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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Sexual Ethics and Politics » This website on bible sex

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Author Topic: This website on bible sex
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This webpage ( kind of scared me to death. This site makes it sound like if you do anything they say is wrong, you're going to go to hell....kind of freaks me out.

What do you all think of it? What do you agree/disagree with?? Thanks for any replies

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I completely disagree!!

I have a lot of qualms with this page-are they implying that the act of marriage will immediately eliminate bothe partners from all STDs? Masturbation is a crime? Erotic Dreams=too much semen? God hates homosexuals, and they can't ever be religious? Hymens are only broken through penis-in-vagina sex? Kissing is a sin if there are sexual intentions?

This site doesn't so much scare me, it more over makes me realize how much of a restriction is placed on extremely religious people. And, any mention of homosexuals was in a discriminating, nasty way. That disgusted me.

Mens' magazines feature pictures of naked women. Womens' magazines feature picture of naked women. This is beacuse the female body is beautiful and delicate, while the male body is lumpy and hairy and should not be seen by the light of day.

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Can I just say how sad it is that a religion of love, Christianity has been degraded to this extent? So many people come to Scarleteen wondering if they will be punished for having pre marital sex or petting. Wondering if they will go tol hell for it because that's what their friends, pastor says.

This God they speak about is not the God I know and not the one I intend to know. NOw, that's all i have to say before I freak out some more.

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Confused boy
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Looking at that site, I'd say thats the most reasonable of the sites that have been shown recently. U might not agree with what they say but the seem to belive it in all honesty and as long as they r not actively forcing these practices on people I say respect their beliefs. The other sites tend to concentrate on what they hate which is an immediate contradiction to Christianity. The bible warns of people like that neway. Wasnt there that story about the man who said a prayer thanking God that he was better than all the sinners and the tax collectors etc. Now that shows that it is not for ne1 to judge who is a good person except God himself. Fortunatley in England we keep all those mad judgemental right wing people safely in this massive lunatic asylum in the middle of London. Its called the House of Lords.
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LOL @ the House of Lords!

I'd encourage you to remember that site doesn't express the views of all Christians or religious people. Not even close. I've been raised with exposure to quite a few religions, and learned about even more during high school, and I can honestly say that I've never met a "Christian" who talked about sexual matters in such a crass way. Most of the teachers, pastors, and Christian consulors that I've met wouldn't even consider discussing sex in such a way. I found that article to be almost disrespectful to the entire idea of sex, simply because it was dealt with in such a blunt-boardering-on-rude way. So just remember that not everyone who is a Christian subscribes to beliefs like that.


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~Joan Crawford

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It's actually not that crazy. They're pretty reasonable about some things and not so great about others. But Confused Boy is right, they do seem to believe in what they're saying and we should respect their beliefs.

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I'd agree that the site is not among the worst Christian sites I've seen. If it lost all that stuff about homosexuality and demons (utterly ridiculous, and a very dangerous hate-promoting thing to believe), and was a lot wiser about STD transmission and contraception, it might actually be a good site for Christians who do believe in such complete celibacy before marriage (and I am well aware that not all Christians think that way).

Personally, of course, I have no problems with the idea of sex outside marriage, but if it only caters to people who want to be celibate, then I don't see why there's a reason for me to comment, except on the misinformation.

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Let me put it this way, the term "gospel truth" is an oxymoron. Organized religion is nothing but a huge con and a tool for social control. God may or may not exist, but if there is a God I doubt he/she/it plays favorites with anyone. Don't worry about what some crazed bible junkie thinks you should be doing, worry about figuring that out for yourself. God gave you a brain so he wouldn't HAVE to tell you what to do.

Anywhere you look there are going to be people who try to tell you what you should think or believe, or sell you on some half baked ideology. Are any of them right just because they claim to be? Does the depth of their conviction make up for the shallowness of their evidence? I don't think so, but then again I'm just another kook with a half baked ideology to sell you.

My half baked ideology is this, you can take it or leave it:

Look at the world through your own eyes and evaluate it using your own experience. Don't believe things that don't match up with reality, and don't ignore realities that disagree with what you believe. Don't be a zealot, it clouds your judgement. Always be cautious about the reasons you believe things. If you don't you're likely to fall into the trap of believing something becaues it is convenient, or comforting, or any number of reasons other than because it is the truth. Never be afraid to be unpopular in your opinions or politically incorrect because unpopular ideas are as likely to be closer to the truth as farther away from it and political correctness is to the US what stalinism was to the USSR.

I could go on for a long time but you get the drift. In short if someone tells you something don't believe them or worry about what they think unless there is some real reason to suspect they are right.


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I would like to point out that not all Christian sites are extremist. This is the home site of the denomination in which I was raised. It is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada:

for the Church's views on homosexuality go here:

BTW, my the minister of the local United Church which has mostly a middle class straight congregation is an out lesbian. She has no trouble in ministering to the spiritual needs of the congregagtion.

My son was a member of the Boy Scout troup there. And no, the Boy Scouts of Canada is not homophobic or exclusionary. A troop marched in Toronto's Gay Pride parade last June to show that gays are welcome.

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I think of it this way. Sure, the Bible having sex before marriage is a sin. And it's true. But does sinning mean you will go to hell? No. Lying is a sin...if you say one lie in your life you're not going to hell either.
No matter what you do, if you realize your were wrong and ask for forgiveness, then you are forgiven. That's what God's His job. He's not counting your sins, and doing one thing wrong doesn't mean you are an evil person or anything.

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