If you have been sexually active and do NOT get sexual healthcare every year, which of the following is mostly why you don't?

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I don't know where to go, or have any way to get to a nearby doctor or clinic.
7% (64 votes)
I can't afford it, or don't know where to go that I can afford.
8% (70 votes)
I'm worried about privacy and confidentiality, or about my parents finding out.
21% (183 votes)
I'm worried that I will be judged by my healthcare provider for being sexually active.
5% (42 votes)
Without anything seeming wrong with me, I don't know why I'd need it.
10% (84 votes)
I'm very worried about pain, discomfort or embarrassment.
10% (91 votes)
I'd rather not know anything than find out something is wrong.
4% (37 votes)
I feel it's impossible for me to have an STI or other sexual health issue.
4% (39 votes)
I am a sexual abuse or rape survivor, and am fearful for that reason.
3% (26 votes)
I think only certain kinds of people need sexual healthcare, and I'm not one of them.
2% (14 votes)
I have never been sexually active.
13% (113 votes)
I do get sexual healthcare every year.
13% (112 votes)
Total votes: 875