Unexpected Allies: Men Who Stop Rape

Women are the Victims Men are the Solution Men's Violence Prevention holds a promise that is both crucial and largely unfulfilled in our society. When we re-cast men as the solution to the problem of interpersonal violence rather than merely viewing them as perpetrators, we create unprecedented opportunities for action and change. Most men are repulsed by violence against women. As natural allies with women, they can break the cycle of male violence. Our task is to create ways to touch their innate benevolence and inspire them to stop rape and abuse. We must never lose sight of men's futures as teachers, coaches, jurors and, most importantly, fathers who will mentor their sons in life-affirming ways. Re-energize your violence prevention efforts and learn: Innovative violence-prevention techniques designed to inspire men to prevent rape and abuse The three keys to keeping men involved in sustained programs How to use music to engage boys and girls in violence-prevention peer education Please go to:www.todddennymvp.com