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Author Topic: Make up?
Member # 29073

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How many of you ladies wear make up?

Do any of you feel like you HAVE to wear it?

Do you wear it just for fun?

What are some of your favorite products?

I feel like I am prettier or look better when I take the time to put it on, but I don't feel like I have to wear it. I might be pushed to wear it more if I came across products that worked for me and didn't come off after a half hour. *grin*

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In Love With My Baby
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I like to wear makeup but I really only do when I go out on a date or possibly just out for friends. I dont really wear it to school except for days I feel like gettin really girly or can get up early...Been really busy and tired and sleep deprived lately! haha! I use Almay because I have sensitive skin...It stays on for me really good!
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Member # 29073

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Yeah, putting time into makeup tends to take too much time!

I tend to only spend about 5 minutes on it when I do do it.

Just some foundation, eyeshadow, blush usually. Sometimes lip stuff or eyeliner, but these are what I have problems with staying on.

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Member # 19692

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I mostly only wear makeup when I'm going out for karaoke or out to the club. Even then, it's kind of a stage persona type thing, because it's usually pretty outrageous -- heavy eyeliner, crazy eyeshadow, stuff like that. I steal most of my ideas from Japanese street fashion, so it's always fun, and I use whatever I can get my hands on.

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The most makeup I usually wear is lip gloss - Bonne Bell. [Smile] Rarely, I put on mascara, and even more rarely, blush, eyeliner, or nail polish. And occasionally concealer if I need it.

Honestly? Makeup just doesn't look that good on me. I've never been big for it and I don't think I need it.

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i LOVE putting make-up on .. i think its a great way to feel confident about yourself & it just makes people look nicer .. ( not when you put pounds of it on though )

- i wear great lash maybelline mascara, which is GREAT .. i get so many compliments ..
- victoria secret lipgloss ( which tastes really good by the way lolol )
- cover girl cover-up
- and wet n' wild eyeliner ( which is the best eyeliner ive ever used , its easy to apply and stays on all day )
- and blush [Big Grin]


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When I used makeup, I really loved the physician's formula stuff - great makeup, never irritated my skin, and so light!

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Makeup has never been a big thing for me... the cost of it, the time to put it on and the fact that I break out at the drop of a hat really make it a fruitless endeavor for me. I think I've also been lucky to have almost exclusively dated outdoorsy guys who prefer girls without makeup. [Smile]

When I do wear it, though, I go for eye and lip products, never foundation. I prefer Cover Girl's eyeshadow, and lip tints/lip balm from Burt's Bees.

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Est. In 1984
Member # 31502

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I loVe make-up. It feel it should be used as a beauty "enhancer" not a mask [Smile] I love to see how many different ways I can apply it when I go out.
I dont feel I need it but I really like wearing it. I like to focus on my eyes.
On usually wear:
*eyeliner (Maybeline)
*blush (Rimel)
*lip gloss (Liplites Vanilla Swirl) MY FAVORITE!
*Mascara (Max Factor)

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Wise Janet Weiss
Member # 30392

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I wear make-up very rarely. It feels like I'm under a mask, and it doesnt feel good.
I wear it for fun on Holidays, etc.

*Lipgloss (Randon at Wal*Mart)
*Eyeshadow (Claire's)

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Member # 27966

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I don't normally wear makeup myself, because it makes my skin break out (and without makeup it's nice and clear... so it's kind of a bad cycle... wearing makeup leads to the need to wear makeup... lol)

Therefore, when I do, I also just stick to eyes and lips.

Interestingly enough, I tend to get compliments more when I DON'T wear makeup! I think I look best without it anyway [Smile]


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Member # 23917

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I wear stage make up when I have performances (I have to, both because it's required by my director and because, since I'm so pale, I look extremely washed out/ill when I'm on stage). Other than that, the most "makeup" I ever wear is chapstick. I really don't have time in my morning routine to put on makeup, nor do I desire to. I certainly don't feel like I have to wear makeup--I'm quite happy with the way I look without it.
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I don't wear a whole lot of make up in my day-to-day routine. I don't have to look like a total doll to drive a bus, lol.

But I usually goth up on the weekends. I'm not big on coating my entire face with crap... I hate it when people do that and you can actually see the line where makeup ends and skin begins along their jawbone. But i'm fortunate in having good skin. A dab of concealer on the occasional zit does it for me.

But I've been known to get a little obnoxious with the eye makeup and lipstick. I shell out for special red mascara because it makes my eyes look very, very green.

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I'm not a huge makeup wearer, but I do like mascara. Eyeliner is too harsh for me, so I don't wear it, and I never wear foundation or powder. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the makeup brand Benefit. They have the most awesome products. Their 'realness of concealness' kit is so neat. I have dark circles under my eyes (I'm not a good sleeper) and they have this stuff that totally takes the puffiness and darkness away. Also, their Dandelion blush is really cool. Anyway! My number one lip gloss that I refuse to ever run out of is Neutrogena in Groovy. That's all for now! (I haven't found a fabulous mascara that I love love, but I'll definitely try out some of yalls suggestions)
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Scarleteen Volunteer
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I had this phase in high school where I would literally not leave the house if I wasn't wearing make-up. Concealer, blush, eye shadow, mascara - the works. That took up a lot of time in the morning and eventually I started to wonder who the heck I was going through all of that trouble for.

