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Author Topic: Religion and Sex
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What religion, if any, do you adhere to? Has this affected your sexual opinions at all?
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I was brought up Roman Catholic, but I don't believe in this religion, because I have a problem with many of its tenets. Why would I consider myself part of a religious tradition I disagree with?

The Roman Catholic church has lots to say on sexual matters and related issues. For example:

Sex is for marriage.
Abortion is immoral.
Homosexual sex is a sin.
The only acceptable reason for sex within marriage is for reproduction (this is why birth control is considered a sin).
Gay marriage, by consequence, is unacceptable.

There are probably many others, but these are the most common ones. Personally, I disagree with the lot, and any sexual decisions I make will not be based upon this religion's view of sex.

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am an universalist christian minister.. i dug into religions to find out what i believed, if anything. a nutshell expression is that i am a christian, i believe in christ & see god through a christian framework -but i don't believe that god has to limit him/her/itself to that framework. more would get too long & in-depth & boring.

what's come of my sexuality in relation to my religion?

it's hard to describe... since i chose a religious view rather than being raised in one always, who i am & my religion are rather intertwined.... each shaped the other, rather than a family religion shaping me as i grew.

i'm very comfortable with it. with me.

i think that's the biggest thing... even when the rest of the world gets weird, i can look at this framework. a framework that is heavy on responsibility for one's actions & being honest with oneself.

it's part of what makes me so comfortable in my non-gender/s, sexuality, and within my own skin. it's part of what made me realize how good a thing sex is, rather than the "dirty" nonsense. it is part of why i face that my decisions *are* my decisions, and to make them & not regret them.

over-all, it's caused me to embrace my sexuality. to love it as part of me & to enjoy it.

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I was (am being) raised unitarian universalist, so i pretty much have to figure out what i believe about sexuality and god on my own and with friends ;p

Rumpus, if you're in the US or canada, enlighten me. Is there a large number of unitarian / universalist churches that aren't unitarian universalist?

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am from the US, though am not living there.

they are, as far as i can read, the same thing... as much as anything ever can be when so many individuals are involved haha.

i've never understood why UUs are called UUs though... the name seems redundant.

but that's just random thoughts. we're talking about the same thing it looks.

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UUism = Unitarian Universalism, and represents a merger between the two church at some point in the last century. I don't think it considers itself to be based in Christianity, really, just in a historical way that it's descended from Christianity. It's more like a free-for-all, really.

I don't think there are any just Unitarian churches anywhere (as opposed to UU) but I know there are some Universalist ones, which are rather more Christian than the UU church I grew up in, but still seriously liberal. (From my understanding, anyway. I'm not a minister in one, though )

Also, each UU church can differ pretty radically from others, I've found out. The one I was raised in was tiny, but pretty radical and had lots of rather vocal people. Which was good. Others I've been to have been more moderate. So, it depends.

Anyway... the topic at hand.

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I am of the Christian faith. This has affected my sexual decisions. I myself am waiting till I get married before I engaged in intercourse. However, I know that other people don't follow that same opinion and I totally understand and respect that. But my faith is not the only reason i choose to abstain, I didn't want the added risk or worry of STD/STI, teen pregnany, and the emotion baggae that could go along with it. I do not believe that sex is solely for reproduction perpose I believe that it is to be enjoy with a person and their partner that they want to express their love with in that way.
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I'm dating a "strict" Catholic- anti-abortion, no sex before marriage, the whole kit and caboodle. Funnily, I'm about as far left as they come (Chomsky's got nothing on me!) and pretty liberal when it comes to sex and all its' subsiduaries.

I'm finding myself getting more and more conservative as I date him though- and I'm nto sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Even though he lives a 30 hour plane ride away, phoen sex is a no-no. And while my ex and I were very experimental, and open, and no-holds-barred when it comes to the bedroom, this bf and I are VERY conservative. It's almost as though I don't want to offend his sensibilities.

We did have sex though- once. He was (of course) a virgin...and it looks as though the next time will be in may..

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I am a Christian. As far as labeling myself, that's as far as I like to take it. I am a disciple of Christ. As far as church affiliation, I attend and almost totally agree with an Assembly of God church. For those who don't know, AG is a sect of the Pentecostal denomination.

My faith affects my views on sex VERY much. Some take this to mean that I don't think for myself. However, when I was younger I took about 2 years away from God and the church, to discern if I really believed or simply did because that was the way I was raised, and I finally came to the conclusion that I really do believe. One of the "conservative" views on sex that I disagree with, and I disagree with few, is that birth control is a sin. I believe that if a couple is married, and wants to be sexual active, monogamously, then there is absolutely no problem with using some method of birth control. Back to my faith, my dedication to God has led me to not pursue (at least to the extent that my friends did) guys, until I was 18 and a guy I had liked for a very long time (unbeknownst to him) asked me out. He was a fellow Christian. Another aspect that my faith affects is my dating life. I promised myself that I wouldn't date a non-Christian, simply for the fact that my faith is so important to me that I couldn't stand to be with someone who didn't relate. And in the words of Amos 3:3 (I believe), "How can 2 people walk together without agreeing on a direction?" I said yes to this man, and we've been together almost a year, still remaining pure (he was a virgin when we began dating as well, shortly before his 17th birthday). On the issue of birth control, we've decided that when we first get married, after I graduate junior college, I will be on a form of birth control. We've both prayed over this and believe it to actual be the most responsible decision, because 2 people in college and with jobs could hardly support a third.

Anyway, I know I sound extremely conservative now, but oh well. You asked.

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so, doesnt really have to do with sex anymore but hey ;p From what i have learned, unitarian alone can imply ties to the church of england ;p but this is kinda off topic now ...
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Interesting Topic; Religion & Sex. I have grown up in a catholic church. I however do not agree with the rules that the church has which in this case; no premarital sex.

My choice to have sex had nothing to do with the religion. It was simply from my own personal beliefs seperate from the church.

I however do not have a problem with other people who choose to wait till marriage. It's their life, their choice, and their body.

So that's my 2 cents!


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Hmm... I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, but I have never been religious. While I never put much stock in Christian morality, it's something that kinda weaves its way into you that you can never totally get rid of. Even those don't believe in or act on those lovely commandments often feel a little twinge of guilt on breaking them. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that while religion doesn't determine my sexual behavior, it has definitely affected it.


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