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Author Topic: Career Goals
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I thought of this topic as I was reading the topic on wedding fantasies the other day and I thought it could make for interesting conversation.

How have your career goals and dreams changed throughout the years? What did you used to want to be when you were little? How is this different from what you want to do/are doing currently? Has your dream job changed or has it stayed the same? Do you think the people around you (friends, family, etc.) have influenced your dreams? Do you wish you were doing something else, or are you happy in your job (if you have one)?

I know it's a lot of questions, but feel free to pick and choose. Share your thoughts!

Personally, I always wanted to be a singer. For a while I entertained the idea of being a fashion or interior designer or maybe an architect (I LOVE architecture), but I always returned to my dream of performing. I would love, more than anything, to make my living singing opera. But, if that doesn't work out, I'm facinated by mythology and social anthropology. I'd like to teach either at the college level, or teach college or high school level English. I think I would be happy in any of those careers, though if I did go into something other than music, I'd have to incorporate it into my life some other way. Music, particularly vocal performance, really is my passion.

Whenever I talk to my mum about career options, she always says "you really are your father's daughter." On my dad's side, I come from a long line of teachers and musicians. I grew up around lots of singing and instrument-playing and music, mostly classical. Obviously, this has had some influence on me. My career goals certainly reflect it. It would be interesting, I think, to see whether or not I would still have such a passion for music and learning if I had grown up in a different family. Here I get into the whole Nature or Nurture? issue, but I don't think I'll delve too much into that...

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i'm going to be a digital photographer. i got my first camera at age 5 (it was big and pink) and i've been taking pictures ever since! when i go back to school (i'm taking time off) i'm going back for photography.

when i was a kid i wanted to be the first woman president, a paleontologist, a veterinarian, a teacher, an actress, and a writer. and i really thought i'd be able to do all of that! haha

then when i was like, 13-15 i wanted to be a model. but i quickly grew out of that awful teenage phase.

now i work in a great locally owned clothing store. its definately not my career, but i can't see myself leaving this job unless i move, or succeed at photography.

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I giggle when I think of my first childhood ambition...

I WANTED TO BE A QUEEN!! Yes, I would sing along with Simba in the Lion King; "oh I just can't wait to be King (Queen)!!". I got really excited when I found out my last name originally came from the dukes in Spain.

After I decided that royalty could not find a place for me, I wanted to be an artist, a fashion designer, a chef (I wanted to have a pastry restaurant called "Just desserts" and I even had the menu planned out), a psychologist, a make up artist, a nutritionist, and now in my teens I've also fiddled with the ideas of endocrinology and international relations.

But secretely, I always wanted to be a musician. BiGoddess, curiously, I'm one of the only 2 practicing musicians in my family, and one of them started music after me. I think it was my mother's influence though; I learnt to love rock and roll with her, she'd always play music when I was little. I would "perform" secretely in front of a mirror, because I pretty much kept quiet about it most of my childhood. I was pretty outgoing when I was little, and then I just stopped. Besides, my dad always said that music was nice, but that I couldn't take it as a carreer. The first time I told him I wanted to be a musician, he dropped the fork he was holding and said "honey, you'll starve to death!!". After that, I really started working for it, to try and prove him wrong.

Now I'm still hoping to get a major in piano performance, and a minor in singing performance [Smile] . I think I couldn't imagine just leaving music as a background choice...

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Well When i was younger, i always wanted to be a Train Engineer...(you know one of those guys that drove the train) I was absolutly obsessed with them...

Then came the astronaut, Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian phase, that didn't last too long. Then came my absolute obsession with planes, i wanted to be a fighter pilot for the military, however that dream quickly passed when I got rejected for my Flying Scholarship for no apparent reason.

Then there was a phase where i wanted to be in the military, and still do. I was actually in the military for awhile before i fell off an 8 metre wall and landed on my knees. Thanks to that i now need surgery. Ha!

Anyways now My career goal and ambition is to either A) Become a diplomat or B)Work For The Canadian Intelligence hey i was offered a job the other anyways asides from that that's what i'm studying in University and i Plan to stick by it....i know not really much of an ambition but hey i love dealing with people, and i strongly believe that it is possible for the entire world to be at peace with each other no matter how hard that may be so i figure i may as well make an effort in making that dream into a reality any way i can!

