Life is a Movie Starring You: The Pesky Meddling Girls Guide to Living Your Dream

" What is a Pesky Meddling Girl? She's a potent combination of swanky and sweet, responsible and rebellious, but most of all, she knows that the secret to life isn't sitting in the audience-it's all about being on screen. For the teen scenester who longs to be Sarah Michelle Gellar, a 30s glam gal, and a cyber babe rolled into one, LIFE IS A MOVIE STARRING YOU gives a girl the confidence to sashay into a room and say, "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille." According to the leading lady of hipness, whose zine reaches teens across the country, life really is a movie starring you. This terrific workbook, written in Jennifur's inimitable style, will demonstrate how to get into character, manage your cast (friends), agents (parents), dialogue (the way you speak and interact with others), wardrobe and make-up (fashion and beauty), and of course, your leading man. The workbook is written in a fun, interactive format with anecdotes, questions, and exercises all designed to help girls tap into their inner "peskiness"-and ultimately discover their own star quality. Jennifur shows girls how to be the star attraction of the most fantastic blockbuster since Titanic-their life!"