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Author Topic: Anxiety
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For the past month or so I've had a bad feeling, like something was going to happen. Most of the time it was bad, but once or twice it was good. It's been constant, never going away, and distracts me from my schoolwork. I get these panic attacks, my heart races, I sweat, I shake, I feel like I'm going to pass out. It happens a few times a DAY. So, I took the initiative and told my mom I thought I needed help, and I spoke to my guidance counsler. She referred me to a psychologist, who I spoke to and love, and I got a physical. And I'm getting bloodwork..monday, which I'm terrified about. I was dissapointed after my first therapist session, 'cause the feeling didn't go away. My expectations were too high, I always expect immediate relief. But I suppose the drive in the pitch black down a dark, winding road in a thunder storm didn't help my feeling much either...

So while I'm doing everything I can do right now to try and solve this, I feel like I should be doing more. I've been reading about anxiety disorders, and medication (which, if I don't get better with therapy in a few weeks, I'm most likely going to be getting). So I'm starting a little thread here. Maybe someone else has this feeling, or just general support. I felt great a few days ago knowing that my physician, therapist, guidance counsler...everyone was there for me. I think talking about this should a ton.

(Just a little note..when talking to my therapist, there doesn't seem to be anything causing the anxiety. My mom immedietly thought it was school, as I do have a pretty heavy schedule, but teachers are understanding so it isn't too much work. And also, no tragedy, deaths...nothing bad happened. It's like I woke up one day with this feeling.)

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Thanks to whoever moved this. I was trying to post an apology and request to send it here, but it kept saying to wait 120 seconds. >.>
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No problem! [Smile]

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Can you describe to me what you think when you have these "attacks"? It sounds like we're going through and have been through the same thing.
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i also felt like i woke up one day with a feeling in my body that i had never felt before. All i can describe it as is anxiety, i say that so that i can try to explain it to people. But quite frankly im not anxious about anything other than these feelings. It distracted me all through my last year of schoo, it was a chore just to go.. never mind do work. So in turn it made me very depressed that i was feeling this way. Which in turn makes the feelings worse, its hard to see friends its hard to go out its hard to form relationships, keep a job go to university etc. My mother also isnt into anti depressants or medications or doctors really, i therefore also have a bit of a fear of being but on medication and it making things worse. I have heard only one story from people i know where they have found anti depressants beneficial, everyone else has said how they felt like a zombie, not happy not sad. This just terrifies me.. I finaly convinced my mother to let me see a therapist and i have seen her twice.. she is nice but in the back of my mind i still believe she wont make anything better.. which upsets me because i need to be positive but i just cant find the energy. Plus its so expensive i feel guilty. Im nearly twenty and i need to find myself again and be independent but im just so lost and i feel so alone. Im even becoming resentful of my mother who does nothing more than help me at all times. But i dont want to need her help i want to know i can help her if she needs me etc.
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Seeing a therapist is a great first step, so kudos are in order for you for taking that step. Well done! For therapy to be beneficial, it's a definite two-way street. Your openess, willingness to share, and to formulate a plan for coping with anxiety and depression are integral to the therapy being helpful for you. It's possible too, that you simply don't click with your current counselor and if that's the case, you may need to seek out one that suits your current needs better.

It's also a sign of your independence that you knew you needed help, and sought it. Don't feel that needing your mother's help, or a therapist is a sign of weakness - it's a mature thing to be able to say "I need help." and get it, so again, you should give yourself some credit for doing that. [Smile]

Have you see our thread Everything You Wanted to Know About Counseling? There's some pretty good basic info regarding therapy there that might help you come to terms with counseling a little more.

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could i just ask... how do you know if a therapist is right for you? I have seen mine twice and she has helped me a bit by clarifying what i already thought but didnt quite believe because it was my own thoughts ( if that makes sense) But at the same time.. i dont know if she will be able to help, i really want her too but i dont think she quite understands how much my anxiety issues have effected me in my head over the last 2 and a half years. She keeps relating it back to some of her other clients who have weight issues like over eating. i Understand where she is coming from but i just dont think its quite the same. I hope this makes sense. im just really stuck in a rut with my feelings and being hopeful.
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Chandie Lee
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I've had my therapsit for over 5 years now, and shie totally great.

Seeing how you've only seen your therapist twice, she probably just needs to get to know your situation a little better.

And you'll know if your therapist is right for you in time. If you start to feel comfortable talking to her and there's really no tension, things should be fine. However, if you don't become comfortable around her and she just kind of rubs her the wrong way, you can always ask to see a different therapist. It's about what helps you.
Anxiety can be quite an annoying thing to deal with.
Best Wishes [Smile]

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I suffer from something very similar, and its plagued me my whole life. I saw my first therapist in second grade when my parents and teachers started to notice that I was "really nervous and uptight". Ever since I have been diagnosed with "general anxiety disorder". I feel so sorry for you that you have to go through those panic attacks and I know just how they feel (I actually have fainted in class twice and another time was found curled up in the corner of a school hallway in the fetal position cold sweating and hyperventilating). Therapy has had its benefits for me, and the trick is making sure you feel like your therapist understands you and that you can tell them ANYTHING. And by anything, I mean anything. Its what you hold back that will prevent them from helping you, and usually the things you don't want to talk about are the things you need to talk about the most. Since this is something that has only recently developed, there is a very good chance that it might be a phase of your life and you'll be able to move out of it in time, especially since you've got treatment on your side. Some people really do have chemical imbalances in their brain that causes chronic, unexplainable and uncontrollable anxiety that never stops for them and makes their life very hard without medication, but if that were the case you probably would have shown symptoms long before now because its usually because of lots of faulty neuroreceptors in the brain, etc. which usually does not happen suddenly later in life with no explainable cause, usually if it does its due to drug abuse or something.

