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Author Topic: What's the dress code at YOUR job?
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What outfits are considered appropriate in your workplace? Is there a certain way your employer prefers you to dress? What items are definitely NOT acceptable? Do you feel your dress code is too strict or difficult to follow?

I have two jobs. At Victoria's Secret, we have to wear 95% black. For women, panty hose must be worn at all times (preferably black). We are not allowed to wear sneakers, denim of any type, open-toed shoes, tee shirts, cords, khakis, or shoes without backs. No unnatural makeup, hair or nail polish colors are permitted. We ARE allowed two earrings in each ear, two rings on each hand, and two necklaces, providing the jewelry is in good taste. No sleeveless shirts, though, and no tank tops or halter tops or tube tops or sheer tops. Nothing ripped or torn, no short skirts, nothing excessively tight or glittery. No visible tattoos or piercings other than your ears.

Actually, the only "good" part of the dress code there is that cleavage is permitted within reason...that's because they want the customers to see how nice your breasts look in your bra by (presumably) Victoria's Secret.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have TONS of fun getting dressed for my night job at Wet Seal by Contempo Casuals. They don't mind tattoos or piercings, even facial piercings, and the more electric pink or blue or green your hair is, the better. They encourage low-rise pants, flares, tank tops, halters, and as much glitter as you can possibly wear. Open-toed shoes and sneakers (as long as they're tasteful) are fine. Even nicer flip flops are okay. We're permitted to be expressive/exotic with our makeup, hair, and nails. Leather, suede, cords, khakis, fur and velvet are all permitted. Accesorizing is considered a must.

Of course, all of the above is only allowed if you look "Wet Seal" in it. It doesn't have to BE Wet just has to look like it is. That means no other visible brand names (obviously). No sweatpants, sweatshirts, or excessively baggy clothes. No tube tops, but tube dresses are okay ( go figure). Also - and this one is a little odd - if you're wearing something with belt loops, you must wear a belt. I don't know why that one is there, but it's not enforced much.

Anybody else?

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Well for the military I have a uniform. Pretty straightforward.

But I also work with little kids, usually with After-4 programs, or as a sailing instructor.
And that gets really muddy.. especially for job interviews. Jeans are obviously out, but if you're wearing heels and pantyhouse they're not going to take you seriously. Lose-rise jeans are NEVER a good idea. Bend the wrong way and you'll get 40 6-7 year olds going OOOHHHHH!

Right now I'm looking for a job with this sailing equipment store in town. Who knows what to wear to that???? Ah!

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Celtic Daisy
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When I worked at Wal-mart they were pretty easy with the dress code. You just couldn't wear jeans, except for Fridays, and no tank tops. That was basically it. Either then the obvious of y'know, clean clothes and that. They didn't seem to mind oddly dyed hair too much and i never heard anyone mention anything about facial piercings so I don't know about that.

My last job I very recently left was at Ipsos-Reid. I could wear whatever I wanted, except tops had to have straps at least an inch and 1/2 thick, and skirts and shorts couldn't be shorter then an inch above the knee. However, this was for health reasons, because everyone uses a different chair everyday and your using everyone else's equiptment.
They didn't care if you had one hundred piercings on your face, hair that was spiked up about a foot and all the colours of the rainbow, tattoo's all over and you wore leather and a very punk 80's fashion. I had to use that example because there was a guy like that who worked there.

Both of my jobs were pretty good about dress code, that was one of the reasons I loved ipsos. I could wear my torn up runners, my baggy jeans, and a nice baggy, comfy sweater.

'You've got the eyes of ten women. Not in a jar! I wasn't accusing you. I just mean your eyes are really nice'-coupling

Erin Jane
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My job is teaching little people, and also a day teaching the elderly. And since I am pretty much freelancing, my code is what I created myself - it has to be comfortable, it has to be modest (so the oldies don't have a heart attack), and it has to be something that won't "slip off" - the little kids like to give you big bear hugs

The only thing that has been imposed on me by the nursing home is that my shoes are fully enclosed - just so they can comply with my state's workplace health & safety laws.

