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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Sexual Ethics and Politics » too much sex on tv

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Author Topic: too much sex on tv
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I just want your opinion on that one. Do you think there is way too much sex( people who talk about it or do it) in those teenage dramas on T.V, or so called soap opera ? Do you think it really has an influence on younger teens to have sex earlier ? I am especially thinking about the O.C., Veronica Mars or Dawson's Creek (it was a long time ago though). Even in the simple life, they make a lot references about it. There's a lot more example. Those are just the one I listen to. So what do you think ?

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I think it's really important for teens to be aware and open about sexual activity, as long as it's not portrayed, which it a lot of the time is, as some sort of game with no strings attached and no responsibilities.

TV shows can increase interest in sexual activity, and it can be negative or positive. It could be negative because the teens might think that, because of the way it was portrayed, that sex isn't all that serious, and as a result have sex earlier when they're not really informed about the risks and responsibilities. It could be positive because it could inspire kids to get more educated about sex. I know it was the latter for me, which was a good thing because my family didn't/doesn't talk about sex at all.

In my opinion, kids should be aware about sex and the risks involved by the time they're teenagers, before they're given the opportunity to become sexually active. I really don't think it's the TV shows that do it here; I think a lot of it has to do with the parents. I mean, for example, if some 13 year old boy's parents say, "Don't have sex it's bad and sinful and you'll go to hell etc!!!!", and then he sees it on TV as something cool and appealing, for all his parents know he could wind up with some girly in the same situation and soon they doing it like rabbits without protection and she gets pregnant. Of course that's pretty extreme but it probably happens.

I think, instead, if kids are informed about sex by their parents and see it on TV, they can grow a healthy interest in sex (like a lot of teenagers do) but know the risks and how to protect themselves.

Another interesting topic would be if kids become homophobic because their parents say it's wrong, but then they see gay porn or something and get turned on by it and become ashamed, and take it out on homosexuals for their secret desires?

Eh, eh?

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[On a side note: I don't know about OC, but I was an avid watcher of Dawson's Creek and while sex did come up a lot as a topic, the first times of Andie and Joey are portrayed in a very mature and responsible manner. Andie even asks Pacey to take an HIV test and there is one episode where Joey visits a clinic to get information on birth control. As a whole, I think that show is probably more useful as some of the so-called 'sex ed' that happens in school these days.]

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I think people just WATCH way too much TV, period, honestly.

The biggest boon of the thing is that it's got an off button, and that you don't have to have one to begin with.

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thank you miss scarlet!! my family has never "had tv" or bought cable, i guess. we just watch movies. i've rented a few shows on dvd and i'm kind of suprised at the amount of sex on them, but not in a bad way. like, six feet under and the l word. thats my tv reference. i don't want to hijack this thread to talk about the politics of the l word, but after seeing lots of lesbian sex scenes (i'm a lesbian), i felt more ready to have sex. maybe because seeing it took away the fear i had of doing something new and unknown. i think that sex on tv can be good if it has this effect. but, of course, it has to be coupled with good sex ed.

and yes, those boxes have an off button for a reason! use it!

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People always say there's too much sex on television, which is in some ways true. On some shows, yeah, sex can be portrayed as carefree; but on the shows you mentioned (except Veronica Mars- haven't seen that one), I always thought the sex was handled tastefully and responsibly. Either way, kids should get proper sex education through schools (haha I know- but they should) and their parents. Blaming t.v. is just the whimpy way out so, once again, parents don't have to take the blame for not parenting their kids.

