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Author Topic: Thinking in colours...
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Does anyone think in colours? Let me explain... For me, nearly all words, letters and numbers have colours. For example, a is green, b is orange, 5 is red, 9 is brown, and Tuesday is blue etc.

I have only met 1 other person who thinks like this and I was just wondering, does anyone round here think like this too, or am I one of a kind?

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Miss Thang
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Hehe, you're one of a kind no matter what!! But yeah, I think that way sometimes too. I don't really consciously think about it; but I've played those word association games before- you know, where someone says a word, and you say the first word that comes to your mind- and I find myself associating certain words or places with different colors.

Fascinating. I wonder why that is.

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I always think that colors have dirfferent sexs. for example
1 is a boy
2 is a girl
3 is a boy
4 is a girl
5 is a boy
6 is a girl
7 is a girl
8 is a boy
9 is a girl
10 is a boy
after that im undecided.

i love matt
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2 is orange but "two" is blue

...the most common form of synesthesia - the perception that numbers, letters and words have distinct colors - has confirmed these earlier findings and provided additional evidence that synesthetic experiences originate during the central stages of visual processing in the brain. <...>
Little is known about synesthesia's causes or its prevalence. Estimates range from one in 2,000 to one in 25,000 and there is also some evidence that the condition is more common in women than in men.<...>

Pretty interesting, eh?

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I do it, but I can't quite place it, like this colour is this number, I just know looking at numbers feels wierd to be, cause i think of them more as colours, and like i should be putting them here or there.... no wonder i'm no good at math!!

I didn't know there was a word for it....neat!

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I've never heard of anything so unique before!!

I don't think I do it. That is so rad!

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Er, I can see letters as numbers, but that's about it. Synesthesia seems bloody interesting, and a lot more common than most people realise.

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Celtic Daisy
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I think of numbers with sexes as well, but mine are different.


etc, mostly it's just odds and evens.

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Erin Jane
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Numbers have sexes? That's very interesting!

I don't think like that. Does anyone associate shapes with colours?

I've been thinking about it today and I've realised that in my mind, some shapes have colours!
A square is green. A triangle is blue, I think, and a rectangle is red.

Also, I tend to 'see' the OBJECT when someone says a word, e.g. if someone said the word 'tree' I would see a tree. Some people actually see the letters T R E E, which is quite odd to my way of thinking. Does anyone else experience this?

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Oooo...very interesting topic you got here...synethesia (sp?) is definetly me!

Monday=red or pink (even tho i don't like the color)
thurs=dark lavender
sun=yellow orange

Now, I think this is just how I associate the days of the week, but my childhood underpants (ya know, those ones that have the days of the week written on them in diferent colors so you always put on a fresh pair ea. day?) might have had a slight influence on my decisions..hehe..

Whenever I think of the word "apologize", I see it in red. And for some demented reason, I always think of those super sweet maraschino (sp?) cherries. Isn't that weird?

And numbers definetly have sexes, at least in my opinion. Actually, I think I assign sexes for everything....don't ask me why...

I also hae that thing where you see inatimate objects as having feelings. I mean, how could you NOT feel sorry for a cute little pencil or paperclip carelessly thrown and abandoned on the floor?! Call me crazy, but...well, I don't think there is a but...just call me crazy! lol!

Again, great topic!

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well, in french, things have sexes (kind of, they are masculine or feminine). so for me, it sounds weird hearing things like "love is a bird, she needs to fly" cause bird is masculine.

I also picture myself words, but i don't know how to explain. it wouldn't be color or sex or something precisely, its just... pictures i get.

and also, when i think about things, its like i think about them in different places of my brain. by example, right now i am thinking in the upper-left part. it doesn't do that all the time, but it does it a very strong way when i close my eyes.

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I do in a way...
numbers and colors have special meanings, as dumb as that sounds

for me, i hate odd numbers. bad things happnen on odd number days and bad things come in odd numbers. i try my hardest to stay away from them!

No one's a virgin....Life screws everyone

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Well, i guess this is kinda related.

I play the piano, and when i read the music, different movements or bars or just random sections have different colours or images in my mind. I always thought that was really strange, but i guess not!

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Another number-gender person....Well, here's mine


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~ Jenni

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Gumdrop Girl
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i go letter : color

A = red
B = brown
C = yellow
D = black
E = green
F = cyan
G = blue
H = tan
I = white
J = black
K = red
L = yellow
M = green
n = brown
O = white
P = orange
Q = violet
R = brown
S = red
T = black
U = white
V = violet
W = cyan
X = blue
Y = pink
Z = magenta

no rhyme or reason to it, that's just how i've always perceived it.

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