knowledge is power

holiday_giftIf you could get a present with all the sex ed you wanted, what would be inside? Probably some information about your sexual anatomy that isn't just about where babies come from; something to give you a real sense of all sex can be and what you might want and need to make it feel best and most right for you, like our sexual inventory checklist; what you needed to know about doing consent right, like we've got at Driver's Ed for the Sexual Superhighway. Heck, you might just want to know what sexuality is in the first place.

You'd probably want something that taught you how to create and sustain healthy relationships, and something to help you figure out when it makes sense to try and work through relationship problems, and when it's best to split. You might want something to give your sexual ideals a reality check, something to help you slow sexual things down when they're moving too fast, and a tool to help you decide if you and a partner are ready to get sexual or not in the first place. How about detailed information on how to play it safe -- and what isn't safe -- when it comes to preventing infections or unwanted pregnancy so you could enjoy your sex life with as much joy and as little strife as possible?

You might want to know how to talk with a partner about sex honestly, the basics of sex and gender, how to deal when you're questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity, have pieces about STIs that are meant to really inform you, not scare you, like this one about genital Herpes or this one about HIV/AIDS, and a whole lot more you can find here at the big'ol present you can open, for free, 365 days a year, we call Scarleteen.

you askedYou want to have sex, he doesn't. Why not?. Why do some people find other kinds of sex feel better than intercourse?. You want to save sex for marriage, but you're worried no one else will. If you're a guy interested in receptive anal sex, does that mean you're gay? Survived sexual assault, but having some trouble moving forward into a healthy, happy sex life? Why awkwardness rocks. What makes a girl good in bed?

NEED HELP RIGHT NOW? At our message boards you can get answers fast and find safe space to talk with our staff, volunteers and other users. You can also text us and get help even when you're not near a computer. You can click here for over a thousand in-depth advice answers or to ask your own. Need in-person care? You can use Find-a-Doc, our database for sexual healthcare and other youth or crisis services around the world.

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