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When i was in grade two they asked us a bunch of questions and made this little card thing with our pictures on it and posted them around the classroom. One of the questions was 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'

When you're in grade two, there are so few options; teacher, policeman, firefighter, doctor, nurse, and maybe veterinarian. My grandmother was a healthcare aide (which she explained to me a a nurse), and i knew she helped people and i wanted to help people too ... So i said i wanted to be a nurse.

That changed SOOOOOO many times over the years, but for the most part it revolved around helping people. I wanted to be a vet but i didn't have the marks in high school. I thought about being a high school teacher, but i'd have to take courses that would lead me to a degree that would give me two 'teachables'. Math, chemistry, biology, ... Not interested.

I went into my grade 12 year knowing i would apply to university to take nursing or midwifery. I set my courses accordingly (biology, math, chemistry, social sciences), and proceeded to just about as well (ha!) as i did in my other years.

I graduated earlier this month with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I'm a Registered Nurse (provided i passed my exam [Big Grin] ). So far, i really like my job and i think i made the right choice. Nursing is HUGE ... If i ever get bored/unhappy where i am, i can get a new job and do something totally different.

I still wish i'd gone to midwifery school though. I regret that i didn't even apply.

Of everything though? If i could pick right now? And have a good job with a decent pay? I'd want to try my hand at radio broadcasting. Less as a DJ and more as one of the people that make you laugh your butt off on your drive to work.

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Childhood had a lot of variety.... teacher, doctor, writer, model, etc...

I did become a model at 13 but i knew it was temporary as later on in HS, things got hectic so i stoppped. People still tell me that i should go back.... we'll see plus I'm married now.

In HS, i thought about graphic designer, multimedia, business, accountant...

I got a job as a receptionist at 15, and just turned into admin assistant for the last couple years. It's within the real estate field. (i'm just about to turn 23).

I've completed three years of university, and i have one year left but i've been on hiatus since last September (2005) and i've decided to not to return until next fall as we're saving up for a house (we're in apartment and have been since last April).

My degree is in woman's studies but when i got into university. I didn't care... it's more of a personal accomplishment for me to get in, and to graduate with an university degree. So i think when i'm done, I'll probably return full time (as I am currently) to the office. I know i have a lot of years clocked in to even have a maturity leave now if i wanted to, but we don't want to have kids just yet. LOL.

anyway, it's been interesting how things have changed and everything. Some people know right off the bat from childhood what they really are/want to be like for an example, one of my close friends knew she wanted to be a daycare teacher and she is. (she graduated 2 years ago and opened up her own daycare and everything.. i'm proud of her). My best friend knows that she wants to help people especially kids. She just graduated from child services program at college but she felt she didn't learn enough so she applied to my university and then she'll get a job within child care (but she just got an group home assistant job for the summer).

I just know that regardless what happens in carreer wise, that I'm not going to be a traditional stay home mom. I refuse to be that. Of course, I'll be a full time mother, but I also want to be a working mother as well. I believe that that can be juggled well if you can find the balance [Smile]


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I wanted to be a model, then I discovered writing and I wanted to be an author, then I wanted to be a scientist working in research (all kinds) then I thought "Hey, it would be really cool if I could make a dragon" (this idea occured to me when I was trying to write a book about dragons) so I decided to go into genetic engineering.

I'm still going into genetics, but not for the sake of making a new species.

(I've also considered being a construction worker, an architect, a fashion designer and a dollmaker, a baker, a doctor, a dancer, a musician (I can't play any insruments, mind you, but I still wanted to try) and a U.N. translator. I'm still toying with the idea of President of the United States, but I don't know how I could stand up to the political pressures of California, much less the whole US)

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1. My career goals have changed through the years in varying ways, only slightly though. From the time I was little I knew I wanted to help people, be it adolescents and sex or women abused or what have you. I still want to do that stuff.

2. When I was little, like really little, though, there were three main things I wanted to be: A. A dinosaur-digger-upper. (My exact words) B. An animal nurse (Again exact words, I just didn't wanna deal with all the pressure that vets do) or C. an Arby's worker. (I liked their roast beef sandwiches)

3. How this differs from what I'm doing now? Well, I am neither of the three above options. (Although I still do love those sandwiches!)

4. So, my dream job has stayed the same for quite a while, working in the field that I hope to be studying under soon, a BA in Family Social Sciences of Human Ecology, pursuing the stream of child and adolescent development and family violence conflict resolution.