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Gumdrop Girl
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well, i'm not quite employed yet. but a lot of work i plan on doing is in a laboratory setting (i just signed a contract with my temp firm saying i was okay with exposure to carcinogens, teratogens, volatiles and other nasty chemicals).

in a lab, it doesn't matter as long as you have these things: lab coat, long pants, no open-toed shoes, long sleeves, hair tied back, and protective eyewear. in some cases, piercings can be restricted if they pose a physical hazard (getting caught in machinery and all).

so i can/should wear jeans, tshirt and Doc Martens and tattoo myself to my heart's content.

"Things are only fragile till they break."

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At my current job (which I'm out of in less than a week!), we have a fairly strict dress code. I work as a carryout for a pretty classy grocery store. Khaki pants (any kind is acceptable as long as they are khaki), dark shoes (preferrabley black), and of course the company polo. We have to have our shirts tucked in. No hats (usually) that aren't the company issue ones, same with sweaters and jackets.
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I work at a chicken restaurant ... and according to our customers, our uniforms are very nice. We have to wear black runners (oil and water resistant so you don't slip and/or fall), black socks, black pants, and one of the shirts we had to buy when we started. These shirts are orange, yellow, or blue and have the name of our restaurant on the side. You must wear your nametag at all times, and you can't wear a watch unless you're a hostess. As well, hostesses must wear ties ... which got on MY nerves to no end when i was working as one.

I went from hostess, to server, to hostess, to take out ... Takeout girls wear the same thing except the shirts are red and not button down. We still have to have our name tag on and aren't allowed to wear watches. Grr ...

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The watch thing just confuses me. Would they be any sort of safety hazard?

I've never had any real dress code. When I worked with food, both waitressing and cooking, it was necessary for me to wear shirts with sleeves (t-shirsts were fine) and pull my hair back but those where health concerns only. And obviously my clothes and myself were to be clean.

Aside from the two years they had us wear company coats and name tags I've never been given any sort of guidelines when I'm teaching skiing. We're given a great deal of freedom and personal choice - duct tape is acceptable and in some cases even encouraged.

The most relaxed by far however was the dress code for the jobs every did at a music festival I attended. (All attendees had to participate in two workshifts as a part of the admission fee.) In my kitchen workshift we had to have a minimum of underwear for health reasons. No other garments were necessary. They were a bit more strict when I was working near the public road and required tops as well but there was plenty of room for creativity.

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Well you have to wear a watch if you're a hostess b/c you have to know the time and who's starting and who's done for the day/nite. I do'nt know about it being a safety issue tho. I was told when i was serving that it was so the tray or plates didn't slide off our arms ... but i'm not allowed to wear one in takeout either, and that has nothing to do w/ trays and plates. I'm guessing it's a professionalism thing.
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Originally posted by LilBlueSmurf:
I'm guessing it's a professionalism thing.

I'm betting its a productivity thing! When we were in high school, a buddy of mine worked at a small fast-food joint in town and told me that he and his co-workers were not allowed to wear watches. I asked if it had anything to do with the french fry grease messing up the watches, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. "No dude, it's so we don't spend all shift looking at our watches and wondering why we're not off yet!" Point taken.

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I could understand that for the waitresses maybe ... but even then, they're at the terminals every few mins anyway or in the kitchen and have easy access to the time. In takeout, we're in the kitchen all the time ...

I dunno tho. Next time i'm in, i'll ask!

