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Author Topic: PCOS
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Hello, not sure if I'm really posting in the right area, as I couldn't really find any groups on the list about this, but I was hoping that maybe someone would see this and have something to say... Very recently, I was diagnosed with having polycystic ovarian syndrome, which very simply means my body produces heightened levels of the male hormone testosterone, giving me acne, irregular periods (and possible issues ovulating) and more hair than I would like to deal with in places that I've never heard of it being on other women, such as on my back, fingers, feet, and between my breasts. I've done some research on it, and I've seen the facts and done the rationalizing. I've talked to my boyfriend about it, and he is incredibly supportive, but... well he doesn't have it. Talking to my friends and family is comforting because I know they love me and support me, but there's only so much they can say to make me feel better, since they don't have it. I feel strange about it. I feel like because of this extra hair, and possible fertility issues in the future, that I'm less of a girl somehow. I feel wrong. It would be greatly appreciated if I could have someone to talk to about this that has PCOS or knows someone with PCOS or even just has an opinion on it.
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You shouldn't feel like less of a girl. I have it, and at least four of my friends have it. The hair thing makes me uncomfortable, too, but what *my* doctor told me is that even if there are some fertility problems, they're relatively easy to take care of--a lot easier than other problems. I've heard that something like one in ten women have it, so I don't think there's much foundation for it making you less feminine.

I can't say that it's ever bothered me the way it seems to bother you, but if you want to talk about it, just PM or email me or something.

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Thanks for answering =]
It just seems like kind of a strange thing to be diagnosed with, and I was so nervous to tell my boyfriend about it, even though he was completely cool with it. But really, who wants to tell their boyfriend they have too much testosterone? I've just never heard of someone I know having it, and I feel kinda alone. Especially with the side effects of weight gain and acne and all the extra hair... as if I weren't self conscious enough...

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Hey there! I have PCOS too! I've been taking medication for it, though, and for that reason I'm less hairy and my periods are nice and regular.

It's good that they were open with you about it. My experience of being diagnosed involved an overnight fast, waking up at the crack of dawn, having 8 tubes of blood drawn from me on an empty stomach, walking into the office of a doctor I didn't know, have him read me some wordy stuff from a medical journal and hand me a rx, then walk in with a nutritionist and have her basically say "No sweets ever again GRARRR!" All on no sleep!

Your bf seems to be very nice and supportive about the situation. If he's ever curious, you can always remind him that men and women have both testosterone and estrogen, so it's not like you've got anything foreign in you, you just have to do a little more regulating than other people do.

How old are you now? Knowing that you have it this early means you can help treat it quickly, which means you can probably get rid of the hair (and I have a bit on my chest too, it's cool [Smile] ), the acne, lose a bit of weight if you need too, and probably avoid infertility.

Your doctor can help you figure out exactly what that treatment is. Some people use BC pills to regulate it, some use a medication called Metformin (like me). Some people fix it just by modifying their diets and exercising. If there are other non-medication treatments out there, please ask about them--and let me know! I would definitely be interested.

Good luck, cyster [Smile]

"To free yourself is to exist."
-Augusto Boal

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Hello fellow PCOS'ers!

I was diagnosed last May. I had always known something was wrong because I got periods only once a year, but never really thought much of it. I found PCOS when I was bored one day, goofing around with the symptom checker on WebMD (entering random, crazy symptoms and seeing what rare disease you end up with). I saw the symptom "absent periods" and from there, found PCOS was the top result. I read through the symptoms and said "WOW! I have ALL of these!". I never told anyone until Mom demanded I get on some kind of birth control. In the doctor's office, the doc asked "so, are your periods regular?". I said no. Then, I revealed my PCOS worries. Many vials of blood and 2 ultrasounds later, the diagnosis was confirmed.

The doctor put me on Yaz(It's the best pill for PCOS out there! she says) and metformin. Yaz didn't stay long because it made my CRAZY and I eventually went off birth control pills all together. Metformin helped me lose 50 lbs with little to no effort and helped to kick start my periods. I now weigh 115 instead of 165. I still have a hairy face and shedding hair like my cat. I still have skin tags. I don't know if my periods are regular or not yet, but I will soon. My hormones are all within normal range with the metformin!

I found a GREAT GREAT web forum, much like this one, called SoulCysters, that has helped me ENDLESSLY! Really, the ladies here will support you through all of your PCOS woes and answer any questions you may have:

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Hey! I'm new to this site but my little sister reads here a lot and thats how I found it. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys who posted in this thread because it made me want to finally do something about my own PCOS.

When I was 12 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis because I was having really bad pain in my abdomen and other stuff and so for years I took birth control off and on for it (SO MANY KINDS - nuva ring, ortho evra patch, yaz, femcon, loestrin, seasonique and more) and my whole life I was always this itty bitty thing. I was only 5'0" the summer before my senior year of high school and weighed around 105. Then I met a guy (of course) who fed me more regularly than I had been eating lol and I put on a bit of weight so I went up to 115 during my senior year and then college started and by the middle of my freshman year I had suddenly ballooned up to 155 and we knew it was more than me just have a couple extra snacks. Plus I was always exhausted and out of no where I suddenly was only getting my period once every couple months and only for like two days. Everyone swore I was preggers, which I thought would have been fine since my endometriosis kinda ensured I wouldn't be having kids, I figured a miracle one would be especially since I was engaged by then and wanted a big family. Went to a couple ob/gyns (the first two were terrible, one said nothing was wrong and gave me more birth control and the second just shrugged and was like 'she put on a little weight, thats all') and finally one did an ultrasound like I had been begging for, not just a blood test for pregnancy, and lo and behold: PCOS.

I left with another birth control script that made me ill, came back and got a different one with the same side effects, filled it for a couple months then stopped bothering when I no longer had Medicaid since I turned 19. Now, I'm 20, weighing almost 165 which puts me just into the obese BMI zone, have gone on EVERY diet possible, spent many a night crying about what the future holds as far as not have kids and getting diabetes or cancer (my mom died of breast cancer last year). But last month I got insurance again and hadn't bothered going to the doctor since I felt like birth control wouldn't help me lose the weight and get the energy and happiness back that PCOS took.

Geeze. I wish someone woulda told me about Metformin last year lol. I'm making an appointment first thing tomorrow morning!! I'll give birth control another shot but I know honestly metformin is the #1 reason I'm going. But I soooo understand how you feel. These last two years have been the loneliest I've had in my life yet and I'm so glad to be on a site with people who can REALLY understand. [Smile]

Sorry if that was long lol....

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