5. 100% have the people around me influenced me. First off, my sister, who's gone through so much, (abuse, abortion, you name it) and is just so unbelievably opinionated and intelligent that she is my number one inspiration since I was little. Two, my boyfriend, because what we've faced in our relationship together has truly emphasized my ideas about teens and sex and made me want to help even more; plus to make it a career for myself.

6. As per wishing if I were doing something else: that's kind of yes and no. For instance, I love my part time job I do on weekends, as a server in a small, yet large-enough family owned restaurant a couple of blocks from where I live. Everyone is amazing there, (not neccesarily nice, because some may not be "nice" but everyone is unique and we do look out for each other like a family does) and I make pretty decent money in tips. For the no part: I do wish that I could have my career all up and started right now, but unfortunately, (and not so unfortunately, because I do still really love school and I'm so excited about starting at U of M. Assuming I get there, anyway!) I still have three years left.

SO yeah that's about it!


P.S. Awesome thread, BiGoddess!

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When i was little i used to want to be a teacher. Then i went through phases where i wanted to be a nurse, a doctor and then a vet. Basically i've always wanted to do something where i am interactng with people and helping them in some way.

Now i've gone back to my first dream of being a teacher and hopefully i'm going to university in oct 2007 to start that first by doing a history degree then a PGCE in secondary education to gain my teacher status. I love school and love learning and teaching other people. I've had work experience in primary schools and as much i loved it i want to be able to impart my wisdom to the older kids. My mum is always saying the most important education is your secondary education because that is what finally shapes you into who you are no matter how good your primary education. My parents have never actively encouraged me to go out and be a teacher or to go and train as a doctor, they've always just told me i can do whatever i want to do and they will support me all the way. No one else in my family is a teacher and i think i'm the first to actually want to do that, so i'm very proud that i'm being different yet still have my family's support.

My friends are often supportive too. I have a running joke with my friend that he's going to spend the rest of his life with his hand up a cows bum (he wants to be a vet) but i'm going to be in school forever, so who wins? Alot of my other friends often ask why i don't want to teach primary school because they're just so adorable. Yes, young children are adorable and yes i love being around young children but i could not spend 38 weeks a year five days a week in a classroom with 30 small children. I feel that working in a secondary school is more important to me personally because it has turned me into the person i am. I was very lucky to go to a good school and i learnt a lot of life lessons and if i can show other young adults how to get through high school and become mature adults then i'm going to do that. It's more than just a passion for history it's a passion for shaping the lives of our future generations in a positive way.

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When I was old enough to figure out that girls could be doctors, too, that's when i figured out I wanted to be a doctor. I must've been 4 at the time.

I'm almost 26 now, and I am applying to medical school AGAIN. I never lost track of that goal, even though it's not been attainable thus far. Members of my graduating class at university are starting their residencies, and that makes me sad. Sad that I wasn't good enough to get it on the first try. Sad that I'm not there with them.

I'm trying. And I know I'll get there 'cause if I don't, I'll have to sell my soul to the phamaceutical industry if I ever want to afford to buy a house.

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I love reading these. You all kick major butt.

Ever since I was two, I wanted to be an artist. I would draw everything. My dad and I would watch those shows with those nutty artists who take you step-by-step on how to draw something... I used to be jealous 'cause my dad was really good.

Then as I got older, in early elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher. Then I changed my mind to being a veterinarian, because I LOVED animals. I was like a mini animal activist when I was young; I used to draw pictures of the Lynx and Mink on a poster, with something along the lines of "It takes 100 animals to make 1 fur coat!" and make people in my classroom sign it, promising me they'd never wear fur.

Once I got to middle school, I wanted to perform. I wanted to sing, play guitar, act, you name it. I was always the lead in school plays, which inflated my ego quite a bit and pushed me in the theatre direction. I joined chorus and made most solos and all those little choral groups you have to try out for... and that kind of pushed me in the performance direction as well. In 7th grade I became uber PETA and all vegetarian, forcing everyone into my beliefs, pretty much.

This coming school year, I'm going to be a Sophomore. Within the past few months, I've matured a ridiculous amount, and college seems so incredibly real, and I've realized: I have no idea what I want to do.

I love writing. Love it. But I also love art. And language. And theology and psychology and philosophy... Costume design, character concepts, actor, one of those people who sits in the courtroom and draws people...