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I work at a local sorta fast food resraunt in the mall food court. I have to wear a Blue polo with the company name on it. On wed we have t shrits that promote a mug we are selling and on football game days we have dark blue shirts that support the UT vols. We have to wear khakis everyday but sat. Pants can't be frayed for health reasons. Closed toes comfy shoes. Name tags are to be worn at all times. Shirts must be tucked in. Obviously the uniform must be clean. If your hair touches the collar of you shirt it should be worn up but thats not too enforced. You can wear a watch 2 rings and a neckalce if you choose. But thats not too enforced either. Clothes should be wrinkle free. But that doesn't always happen especially when you have to go straight from school to work and your clothes have been in your car all day long. But its not too bad.
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Most of my jobs have had uniforms. My first two, in an office and in a bookshop did not (although the bookshop introduced one after I left) and I had to wear smart casual clothing for them.

At my next job, at the Australian version of Wal-Mart, we had to wear a company shirt with navy blue pants or a skirt (with pantyhose). Technically we weren't allowed to wear black, but I never saw anyone get in trouble for it. Our shoes had to be closed in leather, black or navy blue.

At my current job we have to wear black bottoms (either skirt or pants) closed in black shoes, a white blouse with sleeves and a collar, and over the top, a company vest. Men have to wear ties. Women are encouraged to wear tasteful not over the top makeup, because a large portion of our sales are in cosmetics, but this is not compulsory.

At the new job I will start in a few weeks I will have to wear a black skirt/pants again, with black closed shoes and a white blouse, but only my name badge will have a company marking on it.

As for the watch thing- I've never been forbidden from wearing one. At my job in the Australian Wal-mart, I honestly believe that if the staff hadn't worn watches, the supervisors probably never would have noticed that our shift was over, and we'd never have been able to go home (during one particularly bad period that sort of thing happened anyway, although it stopped when we got a decent manager).

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I work at a take-away restaurant and I wear a blue checked shirt, with sleeves, black pants, black belt, black socks and shoes and a black hat. We may wear one ring, no earrings or visible necklace and no nailpolish apart from clear. Modest make-up is allowed, no piercings allowed and hair must be tied back.

Pretty simple.

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Oh, and apparently we're not allowed any facial jewelry and only two earings. I found this out yesterday when i went and got my lip pierced, but had to take it out when i was present w/ the company handbook that says i can't keep it. I was not exactly thrilled ... There's $60 down the drain.

Word from the wise ... check w/ your place of work before doing something like that. Really, they should tell you when they hire you, but they don't always (apparently ... heh). Just check to be sure, or you'll have to take it out or get a new job.

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I am a waitress at the Waffle House, and our outfits are pretty boring. We have several different shirt styles to choose from, but I wear the button-up white with black pin stripes short-sleeved one. We must wear black pants, any style as long as they aren't denim (skin-tight is perfectly acceptable, and a must if you want to make good tips). Black shoes and an apron (any color, mine is black). Our hair must be tied back.
Tattoos are fine; rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings and tongue rings are fine. We can have our nails any length, any color, as long as the health department doesn't see.

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The one good thing about working for relatives(at least mine)is they really don't care how I dress. Working in an auto shop over the summer is dredfully hot-so my uniform was a basic striped halter top and capri's. Since summer's been long gone, I've been searching for yet another job with a lax dress code...
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this is worth a bump.

The health department is remarkably casual. at least I don't have to wear a suit and tie. Jeans are okay. But I'm not allowed to wear shorts and flip-flops.

In the past several months, I have made a real effort to upgrade my wardrobe. Instead of shopping at Hot Topic, I shop at Ann Taylor now. I have blouses and skirts now. But I'm thinking I'll still be a casual Monday-thru-Friday sort of gal.

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I work at a day camp and the uniform is: name tag, whistle, either a white or green shirt that says "[EGYD] STAFF" somewhere on it, jeans or shorts that aren't more than 6" above the knee, and sneakers.

With the shirts we can be creative with them, like the white ones we can tie-dye, and all the tees we can cut off the sleeves or let the campers sign them.

I'm also excited this year because the 2nd week is themed Harry Potter week and I'm a nerdly HUGE fan of Harry Potter.

