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Author Topic: New Year's Resolutions
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Well, it's about that time of year again. That's right, friends and lovers, it's high time for some good old-fashioned New Year's Resolutions! I recall we had a thread about them a while back, but it appears to have ever-so-mysteriously given us the slip. So why not discuss them here instead?

I'm one of those who tends to have two types of resolutions. There are the immediate ones that are actionable and can be handled, and the broader ones that are lofty and intangible. I'd like to think I do a decent job of accomplishing most of them as conditions permit, but admittedly there are some times when I screw them up entirely.

So, for posterity's sake, here are my resolutions for 2003, which I think will be a damned good and exciting year:

1. Pay the stinkin' car off
2. Be more flexible with changes that may occur
3. Spend more time with family and friends
4. Show loved ones how much I care for them
5. Enjoy the good life for as long as I've got it

As you can see, some are pretty doable and some are not so simple. But this will at least give me a blueprint for where to start, right?

I've always loved New Year's, if for no other reason than the symbolism of starting over, having another chance, being granted more time to make yourself a better person. If it sounds cheesy, perhaps it is. But it's still a fine time to reevaluate your standing in life. Are you right now where you'd like to be? Are there things you would like to accomplish this year that will make you be a better person? Why not tell us all so we can share in the New Year's spirit?

BruinDan, "Number Three," PSOM

"Battery Stolen; Youth Charged"

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*Tell best friend that im bisexual <-this is going to be a doozy
*See my BF more than 3 times. ugh. sometimes LDRs are stinky-poo.

what if my star is not to come? will my dreams fade to nothing? when the horizon darkens most...we all need to believe there is hope!!

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Gumdrop Girl
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same as last year

gotta eat more fiber!

Don't be coward like shrimp, be brave like PRAWN!

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1) To put school before anything after family.
2) To get counseling for being on the computer too much!

[1234 posts! ]

[This message has been edited by Daydreamer24 (edited 12-30-2002).]

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To work my but off and accomplish my biggest goal since I can remember:

Graduate college before all of my friends.

And I'll add on the stipulation of a decent gpa.

Eat better.

Be Happy.

QUIT NEGLECTING MY HOMEWORK. (a four year struggle.)

I think that's good for right now.

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ummm....i gotta couple:
1)be more open to people about my past
2)don't allow my family to abuse me by making me feel less then my worth
3)and generally be happy with my life.

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There are firecrackers (or guns?) going off as I type this right now, but here's a resolution that I think, personally, will be easier said than done: Be happy with myself and my body and less critical of all the flaws supposed or otherwise.

It's time to tune out all that excess static and find a station other than KFKD (in the words of Anne Lamott.)

Other resolutions:

1. Pay off student loan
2. More rejection
3. Continue school (???)
4. More involvement with the community, less selling out.

Where have you been, and where are you going?

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Oh jeez, well i had to think lond and hard for these:
(no paticular order)
- get into Carnegie Mellon University(hard one)
- be a better man(never-ending)
- and ive always wanted a nice better time then now i guess

~The problem is only what it makes you~

Quote from BruinDan - Scarleteen Advocate:
To be frank, who cares? Contrary to popular belief (and popular teen movies), life ain't The Dating Game...and going for a while without a mate doth not Armageddon bring.

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i have alot of them... here goes!
~keep room neat
~TRY washable pads
~find a nice boyfriend (hehehe...yeah)
~be less materialistic, focus more on the important things
~live everyday to its fullest
~exercise and stay fit
~wear hair differently more often
~dont get cavities
~floss daily
~eat dinner with family as much as possible
~dont peel polish off nails all the time
~get good grades
~practice saxaphone

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1. Stop using internet acronyms such as "lol", "omg", "brb", etc. (IMO<<hehe that's a joke, get it?>>they're getting overdone and annoying. Seriously.
2. Gradually reduce time spent on computer.
3. Eat healthier. Must not vege out in front of tv with snacks. Only eat meals, not constant snacks.
4. Do not spaz out if boyfriend wants to be with friends rather than myself. Also, do not spaz out over most everything I do spaz out over in this ongoing drama+ relationship.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'm sure I'll add more later

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1. Lose weight! Well, go down 2 dress sizes anyway. (yes, I am losing weight healthily)

2. "Pass all of my exams with flying colours"
Work as hard as I can to achieve the above goal.

3. Be more honest with everyone, including myself.

Thats it!

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Lol, this may sound un-original, but:

Live life for every moment and live each moment to the fullest, and actually do it this time!

Love is natural, and everything that goes with it. ;)

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Well even though I dont have much of a hand in this my new years resolution is to get better. I have been sick for the past 6 months or so and have had a mammoth amount of hospital visits and tests, more of which to come. So hopefully 2003 brings me good or at least better health


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1. Go vegetarian!
2. Learn how to meditate (it's hard to clear my mind and sit still )
3. Do volunteer work
4. Be less selfish
5. Work on rebuilding relationship with ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend.
6. Work on building relationship with new friends and new love interest

I'd rather be a forest than a street. Yes I would. If I could, I surely would.