As far as being worried about antidepressants, don't be. Antidepressants are extremely, extremely mild really. They can have unpredictable results in some people, but its rare. Usually if people have problems with antidepressants, the only problem is that the antidepressants just didn't have any noticeable effect, or sometimes people experience mild physical side effects like little headaches or constipation and decide that the medication doesn't help them enough to make it worth those. Of course, everyone reacts differently, but if you do have a bad side effect antidepressants have a very low half life in the body, meaning your body will metabolize and get them out of your system pretty fast so that you won't have to go through the bad symptom very long. They do help some people or they wouldn't be so widely reccomended, so it may be worth a shot.

Anxiety has played a huge role in my life and I have gone to countless psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and support groups, many of who specialized in anxiety disorders. The good news is that with time and support I have learned how to manage my anxiety, even without medication. I sometimes still experience very bad panic attacks but panic attacks are always triggered by something and even if you cannot figure out for the life of you what it is, in time you will, and will then learn how to either cope with that thought or situation or sometimes if the circumstances are serious enough be given medication such as Xanax to help you handle panic attacks when they occur. You already made a great choice by deciding to try therapy before medication, and every good psychiatrist will tell you that medication, especially for anxiety and depression, is a compliment to therapy as a part of a complete treatment plan, not the answer in and of itself. Support from people that understand your circumstances is also very important. Some areas have anxiety support groups which help in that they make you feel that you are not alone and that there is hope because everyone in the room is making a journey towards an ultimate recovery and everyone shares their little progresses while everyone else cheers them on, they are always really positive and accepting, and if there is one near you I reccomend very highly that you try attending. In the meanwhile, sometimes talking to someone that's been in your shoes can really help a lot and I'd be more than willing to listen to what you have to say because I really do know what you are going through and it was an uphill battle for me forever. I've tried everything from medication to therapists to holisitic practitioners to hypnosis (yes, hypnosis... and no, it didn't help), and I've learned a ton about anxiety disorders along the way so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Best of luck.

PS. Try picking up a copy of The Power of Now and Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, And It's All Small Stuff. When I feel general anxiety coming on, they really help me rationalize things and put things in perspective.

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I hope this helps......

I'm 15 (soon to be 16) and have suffered from anxiety for EVER. Literally. Eversince I was a baby.I was finally diagnosed in the 6th grade. I was put on Zoloft 25mg. That was doing pretty well for me....but then like over that summer, I had break downs. I would get attacks sooo bad. I went to the doctor. I went on 50mg. Finally now (i'm in the 10 grade) i'm on 150mg plus one other pill that I can't remember.

I went to therapy like 4 times......but I flat-out hated it. I felt like a moron going. Finally I just told my mom I wanted to stop. I stopped, and i'm not going to lie.....i'm happy I stopped. I didn't like talking to him, and I didn't like waisting my parrents money.

It's hard to find 1 person that knows what your goign through. I mean, I look at all these other kids in my school....and think " why can't I be normal like them? Why can't I get up every morning and not take 5-6 pills every morning? Why did I have to have this "disease"? Why do I have to suffer through this mental anguish? and most of all........ why me?!

But through the years I have accepted took me untill last year to explain to my best friend of 7 years what Anxiety really was. It was nice because she was really understanding. She asked questions, and seemed really cairing and understanding. I mean, she allready knew I had it, but she didn't knwo what it was. And it's nice to know that I have a best friend to talk to

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I know how you feel. Not as many as 4-5, more like 2-3, but it is still annoying. One is a ADHD controllant, and I know what you mean about the feeling of why me. I never realy told anyone, and when I went off it for two years, noone noticed it really. Although I hated going back on it, my head suddenly feels much clearer about it all... so my feeling are mixed about it.

I might go to therapy for this.. believe me all of you, you might think your alone, but as far as you know, the person next to you could be suffering from something similar and not be saying anything either.

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I have anxiety too with panic attacks. It started when I was 15 and in a very abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend. It got so bad I had to be put on the really heavy stuff for anxiety, not just an SSRI. It runs in my family though and my oldest sister and oldest brother both had it very bad, to the point where they couldn't leave home. They're both better now, partly because of medication, partly because of therapy, partly because they organized their lives, and (perhaps mostly) because their spouses were there for them, along with our family. I'm better too, for the same reasons. It still happens to all of us, but not as bad as during those first few months when it appeared.

I actually used to think that everyone just had anxiety and depression because both run in my family and are so normal to me. It actually wasn't until my freshman year in college that I realized not that many people have it and not everyone knows what it is or what it's like.

As for a therapist, you definitely need to make sure you are comfortable. Two sessions definitely isn't enough though. If they seem uninterested, or (like my old therapist) use the computer while you are talking, I suggest getting a new one. You're just wasting your time and money and not getting the help you need.

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