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Author Topic: Barbie dolls!
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I'm just interested to know. Coz I think Barbie is a bimbo! I used to play with trolls instead (trolls rool ok!.) I still have one!

People say they are a bad role model for young girls (because they are unrealistic etc,) but what do you think? How many of you played with Barbies when you were younger? (or maybe still do! )
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The lady who created Barbie died just recently.

Anyway, I played with Barbie when I was little. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Barbie necessarily. I think she does give a very false impression of what is beautiful or normal. Her body is a completely unrealistic shape. But at the same time...I always did enjoy cutting her hair in weird ways. Or wrapping her in electrical tape and launching her into the bathtub from across the room. There were various fun and subversive things to do to Barbie. I think that Barbie did give girls something of a good new role model as far as jobs went. Sure, she always did have that partiarchial bent, but there were a few progressive austronaut Barbie, or vet Barbie, or a few of those others.

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My son (2 in August! Eek!) plays with Barbies and has every day for the past year. He likes to pet her hair and chew on her feet.

I played with Barbie for years and years. This was in the age of the huge-chested big-haired lots-of-makeup 80's barbies, too. And they didn't have real jobs -- I had Gymnast Barbie, and a few Malibu Barbies. Nowadays I've noticed their chests are a bit smaller and the makeup is toned down a little bit.

People do indeed say that Barbie is a bad role model for little girls, but I just fail to see it. I played with Barbie dolls every single day, for hours on end, from the time I was 5 to when I was about 13 (Had to keep playing with them for my little sister's sake ). I never thought of her as a role model. My mother was my role model. Helen Keller was my role model. REAL PEOPLE were my role models, NOT a 11.5" piece of plastic. I most certainly do NOT think women have to look like Barbie to be beautiful. So I have to think that if I was smart enough to tell the difference between a *toy* and what a person should actually *be like*, I think the little girls who play with Barbies nowadays can tell the difference just as well.

Barbie is much less of a threat to a girl's self-esteem and self-perception than say, Britney Spears or Christina Whats-Her-Name or [insert famous skinny cokehead actress here] or a parent who doesn't care about her. If people are so afraid of little girls getting the wrong idea from a Barbie doll, then I think it is high time for those people to find a small child they can be a mentor for, and show that small child what the RIGHT idea is.

*steps off soapbox*
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Yeah. My Barbies were witches, mummies, goddesses, Amazon warriors and such. My Barbies were never real people. And Ken never ever was more powerful than Barbie. He always was mediocre.
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My friends and I decided that sex was when we banged two Barbies together. Apparently, we hadn't yet convceived of heterosexuality

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If barbie is a bad influence, i must be a real evil girl, because i played with my barbies for hours and hours for years. Hhehe.

I never thought of barbie as my role model, same way as i never thought of my cabbage patch kids or my teddy bears, or my magic make up dolls as role models. My barbies were just another doll.

C'mon, it's just a toy.

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i had barbie dolls, but i seldom played with them unless i had a bunch of friends over. otherwise, i'd just play with legos. actually, we played with legos as a big group, too. and you can play with legos alone. so versatile.

yeah, i was more of a lego kid than a barbie girl. but i've got nothing against barbie. say what you will about the asian am. perception of "white is right" as the standard of beauty, the evil influence of unrealistic proportions, and having ones feet perma-molded for high heels, i never confused who i was with what a plastic toy supposedly told me to be.

oh, don't even po-mo me, baby...

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The only dolls I remember *really* playing with were Arial and Eric. But hey, that's the little mermaid, totally different things (I was such a little mermaid freak, you have no idea. I haven't seen the movie for years but I would bet a lot of dinero on the fact that I know all the lyrics to every song).

As far as Barbie Barbies, eh, not really. My two neighborhood childhood friends were obsessed with them, which annoyed me to great lengths (especially considering one was almost three years older than me). I finally introduced them to each other because I hated playing barbies with them. I wanted to play my way.

Whenever I was home, alone, in my room with the door shut, if there were barbies out they were having sex. That was just my thang I suppose. And if I wasn't home alone and barbies were out, it was because I was making them rockin' outfits.

I'd like to thank Barbie for giving me my rockin' sense of style (which I can no longer flaunt, but it's still there), because she didn't care what other people thought of what she wore. I mean, dude, she's Barbie. She taught me not to either

As for that whole bad body image...I don't think I ever compared my short, curvy body (I've had basically the same body I have now as I did when I was in fifth grade. I just filled out a bit in the top and bottom, and grew and inch, but pretty much, I"m the same) with nipples and a vulva and feet that could flex with her hard, plastic, nipple-less vulva-less flexy feet-less body.

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Confused boy
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I once went over to a friends house and played with his sister's barbie. We gunged it!
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I played with barbie when I was younger too. I never opened the collector ones, and I still have a lot of them. My sister sometimes wants me to play barbies with her, but since I found I am bi well, (this is a little personal) they sort of turn me on.

I never thought of my barbies as role models either, and my favorite ones were my American Indians.They came with a horse, a baby, a young child, a father(warrior) and a mother.

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When I was little i played with barbies but only when my sister asked me 2. My brothers and me used to pop the heads off of my barbies. I was a big tomboy. I think just because they are unrealistic doesn't meen girls shouldn't play with them. There just a toy. They can't corrupt you,right.
Aria 51 , you had a lot of good points. REAl POEPLE are the role models, i think.



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