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Get on with things already.


I want a boy for my birthday . . .

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This is the first year i've actually written down my resolutions and plan to take them seriously. We'll see how things go.

-Try talking to my mom more. i.e build up our relationship.
-To exercise and eat well
-To always be safe sexually
-Focus on school but still enjoy myself
-Do as much community service as I find satisfying (I discovered last year i have a passion for it )
-Be proud of myself
-Pay attention to what my body says
-Have fun, enjoy myself and live
-Connect with nature on a daily basis
-Build up old ties with family

Have a good year everyone!

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i just want to be a better friend so i don't lose the friends i still have. *sigh*

libido ergo sum.

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1. To find a belief system that really works, rather than just depressing the hell out of me. I need something more than merely existing to get by, for the moment.
2. To help people more. What right do I have to live as I do while others starve and die?

Save the environment - use your brain!

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I thought I'd bump this thread with New Year's coming up in a few days.

In addition to any resolutions, what are your New Year's plans? Hosting a mocktails party, having a movie marathon sleepover with friends, going to sleep early for a good start to 2007? Any suggestions for a healthy, safe and fun New Year's Eve?

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Don't have any plans for New Years yet ... My hubby will be working, so i may just veg out at home w/ my kitties and watch all the New Yrs celebrations on TV. I'm boring like that.

As for resolutions ... I have quite a few (but we'll see how many stick [Wink] )

Health - I've finally gotten a hold of my depression, and i'd like to keep it that way. I was having serious anxiety and depression issues a few months ago but have started on medication and am doing much better. Need to STAY ON my medication. Need to stay on top of symptoms and go back to the doc if they get out of control. I'd like to continue getting to a healthy weight and eating better. I'd like my blood pressure to stay in a healthy range.

Relationships - I'd like to keep in closer contact w/ my parents. I'd usually talk to them both once/wk on the phone and i'd really like to keep it that way. I'm getting married Jan 27 and would like to have a long and happy marriage ... I know this will take work, and i am more than happy to do it. I would like to continue to keep the lines of communication open w/ everyone ... I've been working on not keeping my feelings bottled up until i explode, and i'd like to continue that.

Work/Finances - I'd really like to get a full time position on the unit i am on now. I will continue to look for FT positions outside of my current employer though, if it means getting medical/dental benefits sooner. I need to start keeping track of income and expenses, b/c we're bringing in more than we're putting out, and yet, we're always just scraping by. I want to have a savings account. I want to start saving for a family.

Baaaaabies! - I'd like to start talking more seriously about starting a family. This will mean getting myself in optimal health, looking at our finances (can we afford it? am i eligable for maternity leave?), our living arrangements (is a small one bdrm apt enough?), looking at our options of care providers (midwife vs. ob/gyn? home vs. hospital birth?) among many other things. We may not be looking to start trying to conceive in the next year, but i'd like to have a clearer idea of when exactly we will be.

And ... umm ... I think that's it. Can't think of anymore at the moment. I think this is plenty tho [Wink]

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I'm going swing dancing on New Year's Eve with my boyfriend. This'll be the first year I've ever had a kiss on New Year's, so I'm really excited about that [Big Grin]

My resolutions:
- Eat healthier and stick with my plan of working out every other day. (That's the big one.)
- Stop spending so much time on my computer and focus more on my studies.
- Be true to myself and what my gut is telling me.
- Try and make plans for my future and talk to a professor or dean about my options for majors and courses.

That's all for now!

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky
As someone told me lately
Everyone deserves the chance to fly

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I'm either going to be back home in Denver cleaning my apartment and sleeping off a 7 hour drive on New Years, OR I'll be still recovering from a demon-case of strep throat and preparing for a 7 hour drive the next day. [Razz]

My resolutions for the year:
-Take a TON of photographs; my dad's professional photogeapher friend passed along this advice to me, if I was serious about persuing photography.
-Keep my apartment cleaner! I let it get to cluttered and messy, because my kitchen is tiny and I was finishing unpacking boxes, and never cleaned up properly. So, I'm going to be more strict on myself about keeping things cleaned up.
-Get back into the gym! I have a membership I'm not using, and boy was I feeling better when I was getting in more regularly.
-Do well in school! I'll be starting college for the first time in January, and I'm really excited/nervous. I need to try to focus and organize my time the best I can since I need to keep full-time hours at work while I am at school.

aka dailicious
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i have a couple.