Now I wear almost no make up. On a regular day, I'll put on some lip gloss and if I am having an off-day, a bit of concealer. When I go out at night, I'll put on some mascara and my favourite green eye shadow ('cause it brings out the green in my eyes). Less fuss, costs less and I feel a whole lot more comfortable with myself.

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i wear it mostly for fun, and i wear certain color eye-shadows that describe my mood. like if im happy i wear pinks and yellows (but light colors not very noticeable) or when im chill i wear light blues and greens to match my eyes, when im feeling warm and sensual i wear browns and reds and when im not feeling good at all i dont wear make-up haha.
hope that helps....

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i love makeup but i never wear tons of it. if i don't have time, i put on lipstick sometimes with lipgloss and reapply it during the day. i love lipstick, especially bright reds and gold browns. when i have more time then i put eyeliner or shadow and mascara, i always use clear mascara so have less clumpy eyelashes. i have lots of colours in my makeup box and use whatever ones according to my mood. i like green/blue eyeliner on its own, but when i have black, navy or brown eyeliner, i use gold/brown eyeshadow or some shimmer powder. i don't use blusher because my cheeks are pink, or foundation because i don't know how to use it, but i use concealer under my eyes and around my face instead

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I always tend to slip a little make up on. I do it because I like how I look in it. Makeup for me involves a little bit of Cover Girl Clean Makeup foundation, Maybelle Greatest Black mascara (totally recommend this! I love it!) and whatever brand of eyeshadow that was pretty that day at the Walmart. I also have some new, fancy Este Lauder stuff I received for Christmas, which I like a lot [Smile]
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Scarleteen Volunteer
Member # 40774

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It's never occurred to me to wear makeup. But I'm a butch girl [Smile] . The idea of wearing makeup makes me pretty uncomfortable, unless I imagine I'm a boy putting on makeup or a drag queen.

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When I was younger, I very much did feel like a long time like it was something I had to put on and was expected to, but I kind of broke that habit at a certain point, and now in my life -- for some time, really -- I haven't felt that way at all. I go far more often without anything than I do with it, but it's perhaps worth mentioning that I also run in circles where I don't experience any pressure in that regard.

Makeup -- especially anything more than the smallest amount -- has always made me feel a bit like being in drag or in costume, too.

But, every now and then, I LIKE the sort of play of being in drag or costume. [Smile] In the 80's, for instance, when I ran in punk circles, I did love going out and just covering my eyes in a ton of black gook, and it very much was about costuming. And every now and then now, I still like busting it all out when going out in that same kind of vein: where I do feel like it's drag, but it's a space where it's fun to be in drag.

(Still don't usually put anything on my face itself, though: perhaps it's fear of clowns, but skin -- rather than eyes or lips -- coated to a point where you can't see freckles or skin texture has always weirded me out, on myself or others for some reason.)

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Personnally, I generally do not wear make up on most days except on some occasions, like for example when I'll go out to a bar with friends or will go to a soiree or when a pic of me has to be taken, times like that. I do feel some pressure some time to put make-up on when I go out but I don't feel that pressure to put make-up on a day to day basis like when I go to school.

I am just not really a fan of make-up, this takes time and I'd rather prefer spending my time on other things, especially when I have to wake up early in the morning to go to school, that's the last thing I worry about. [Smile]

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the only make-up i ever wear is eyeliner, and even that is rare and when i do it's just a simple brown shade.
the only thing i use on my lips is burt's bees lip balm, only because that is the best lip balm ever and my lips get chapped insanely easily. i don't count that as make-up, i count it as a necessity to life.
i never ever wear mascara; it seems so silly to me. it smudges, it clumps, and i'm pretty sure i'm kind of allergic to it. also, i've never worn blush or concealer in my life. heh.
i wake up, wash my face, run my fingers through my hair, and maybe put on a little pale eyeshadow.. i don't get the girls who put so much effort into their make-up and hair and spend so much time and money on it. i have better priorities.

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i love make up but i dont feel the need to wear it everyday..

the only times i definately wear it are when i go to work (which is once or twice a week as its only casual work) and when i go to a family get to gether.. oh and i usually make a bit of an effort when i go out at night [Smile]

i know im pretty without it but when at work i find it makes me look more sophisticated than my uniform (which is yellow) would normally make me appear and as i deal with customers all the time i feel like i ought to make the right impression [Smile] but i make sure i keep it simple..mascara and maybe a bit of eye shadow but definately a natural lip gloss [Smile]

Love CoopieB x

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I love make-up! I love being able to be creative with it and try different colors of eyeshadow and stuff like that. I'm such a raver at heart, so I wear a lot of bright eyeshadow colors. Nothing that looks trashy but bright colors that accent my green eye color. I kind-of look at make-up personally as being something that's for ME. I decide how much I want to wear and when I want to wear it. Plus, it's just fun to try different things with it. [Smile]

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I LOVE Bare Minerals foundation. It's a little pricey, but it makes my skin tone so even and you can't even tell I'm wearing make-up because it blends so well. A plus also is that it won't melt off when you work out- the coverage stays put.

Day to day I usually wear the Bare Minerals foundation on my face and occasionally eyeshadow and blush because I'm pasty in winter [Big Grin]

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!!! I love Bare Minerals too! It's by far the best ive ever tried, and I also sometimes wear their blush. But it's usually just some quick mascara and a quick swirl of foundation.

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