If you've ever had any kind of consensual sex without safer sex or birth control, you did because....

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I didn't realize or think there were any real risks.
13% (290 votes)
I didn't feel confident insisting on birth control or safer sex.
4% (82 votes)
I figured it was my partner's responsibility, not mine.
3% (70 votes)
I didn't know how to use safer sex or birth control and was embarrassed to say so.
1% (20 votes)
I didn't feel like I had any real say in the matter.
2% (50 votes)
I didn't care about the risks, or felt like they were worth taking.
10% (236 votes)
Everything just happened too fast.
15% (336 votes)
There weren't any condoms or other protection available.
10% (234 votes)
I wanted a pregnancy or an STI.
3% (60 votes)
My partner refused to use any protection or talked me out of it.
9% (210 votes)
Some other reason (tell us in the comments).
5% (119 votes)
I have never had any kind of sex unprotected.
24% (546 votes)
Total votes: 2253


The couple of times my boyfriend and I have gone without a condom, it was because using the condom kind of hurt for me plus it feels way better for us when it's skin on skin. He would make sure to pull out, though.

we've agreed not to have vaginal (or anal) intercourse for various reasons, so there's no pregnancy risk. we know we're both clean, so we see no need for STI protection.

Was drunk at a party and we didn't care :L

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