1) Firstly i need to stop being so lax about my health, physically, emotionally and mentally. I feel my counselling has helped but i want to carry this on for as long as it takes to wake up and feel somewhat ok with myself. This leads to my second resolution:

2) Stop self harming. If i can get to a place where i don't need to self harm maybe i'll heal quicker emotionally and mentally. And if not quicker, better. I also don't think its something i can just stop over night so i need to work on it.

3) Go and see my best friend. I miss him terribly and we keep planning to visit and then having to cancel, so i am determined that we'll go through with our plans at least once.

4) Pay more attention to my school work.

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I ended up going to an impromptu party at some friends', which was good because my neighborhood went crazy with fireworks– one of which cracked one of my windows on the fourth floor, grr! My first resolution will be getting it fixed/hoping it'll be covered by someone's insurance.

My resolutions are to get back to exercising a lot, successfully finish my term papers (while not worrying about them too much!), and just to focus on the good things and enjoy life in general. [Smile] Oh, and to find a printmaking studio where I can get back to etching– pottery is cool but just not my thing!

Anyone else? If you don't have any resolutions, what about some hopes or goals for 2007?

[ 01-01-2007, 05:38 PM: Message edited by: Ecofem ]

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§~Be less sarcastic and more receptive<Which I started the first day back to school and everyones like wtF!?! cuz its an all-guys school.>

Ya Basta! Enough is Enough! - ezln

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to save the world.
-Nelson Mandela

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Resolutions for 2007:
*get a house or a condo with my husband (we currently live in apartment that we've been in for almost two years now)
*return to my university in the summer/fall after two year absence/time off to finish my last year/graduating year of undergrad program
*go away with my husband out of the country for at least a week's vacation sometime this year (would be nice for our one year wedding anniversary or sometime in the summer)
*plan more family visits
*make day trips to other places here in Ontario
*work out some more (take interest like yoga) & lose more weight
*do more cleaning of our place

[ 01-06-2007, 01:24 AM: Message edited by: summergoddess ]


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My resolutions:

- Don't leave projects to the last minute
- Do the readings for my classes
- Stop skipping my classes
- Eat healthier (and stop skipping meals)
- Take the time to play the piano
- Work on being more assertive
- Make sure my relationship is no longer a secret
- Make it to the next brown belt level in Aikido
- Go to the gym and work out more
- Lose some weight

Alright, I think that's it. Hopefully having these resolutions written down will help me stick to them.


Scarleteen Volunteer
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Gumdrop Girl
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New Years Resolutions:

1. Call BruinDan. Maybe even visit.
2. Get into medical school.
3. Take a vacation.
4. Fix desktop computer.
5. Train harder.

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Est. In 1984
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My New Years resolutionS:

1. Leave 2006 in the PAST & move forward [Smile]
*Yay! New yr = Fresh start*

2. Forgive n-e one who has ever wronged/hurt
me. (personal growth)

3. Replace the "F" word (which is use a bit)
w/ "flippen", doing good so far.

4. Study in advance for test... instead of the
day B4 the test.

5. ***Get my OWN place!***

6. Pay off my "flippen" credit cards.

[ 01-17-2007, 03:31 PM: Message edited by: HealedHeart ]

"I've touched Ur soul & left my mark in ur heart....There's no forgetting me, dont bother trying."...(ME)

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Though I usually make my New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the school year, I can still stick a couple up here. A few new resolutions can't hurt, after all, especially since I've already acomplished many of mine for this school year.

1) Get those darn Planned Parenthood peer ed group apps turned in! I'm really excited about being in the group, but I just can't seem to get around to filling out the forms.
2) Get through finals week alive, and maintain the same drive and commitment I've been feeling in school.
3) Clean out my room so I can finally paint it. The pale pink walls are killing me! Also, get some new posters to replace the old ones.

More Long-Term:
1) Spend some more time ushering at the local Shakespeare theatre. I never regret going, their plays are always wonderful, but I just keep telling myself I don't have the time. But no more!
2) Get active! I've been dying to sign up for ballroom dancing classes with my friend's mother for ages, and right now I'm making a promise to myself that I'll actually do it. Also, I'd like to go ice skating and/or roller blading more often. I love both so much, I just don't do them often enough.
3) Try harder in History class. It's tied with English for first place as my favourite subject, but I have a hard time with it. My goal is to put more effort into the class so I can get into AP Euro. next year, which I'd love love love to take.
4) Figure out how to actualize my dream of holding after school music classes for underprivileged elementary school kids in my area. I had this idea a while back, and it's something I'd absolutely love to do, but I'm not so sure how to orchestrate it. That's something I'll definetly work on this year.

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(Oh dear. Sorry about the double post. It appears that my computer had a seizure...)

[ 01-17-2007, 07:11 PM: Message edited by: BiGoddess ]

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-Get enough iron for once.

-Get over my "Oh my new day planner is so cool and sharp looking so why ruin it by using it?" mentality.

-Always remember that I have nothing to prove.


You catch more flies with manure than you do with honey.

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