Hopefully I choose something good.

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As a kid everyone was always telling me
"You can do anything you set your mind to" which is very true for me - I'm an A student without any real thought, and that's in Maths, Science, Art, Languages, everything.
For most of my life it's been a big problem for me because I had so much choice and so many options that I couldn't choose because I didn't know what I WANTED.
When I was in primary school my nest friend and I where going to be vets because we had this love of animals... but eventually I realised I didn't want to see animals in pain on a daily basis and so did she. Then for several years I had no clue what I wanted to do, I was kind of wandering through life aimlessly, being very good at pretty much everything I came across and getting frustrated because MORE options just kept opening up and no doors where closing for me.
Essentially leaving me stranded in confusion and indescision with nothing I COULDN'T do.
Finally I realised most of my passions lay in the arts: art, dance, photography, writing, music, language...
So my career choices became 1)Author, 2) Photographer, 3) Artist, 4) Muscician, 5) Journalist, 6) Linguist/Translator/Interpretor.
The last two are now what I intend to study at university, and the rest I'll do in my spare time... if I have any.

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When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher. A language teacher.

I have very diverse interests. Music, health, fitness are only few of them. So there is a lot of careers that would have interested me.

I had a phase where I wanted to be a personal trainer or wanted to be a dietician. And during other times, I wanted to be a pschologist, a pharmacian or I wanted to work in a laboratory to study viruses, illness and create different medication.

As you see, I really love everything concerning health care. I pretty much had the chance to do anything I wanted to do based on my marks. I've had several academical mentions over years. Just, in high school, I was the student with the highest score in my school in all classes. I had marks that were all in the 90s. My average score of all classes was about 97 %.

So I applied for medical school. And I GOT ACCEPTED on the first try. [Wink] I'm so happy for it. Some say that medical school is all about grades. You know what, it's not true at all. You've also got to have the personality for it, at least in some universities. You have to take personality tests and I'm telling you, don't lie or they'll know it and you sure not gonna be accepted.

So here I am. I'm going to become a doctor. I can't wait to begin my classes. I'm like hooked on everything concerning health. In my free time, I read medical books on illness, nutrition and everything. That's what I like to do. People might think I'm crazy but that's just how I am, I really enjoy learning.

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When I was little I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver. No joke. I had so many awesome memories of buring ice cream and toys with my friends and family every week that I really wanted to be the person to bring that happiness to other people. I liked the music and for some reason I thought ice cream truck drivers got free ice cream.

That was a different time though, I lived on a street where everyone knew each other and we were on a first name basis with the ice cream truck driver. Nowadays ice cream truck drivers are a dying breed, nobody feels like paying $3 for a 50 ice cream bar anymore and people think ice cream truck drivers are creepy mofos, so that option is out.

After that I went through a decade-long "phase" (according to my parents) of wanting to be a writer. I wrote several lengthy stories that were surprisingly macabre considering that I was 8 when I wrote them (they involved Mortal Kombat characters battling the forces of evil in a haunted house, there was a whole series). In high school I took journalism hoping that it'd be a doorway to a potential career.

Unfortunately, I found out that I a) do not do well with being on extreme deadlines and b) really enjoy creative writing more than the super-structured writing associated with the press. Even with creative writing, I was still unmotivated. I had literally dozens of stories I'd started and then never finished. My parents basically said it was stupid and not to bank on it as a career, and I eventually gave in.

In the middle of my writing phase, I developed a great fondness for baking. I tried the whole "can I go to culinary school?" thing and my parents said absolutely, on my own dollar. So that'll have to wait.

I fiddled around with taking Marketing my senior year of high school, and decided completely out of the blue to become a business major. So that's what I'm still doing. I had a short stint at Victoria's Secret doing floor-sales and decided that I am horrible at aggressive one-on-one selling, it feels like yeah, I sold a credit card, but I also sold my soul to the devil that is the corporate machine in the process!

Recently I thought fairly seriously about modeling. I'm super short but have gotten offers about it before, and get told on at least a weekly basis that I should. The only problems with that are that I'm fairly conservative, so my range would be limited, and my parents would detest the idea, so I'd have to hide it from them. Too much of a pain, although I'd really enjoy it.