[ 07-04-2006, 10:02 AM: Message edited by: Faith54 ]

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I think there's way too much of it. The media plays a large roll in teens' lives. It's what's 'popular' so of course most teens seem to want that popularity, so if the stars do it why shouldn't they? If you listen, at least here in Florida, (yea I moved) a lot of teens are always saying how this celebrity is so great and these shows they star in so they dress like them and try to take on that personality. And I think in doing so they take on the sexual behavior. Sex is all around them in television it's like giving them a right to do it because the media makes it seem like.. well everyone else is. I think it should be a lot more limited, but I doub that will ever happen
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I agree with Miz Scarlet. I was never a big TV watcher, even when I was little. Now that I'm older and have formed my own opinions more, I'm *this close* to being outright against it. So really, I'm not someone who can talk about their being too much or too little of anything on shows. I just think there's too much TV. I do watch a lot of artsy-type films, though. And when I'm sick in bed (or on the couch, as the case may be) and can't sleep, I'll watch a little television.
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I've never had much of a chance to notice sex on TV, because as soon as I was "too old" to watch classic cartoons and such, I switched to anime, and finally gravitated back toward the cartoon channels.

I don't think there's really too much sex on TV, but our society is too uptight about DISCUSSING sex without cheapening it or cracking jokes.

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I kinda dislike TV. I don't mind sex on it unless they're all "u got laid!!11one!" Sex is natural, so it makes sense that we would use it as a subject in our entertainment.
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Lippy Imp
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I side with Heather on this one. It's like the old joke:

Man--"Doctor, it hurts when I do this."

Doctor--"Then stop doing that."

If you think TV is bad, turn it off.

Columnist, "Knickers in a Twist",

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Well I'm not that big of a fan of t.v. In the summer, I don't watch it at all. And, the other times of the year, I usually watch it when I have time, nothing more interesting to do.

But I do tape my favorite T.V. shows which could be resumed to two. And I watch the tape when I have time because most of the time I'm really busy with my homeworks and my work.

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Lippy Imp
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To better answer your question, let me say this:

I think there is too much dumb sexuality on TV. If we (and by "we", I mean "residents of the U.S.") were better educated about sex, we wouldn't be influenced by, much less tolerant of, the sexuality depicted on our screens.

The problem isn't TV. That's just the symptom. The real problem is in education, or lack thereof.

Columnist, "Knickers in a Twist",

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I'm not always pleased with popular media's portrayal of sex.

I waited until I was married to have sex, and I know others who have done the same, but I can think of no secular television shows that have portrayed that lifestyle. When I was younger, I remember thinking that I felt that it was right for me to wait until I was married to have sex, but it seems that no one actually did so I'd probably have to have pre-marital sex if I ever wanted a relationship. It wasn't until I was a bit older and met people who waited/were waiting in real life that I felt encouraged enough to stick with my conviction. I wish sometimes that secular media portray that, without portraying those who wait as desparate, ugly, or perfect (two extremes). I know many people don't wait...but it would be nice if people knew that some people do, and they're not just weirdos.

Now I don't watch a lot of television anyway. I have it on a lot of the time, but it's mainly just light background noise while I read, do homework or housework, etc.

I wanted to add that I also agree that sometimes there's too much of "uneducated" or "unsafe" sex, and not enough portrayals of the time that should be spent deciding whether to have sex, choosing birth control, etc.

[ 07-23-2006, 04:36 PM: Message edited by: bluefreak44 ]

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I don't think TV plays a part of the decision to have sex under age.

We may be pretty stupid but we don't really decide 'Oh there was this sex scene in Titanic the other night. Lets go have sex!' Yeah okay that was a bad example.

But I deffinately wouldn't consider me or my friends to be influenced that way from the media.
Everyone seems to be certain that it's because of peer-pressure, TV etc. people are having sex underage. Why doesn't anyone think that maybe it's because they just want to have sex for the same reason a consenting person does?

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i think theres way too much sex in the media in general, we're not all robots who can turn it on and of like a switch. i wish they'd stop putting me and other people who feel the same as i do under so much pressure.

i am 17 and a half and i'm also a virgin, this is normal as would it be if i waited til i was 25 or married to lose my virginity. not all teens are having/are ready to have or even want to have sex.

i just wish this was reflected more on tv so i wouldnt get the feeling i was some huge loser with a deformed sexuality or something. i know this isnt true but tv doesnt give you much choice to think otherwise.

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The mass media shows sex everywhere (not just TV) because it knows sex sells. It draws people's interest. I don't think there isn't too much sex because it'll always be around. However, I believe there's a huge lack of proper sexual education. There are a lot of people who are mislead on sex and sexual issues.

