screenname as the subject of their comment). Surely you notice they are both written in completely different styles!

after about 2 months or so of going out, (sex didn't come into it, we began having it earlier on but were both ok with that and we both shared the opinion that sex wouldn't make or break our relationship then) when we began thinking ahead about what we were going to do together at christmas and new year and when it became a regular thing of seeing each other and we were making an actual effort to do that, since in the beginning we just sort of saw each other by chance. It had a kinda intense start i think, then we both took awhile to decide what we wanted and thats when i think i knew it was a Relationship because we both wanted it to happen and wanted to get the same things from it.

I have been dating this guy for a year now.Its been great he is awesome he is good to me and my kids they like him as well.Just when I thought everything was perfect we have talked about him moving in then the other day he was in the shower and I was being nosie I dont know why. I was looking through his cell phone and went to his history page to find that he had been on numerous teen sex sites they all had the word TEEN in them my heart sank I have a 14 yr old daughter.They are very close and NO I have never seen anything out of the ordinary with him around my daughter.I just don't understand why they all had to be TEEN sites if they were adult sex sites it would not have bothered me in the least men will be men. Should I worry? what should I do? how should I handle it?

My current relationship gained its capital R in my head when my girlfriend said it was okay that we were "out" to my hypothetical near-future college friends. Before that, we were just girls in love who liked to kiss but had a lot of issues- it needed the outside social construct to really be Relationship-like to me.

Here, in the UK people don't seem to "date" first. They are either friends first who ask each other out, or they just go up to who they admire and say "would you like to be my girlfriend/boyfriend." I've never known any teenagers who have gone out to dinner a couple of times first or anything like that.

With both of the boyfriends I've had so far, the relationship was definite once they asked me out and I'd said yes. So it was a big R from the first second.

Thats not true all the time, i met my boyfriend at work and we talked over facebook for a while then we arranged to meet up and go to the cinema. When he didn't kiss me I invited him to a party to get him a bit drunk, it worked and the he asked me out two days later.

when you figure out that you love the other person.

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