So I'm currently working with my boyfriend of 3.5 years as a relay operator. I guess my attitude towards work has evolved towards being more and more practical. I had a dream to be a writer, a pastry chef extraordinaire, and so on, but now I just want to do something that's ok on a practical/moral level. That's all I can really afford to do, because I want to get married fairly soon and I need to be financially stable to do it.

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when i was a kid i wanted to be the first woman president

Mee Too! [Big Grin]

When I was younger I wanted to be a Nurse, a psychiatrist, a cosmotologist, a babysitter, a house mom with my 12 kids, a police woman, a writer, and a dancer.

Its funny how when I look back on things now, I still have similar intrests in what I may choose as a profession in the near future.

I am searching for an awesome beauty school so i can study cosmotology, and all sorts of fun stuff like that.

My first year in college, I was majoring in Psychology, but then i realized that I had to go to medschool and that it would take a long long time to get a respectable title and an offic eof my own.

Then, I persued an Accounting and Business management degree, which I didn't finish.

I teach dance and attend dance classes every now and then.

But, when I was a child, I thought I had it all figured out.

Now, that I am at the age where I should be in, or startng at the least, my profession, I realize I have nothing figured out. I am having a hard time figuring out what way to go.

Do i better myself in the profession I already have in accounting. Do I do what I have always wanted to do and become a Psychiatrist.

Do I go to beauty school and do something I like to do? Can I do everything at once?

I, too, once thought i could. But now I realize how stressful that can be. And since I am having a hard time doing one of those things, I doubt i will ever be able to achieve all of those goals.

Ah, don't I wish I had more lifetimes.

I also, as a child, thought I would travel around.

I go here and there, but nothing too far away and definitely not in another country.

I want to visit every continent and a lot of countries. The first one I will visit will be Thailand, then Australia. (Or I guess I could start small and go to Canada or Mexico . . But it doesn't seem quite as exotic and thrilling, being so close still)

It's hard to say at this point how my child like views of 'what I wanna be when I grow up' have differed or shapened what I chose to do with my life, because I am still in the process of choosing.

Maybe one day I will figure it out.

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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be an actress. I think that might have been my first career choice. Then, over time, I added things to that. Writer. Journalist. Teacher. By the time I was graduating from high school, I'd settled on Psychology. Unfortunately, I didn't get accepted to my top-choice school and being the perfectionist that I am, I decided second best wasn't good enough. So I changed my plans last second and am now majoring in English. I get to read and write, which have always been favourite passtimes of mine, and eventually I'll get to teach. Of course, I still do drama in my spare time and I still write and some day, when I have more time, I might try to pursue those again, as well. But for now, I am trying to be practical.

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Ever since I can remember, my career wants have been focused around biology. When I was in elementary school, I really wanted to be a marine biologist. But, living in Arizona, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for me to nurture that want. In junior high, I wanted to study and rehabilitate wolves (something I still wouldn't mind doing) because I found them so fascinating. I went through a criminology phase, but I realized I did not have the resolve for working in such a field. Lately, I've really taken to physiology, especially the reproductive system (probably one of the reasons I love this site so much!). I've been studying anatomy and physiology on my own, and even though I have 3 more years to go, have been looking at classes at the UofA. What I will do, I do not know for sure. I'm not interested in being a family physician, but I would not mind being an ObGyn. Perhaps medical research on STDs and other infectious diseases, geneticist, or public health educator.

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Actually, I went through a really long period where I really wanted to be a nun. Somewhere between watching Madeline and seeing the Sound of Music, I started to think "hey, wouldn't that be cool?" Now I'm agnostic, so it wouldn't really work out. Still, it seems sort of interesting, in a wouldn't-it-be-a-learning-experience-to-try-that type of way.
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He-he.I of course don't want to be a waitress at the Cayuco Club forever (even though it is kind of fun).

I'm thinking about maybe becoming a nurse,maybe a chef,LOL.

But when i was 6-8 I wanted to be a actress/singer/somebody famous.

But now,I'll settle with non-famous jobs.

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Originally at the age of 3 I wanted to be a park-keeper. I then went through astronaut, rocket scientist, lawyer, mathematician and Prime Minister before arriving at doctor. I'm just starting my A levels next week, so I'm a long way from becoming a doctor yet, but I don't have much room to change my mind any more. [Eek!]

In a strange room, before you are emptied for sleep, what are you. And when you are filled with sleep you never were. I dont know what I am. I dont know if I am or not... how often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.

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