Sex can be seen in a both positive and or negative view. It depends how you take it. I've noticed a lot of sex in movies, magazines, tv, and what not. It was not the biggest influence in wanting to have sex or upped my "readyness". There are other influences that come about making the choice such as school, peers, family, beliefs and what not.

In the end, the decision should be from your heart. It should reflect on what you believe in and what you want, not from other sources in this world. People say that you have all of your life to have sex. It's up to you when YOU want to have sex.


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I think that there is not too much sex on TV, but too much uninformed and derogatory treatment of sexuality.

I am an avid TV watcher, loving animation from any country, including anime which I'm just mentioning because I don't want somebody to think all I watch is reruns of Looney Toons which weren't even originally on TV as they aired in theatres first, or maybe Rugrats, not because I'm a nippon-culture-fetishist, or because I think anime is a genre as opposed to the output of a country in the medium of animation. I love the DCAU, mostly, and I like comedy and drama, Buffy is one of the best pieces of fiction I've ever seen in any format, it's like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I refer to the radio series and book versions) of fantasy horror. Angel is also excellent, if a bit of a downer.

I don't like reality shows, and while I think cooking, gardening and DIY shows are helpful if you are interested in or need to do those things, I find them very boring, but TV is just film with multiple episodes, there is nothing inherently wrong with it and I'm sick of everyone getting up on their high horse when they're most likely bitter that that novel they're writing is about a thousandth as good as the first ten seasons of The Simpsons. I agree that TV is constrained by the pressures of advertisers and censorship in a way that books are not, but that is situational and not an inherent part of television, and it doesn't mean all TV will be made less brilliant by such restrictions.

Sorry if I sound bitter, but I spent my childhood being lectured by sanctimonious (mostly religious and into meditation or maybe all about tradition and don'tcha know that TV is for the stupid kids and is too liberal and just like those silly comic books that you like way too much for somebody who's your age and a girl) I-can't-think-of-a-way-to-describe-them-that's-not-going-to-get-me-reprimandeds about the values of silence and stillness and how TV is just part of our ADHD culture (and I HAVE ADHD, and I don't appreciate the term), and since TV has been one of the key sources of everything that is good about fiction for me ever since I started watching it, I have no intention of just sitting down and shutting up about it.

I have never understood what is so wrong about TV, there is nothing, not one thing, that makes it different than movies... no, there is not one thing that makes it different than FILMS (sorry about the capitals but I don't know how to do italics) except that sometimes there's multiple episodes to the story, and that you generally don't watch it at the cinema (though there's always the AV club projector).

TV can be abstract and artistic and symbolic and beautiful, logical and linear and story focused, or character driven, or comedic and energetic, or humorous in a subtle, laid back way, or any number of things, it can be all that any fiction can, if you mean you don't like advertising and reality shows, say that, don't say all TV is bad. The real kicker is when I did read (and I did, constantly, I have loved books as far back as I can remember), I'd get told off for that too because everyone wanted me to socialise more with the other kids who liked to call me names and kick me, I was allowed to read, but not to truly adore books, by many of the adults around me. I make no apologies for this slightly OT rant, because I'm fed up with this utterly redundant bias against a box that has the ability to, and indeed often does, broadcast interesting images, words and other sounds. I spend my childhood thinking I was rotten, poisoned and would grow up into someone who had conduct disorder or something because I liked watching TV, like no matter how good a show was I wasn't allowed to enjoy it because it rots your brain, and it's a load of bull.

It is worth discussing that there are shows on TV that are offering bad messages about masturbation, mutually consensual partnered sex, homosexual relationships and sex, non-heteronormative sex, birth control, abortion, forcing sexual contact on others, body image, body ownership, anything else I haven't thought of, because those messages are not inherent to the medium and can be changed, TV is not the problem, it is affected, like all other media, by the erotophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, biphobic, heterosexist, transphobic, heteronormative, ableist, anti-science, racist society in which we live.

[ 03-21-2009, 08:43 PM: Message edited by: Jill2000Plus ]

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