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Hmm...we don't really have a dress code. I work in the local supermarket dealing with the produce. We do have to have hairnets and white smocks on, as well as gloves when we're handling the produce, but other than that any conservative clothing is acceptable.
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Natasha Lockhart
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Well, I'm self-employed, so I can wear whatever I want, or nothing at all

I generally wear jeans and a polo shirt when meeting with publishers, editors, clients, etc, seems silly to dress up more than that.

The most "uniform"-ish thing I wear is when I'm doing amateur radio stuff, when I wear blue jeans, hiking boots, the radio club polo shirt, and a badge with my name and callsign. Everyone else has to wear khakis, but I'm the one with the big 4WD truck who goes out in the woods on fire and jeep trails, so I get to wear more comfortable clothes

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I dont have a dress code. I work for a local TV station. well now I work from home but when I went to the station we didnt have a dress code.

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I'm a lifeguard and swim teacher at the YMCA and then a lifeguard at a neighborhood pool, so I'm in a swim suit 10 hours a day. They don't seem to mind if I switch suits accidentally (or just don't feel like changing to the "appropriate" suit between jobs). I wear shorts to the Y, along with my 'Lifeguard' t-shirt sometimes, but at the neighborhood pool, I'll either wear shorts, or just a towel folded in half (Since we go down the water slides on our breaks!).

I don't really mind dress codes... I'm sure once I grow up and get a real job, I'll enjoy dressing for work, but nowadays, it's still funny to see people's reactions when people see me outside of work and go "Wow! You look so different when you've got clothes on!" :-D

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As I currently work in a medical office, we have to wear uniforms. White pants, shoes, and socks, and whatever uniform top we prefer. This seems to make sense as it is important for patients to identify us as office staff. I do wish we could wear pants that were not white, however. It's impossible to keep them clean.

When I'm teaching, I usually "suit up." It makes me look and feel more confident. Sometimes I'll relax my (self-imposed) dress code a bit, though. Usually that only happens toward the end of the summer. The departments I've been in usually just want you to look reasonable -- so no body parts hanging out, no torn or dirty clothing, and all that.

Sarah Liz
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Well, I've been a real estate receptionist (part time) for the last 7 years. We don't really have much of a dress code however, it's an office job. So we wear dress pants/skirts, buttoned shirts, blouses, and that sort of thing. We are allowed open shoes (which is wonderful hehe). Colours aren't strict so we basically can wear whatever colours.

Basically, it's just as long its appropriate and not revealing at all (all receptionists at my job are all women), it's all good


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During my internship in a an IT company, my supervisor didn't really told me exactly what to wear. The bottom line is: no jeans, no sneakers and no T-shirt. These are the few main dressing rules which I was assumed to have known. Open-toes sandals, accessories and any clothings that do not reveal excessive flesh are okay in that company. I usually wore my open-toes sandals (with heels), knee-length skirt and a shirt with collar. Sometimes, I wore a sleeveless blouse and a cardigan. This was also the clothings that most of my colleagues wear to work.
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I have a new job ... So do i get to post twice ...?

I'm a bingo runner right now. I wear a (company provided) black polo shirt w/ our logo in the top left hand corner. We get to wear either black or khaki coloured pants or shorts. I wear an apron (like the kind servers wear) where i keep all of my cards and money.

As a nurse(ing student) i wear scrubs and white shoes. I looooove scrubs. I especially love the patterned shirts. I'm doing my community health placement this semester and likely won't get to wear scrubs ... I'll be expected to dress all business-like, i'm assuming. I much prefer the scrubs. They're so comfy; kinda like wearing pyjamas all day.

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ichigo fluff
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dag, everywhere i work has a uniform, not a dress code. *pout* at subway i have a little black visor, a burgundy polo, black pants, and sneakers (i opt for chucks). back when i worked at the grocery store, my uniform was a blue polo and khakis, with black boots.

i feel like i'm chasing the guy from lucky charms.

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