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Author Topic: hair-pulling stress!
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There's school, home, friends, teachers, jobs, deadlines, appointments, and dates. And along with all those things come pimples, lack of sleep, worry, and STRESS! So when is enough enough? What's the maximum you can handle? More importantly, what's COMFORTABLE for you? Everyone knows it's not healthy to have a lot of stress, but sometimes stress can come from things you like doing! Being in too many extra-curricular activities (as fun as they may be), having too many dates with friends, and whatnot. What do you guys do to help you deal with the stress? Do you cut back on what you do? Get a massage? Scream into a pillow? I work out or try to cut back on events and whatnot... I try to give myself some free time. I think we all need that every once in a while! So what do you guys do?

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The only stress I really have is all my school work and worrying. I'm second in my class and I am in all the advanced classes, making me have lots to study and so on. I am a very sensitive person, and I have a habit to worry about everything. Basically, you just need to take a weekend (or even a week!) off to just relax and kick back. Don't make any plans, and just sleep in one Saturday or Sunday. Use your time wisely, and do work or whatever you do whenever you have free time. Also, it helps to make out lists and stuff like that to make you more organized. You should really get everything sorted out before making dates or doing extracurricular activites, etc.
Good luck and I hope you simmer down!


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I think I put myself under a lot more steps than neccessary. And I don't stress over 'normal' things. Like, I've never studied for a test. But it doesn't worry me (I've done good anyway, so...).

But I stress about little ity bity decisions, like what CD to bring to school. I let my stress build up too, because I haven't found an effective way to release it. So, I'll get to a point where the smallest thing, tripping for example, will send me into a breakdown. This year, I kept letting my stress build, then I tripped on some ice on the way to the bus stop. I got up, walked home, got through the door, and bawled for the rest of the day.

It takes me two or three days to recover after that. I know it's not healthy, but it's all that works for me. Sigh.....

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Well when I'm stressed about something like meeting my boyfriend for the first time (ie. two days from now), well then I feel slightly ill and start freaking out. So, I talk to our own dear Alaska, and she makes me feel better and talks me out of having a panic attack.

But generally speaking, when I'm stressed, I tend to want to be left alone. It gets to the point where I just can't function anymore, so I simply shut down for a while. Curl up with a book, sleep for a while...stuff like that.


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Ironically, I actually used to pull my hair out in little bits without thinking about it when I was stressed. Now I find out I'm stressed when I have a breakdown (usually set off by something small). Once I have determined that I am stressed and have survived the trauma that ensued, I find that frolicking really helps (no, not that kind of frolicking!). To frolick, one grabs a nearby friend and runs, preferably on grass. Spinning out of control while holding their hands also is considered frolicking. Many people think this has to be your partner, but I have found that anyone willing to try will work (in fact, some of my best frolicks doubled as an introduction).
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Gumdrop Girl
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i used to have a biannual catharsis where i'd just fall apart and cry. it sucked. but i'd feel much better afterwards.

now i scream and rant a bunch. i just had two midterms in the past 48 hours, and they kicked my butt. the first one wasn't as bad as i had thought it'd be (biochem), but ugly nonetheless. thentoday was physics and i knew EVERY bit of material. but he called time of us before i finished! aie!!! so frustrating.

how do i deal with stress? sometimes, i'll disappear for a while (like my disappearance for spring break). sometimes i'll scream a bunch. or i'll rant. or i'll be super cranky. sometimes i'll say "F*** it all! I'm sleeping in!" then i'll stay in bed for a about 18 hours or more.

my body responds to stress by making little canker sores erupt in my mouth. i have a few on my gums right now and they hurt like a .

i NEVER drink to relieve stress. That is an EXTREMELY bad habit to have.

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when i get really stresses out and i am mean to everyone i sleep. thats all i do i sleep as much as i can because i know that if i dont i will cause problems.


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Great topic, Mary.

I can live very well with “good stress” - during my internships, I always thrived on good stress, deadlines, meeting clients whatnot. But in daily life, I mainly experience bad stress.
Usually, most of my bad stress is self made – I know, I’m busy with Law school and preparing for my finals next year and all, but I am the one who’s turning this stressful thing into *my personal stress hell*. I sense pressure from people or things where no pressure is coming from (a casual acquaintances question as to “how my studying is going” is enough to make me go up the wall).

The best thing to help me personally cope and change (“unlearn”) this sick behavior is being in therapy, which has helped me quite a bit. I usually "shut down" which isn't good for me. If the stress gets too bad, I try to get myself to get out of the house and away from my books and take a walk and find myself again. Working out helps, too, as does writing in my diary. I find that regular breaks and giving myself credit for my work helps, too (in the grand scheme of things), as do progressive muscle relaxation, reading books and coloring in mandalas.

I’m also a sucker for massages because they relax me and completely help me to “turn my head off”….too bad my partner is so far away…..

