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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Sexual Ethics and Politics » Morning after pill and abortion.

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Author Topic: Morning after pill and abortion.
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Im a new member here so I hope you dont mind me opening up a can of worms.
I was wondering what people think in general about the morning after pill in relation to abortion. Not necessarily if you agree or disagree with them, but whether you think there is a difference between them.
Of course the obvious difference is that with the M.A pill you are preventing conception from taking place whereas with abortion you are preventing the foetus from achieving full term after contraception has already occured. Is this enough of a difference however for a person to be pro one side and anti the other; if the end result is, for all intents and purposes, the same. There are many countries where abortion remains illegal and yet have fully legalised the morning after pill. Do you see an inconsistancy there?
I suppose I should preface any responses by saying that I would personally find that inconsistant but Id be interested in hearing other peoples views.

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In terms of legalization, I think the important thing to recognize is that in many countries, church and state is separate.

For a lot of people, issues of abortion and birth control (and emergency contraception is classified as birth control) are religious issues, not legal or gubernatorial ones. I imagine that for those religions that oppose sex for any prupose other than procreation, any form of birth control and abortion is unaccpetable. But again, those religions do not determine laws, and in my mind, should not determine laws, unless countires are established in which everyone living in them ascribes to the same religious doctrine.

In any event, that may have something to do with the inconsistencies you're seeing. You may also want to consider the fact that through it still offers less health risks to a owman to have an abortion rather that to take a pregnancy to term, abortion is a far more risky surgical procedure than emergency contraception, which poses no serious risks at all.

For those reasons and the simple reason that conception has yet to occur when emergency contraception is used, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me that a person who opposes medical abortion might not oppse emergency contraception.

Heather Corinna
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Hey there, new guy here...31M actually. First off, to the ladies that run this place...IT ROCKS! I wish I had had something like this when I was a teenager. You guys are really providing a great service.

Now, on to the topic. Mind if I open that can of worms a little wider?

Personally, I'm a Christian. But unlike most Christians, I don't necessarily believe that abortion or the morning after pill is all bad. By profession, I'm a tv news photographer. I see a lot of crap on a daily basis. I do a lot of stories where newborns are tossed into trash cans, etc. It breaks my heart. Not only that, but there are so many children out there that will never have a chance. Sometimes I wonder if maybe they would have been better off if they hadn't been brought into this world in the first place.

But here's something else to think about. Adoption. I've haven't heard much about this here. Now please, I'm not stupid enough to think that that's the great and wonderful solution that most Christians in particular believe. And I know, each situation is different. For some, it just isn't possible. But it certainly is an option.

My wife and I have a georgeous 8 month old little boy that we adopted at birth. But again, his birthmom was able to make that decision...some folks can't, and I respect that.

I also don't like the old, "There's so many couples out there that would love to adopt that baby." That's true. But the fact of the matter is that the system makes it so diffult to do so. Not to mention the expence.

But as for me, I think both should remain legal. I truely believe that if they become illegal, there will be more serious problems. People will get abortions one way or or not. Leave it the way it is.

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I am totally 100% dead set against abortion.

However, last year when the condom broke the first thing I did is go to the doctor for the morning after pill.

After reading your post, I have to reconsider my own actions. Is the MAP bad or good? Does it kill or just rapidly prevent life? It is nice to have a certain amount of control over your own actions, but think about it first.

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First of all, Frae, welcome to the boards, and of course we don't mind a can of worms now and then.

As far as this topic goes, I have to say I was a little taken aback by its potential to create people-being-nasty-to-each-other situations, but I have to say that everyone is handling this maturely.

How refreshing. ;]

As for the question... I don't really see any need to differentiate between them, because they serve different needs. I would have to say I am pro-choice through and through, and that both of these cases relate to a woman's right to choose - just in different ways.

~lemming, Scarleteen Advocate

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This is interesting. After a friend of mine wasn't so careful and opted for the morning after pill I did some research on it. I thought it was similar to abortion before my research. I learned that the morning after pill is not effective if the woman is pregnant. It only acts to delay or inhibit ovulation, or alter the endometrium so that implantation cannot occur.

So I definitely agree that there is a difference between the two. When you're taking birth control pills you're preventing a pregnancy from occurring, the morning after pill is doing the same thing. Abortion is aborting an already living baby, so that's definitely a difference in my opinion.

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imho, i cannot equate or compare the morning-after pill with abortion on the level that the pill only prevent implantation, and does not "uproot" an already implanted conceptus. then again, that may be my own bias in favor or justifying using it (meaning, i used it once, but would never consider abortion as an option for myself).

as for that last part, i am pro-choice, but my own choice is not to have an abortion.

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I personally don't understand how people can link abortion and the MAP. Abortion is taking a fetus that is already growing, and, well, killing it. The MAP just keeps pregnancy from happening. If the MAP is considered an abortion, then we might as well consider the regular pill, condoms, and everything else abortion too. They all prevent pregnancy.

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