And Kitten - you're always welcome. Always, even when Buffy's on. *huggles*

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Like Caro, I can deal with "good" stress. I work best and thrive under pressure actually.

I deal with stress by having a good cry when things get really tough but I try to keep things in perspective and I will not stress myself out. If I can't do it, I admit it to myself.

And Scarleteen is a wonderful time out for me. When I get too swamped, I come here and read through the boards, talk to whoever is online and I fel tonnes better.

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I get major stress with the two things I love to death! Acting and singing, but only when I have a deadline. So to get rid of that stress is to act or sing! For fun infront of my mirror. It works 100% for me. But this past week it hasn't worked much mega stress week. So I put on my MB20 CD light candles and lay on my bed. That always works too!

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You guys have some great ways to relieve stress! Thanks for sharing them .

I actually attended a stress seminar last week at my gym, and I learned a lot of stuff. We went over some ways to have less "bad-stress". Just like ALaska was talking about, I learned that some stress is good. If we didn't have stress, we wouldn't be motivated to do anything! If we weren't stressed to eat because we weren't hungry, then we'd die of starvation! I also learned that there are certain chemicals that are released in your body when you are really stressed out to help you prepare for a battle or something. Here's an example:

A caveman has to hunt for his family, so he goes out and comes against a huge bear. He gets stressed and chemicals in his body are released to give him more energy to fight against the bear.

So thousands of years ago, these chemicals came to our advantage, but now we tend to get stressed out over non-physical stuff, so we don't need the chemicals. The woman running the seminar said that it can takes about 3 minutes to calm yourself down and get your body back to normal after something stressful. Just take deep breathes and stay calm. She had us inhale and count to 4 and then exhale and have us count to 6. It really makes you feel better... Try it!

Anyway, here are some of the ways she taught us to avoid bad stress:

-Let people help you. You don't have to do everything by yourself... You CAN'T do everything by yourself! And that's not a bad thing at all. It shows strength if you can reach out and get help.

-Eat healthy! She really "stressed" this, because it helps your body function well, handle stress better, and makes you feel good!

-Exercise! It helps with the stress, because you can put some of those chemicals to use.

-Make an "I choose to do" list instead of "I have to do list", because you don't HAVE to do anything! You choose what is best for you. You choose who you want to hang out with, what you wear, what you eat, what you do... Make the right choices for YOU!

-It's okay to say "no". You don't have to do everything.

-Live in the moment! Make what you're doing worthwhile, and have fun!

I hope I helped you guys out a little bit. I know you helped me! Does anyone else have any good tips on helping deal with stress?

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I've been really stressed lately, because I don't have enough time for everything. I have exams right now and a show I was ASMing (assistant stage-managing) closed Saturday, my mother came to visit (a wonderful thing, but meant less studying time), actually I do tend to overload myself. This year I've gotten a lot of stress from theatre because I've worked on almost every show this year and it's taken up a lot of time.

When I get over-stressed (a little is fine and just motivates me) I tend to have a cathartic cry. Sometimes for absolutely no reason I just start to cry, that's when I know that I'm majorly over-stressed and need to take some time out. SOmetimes you just can't stop crying because everything hits you all at once and it's nothing in particualr that's making you unhappy at that point.

When I'm overstressed I make sure I get lots of hugs. For some reason they are one of the best cures for stress. THey make you feel loved and cared for. Also when it's an event that is making me stressed by overanalyzing I like to escape into a fantasy world of books. Being in another world always helps me. Catching up on sleep is good as is cutting back, but sometimes I find it impossible to cut back so just realising that you are stressed and compensating for that sometimes helps.

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Ella, I agree. Hugs are great! ********HUGS********

"Straight it boring," ~Loreal Le Grande Curl commercial

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i found that a vigourous activity is good.

i took up swimming in my free time, i let everything out, anger, sadness, stress, in the water. it definatly helps and gets you in shape. the only bad part is finding time to actually do it.

if you have a Y near your house or even a park district, find out if they have ne kick boxing classes or things like that.

it is not good to have so much stress!
try and take a break!

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If I can be productive in a stressful situation, I'll be okay. I mean, I can handle having multiple food orders to prepare at once (should all be ready in a couple of minutes), and having to deal with a burn at the same time, but at least there there's something I should do. It's just when I'm not really sure what to do, where to start, that it gets too much. Or when I can't do anything yet about something that's worrying me. In the past two weeks, I've had a move, co-op placement, new bus routes, two new kittens, various other things, but none have been too bad because I've known what to do about them. Worrying about the move was much worse than actually going through with it. When I'm stressed and don't know what to do, I'll usually just listen to music, sometimes anything, sometimes very specific records. Last very stressful episode had me curled up and crying in front of a speaker. Record was John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, which is sort of disturbing, but extremely cathartic. However, Abba or Imperial Drag, or whatever Napster chooses is usually good enough for normal stress.
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