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Author Topic: National Crisis Prayer/Meditation
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ok yesterday was horrible. i am gunna copy/ paste something i wrote last night. First of all its long. and second, im not a great writer, i write like a 12 year old. but if i would send it to anyone it would be here, u guys are great. last night i wrote this when i was trying to express what i felt. well here it goes:
Many dreams and hopes were ruined today by four suicide bombers and their conspirators. On September 11, 2001, four U.S. domestic flights were hijacked and were forced to crash into the pentagon, the world trades centers, and in Penn. Today will never be forgotten, it will be put in our hisory books along with Pearl Harbor and Oklamhoma City. Many people were killed including the crew and passengers of the United and American airline fights. The people working in the Pentagon, and World Trade Center. But we can't forget the innocent bystanders that were along with so many others killed with no way to defend themselves. We need to acknowledge the firefighters, police officers,ems, and volunteers that were gave up their lives for strangers. Let us remember the dead, they are someone's mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, wife, husband, son, daughter. These people are family by blood, or just because they are fellow US citizens. No one has won, everyone as lost something. We have lost family members, friends, and many great people who's lives were ended way too soon. We have lost the security that U.S is safe that no country or person could succeed in harming so many people on the mighty U.S land. We feel scared but we must not give up hope for our wonderful country. We shall be proud that we care so much about others that we have run in great numbers to aid the weary and do whatever ever they could to contribute. We can and will grow stronger as a nation because of these horrible incidents. We need to thank the doctors, nurses, volunteers, people who gave blood, and the reporters who are risking there lives so we can know whats going on. So please take a minute of your hectic schedule to say a little prayer for everyone especially those effected the most and deceased, injured and their friends and families. God bless America! -Please send it on to your friends and family and feel glad that you'll see your them at the end of the day!

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I know I may just be a 17 year old kid who doesn't know the whole story, but please understand that those Palestinians who were celebrating do NOT represent the whole country. They were supporters of the terrorist group. I believe that this has fazed the United States and those people are happy to see us as a country caught with our guard down. If we rebuild and heal, there will be no cause for celebration. There are many innocent people in the Middle Eastern countries, people who are just caught in the middle. I want to wipe out whoever did this as much as anyone, but killing innocents is not what the USA does. But, we will again have to prove ourselves. To quote Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese army shortly after Pearl Harbor " I fear we have awoken a sleeping Dragon." It seems that the Dragon has awoken once more.

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I don't know what to think about any of this...I live 13 miles from NYC, you used to be able to see the towers from my town, now they're gone...My dad works a block over, but decided to go in late that day, and then heard about it and didn't go it. Today he said to me, "you know that thai restaurant i took you and your sister too in June? Gone." New York City is completely changed, when I would visit my dad's office I would take the subwat right into the WTC, my sister and I went to the mall there right before I left for the summer, it's all just so scary...thanks for being there and listening to my random thoughts, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

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-Samuel T. Coleridge

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Morphos, that is an excellent reminder.

FYI, most of the people caught on newsreels doing such were very young people, folks. And given our nations foreign policy, and the level of violence (sometimes from us for no good reason) people in those countries are used to (and perhaps desensitized by, esp. the young people), it's important to have a little perspective and realize where they are coming from and that, as Moirphos said, they do not represent a country any more than any small gathering of people represents ours.

We can, in fact, be quite certain, that plenty of Arab-Americans died or were injured Tuesday with everyone else. And do realize that it actually has happened in this country during terrorist attacks on other countires (like for instance, the ones WE funded in Guatemala in the 80's) that citizens here have reacted insensitively as well. How some people in this country reacted positively regarding the killing, mainiming and terrorizing of the vietnamese people -- terrorized by us in Vietnam -- in a war we waged only because of an ideological issue (our paranoia about communism), not because of any sincere threat, was completely appalling, and many of those people were NOT uneducated, young nor outside the norm. Read accurate historical accounts of how we behaved in colonializing this country if you need more proof of that. So yes, we would do the same at times, and have, more than once. People are human, and do not always think before reacting, no matter what country they are from. People can be vvery cruel, no matter their color or upbringing. It is unfortunate, but true.

That's something very important to bear in mind, because alreaady, in several places in the US in the last day, innocent Arab-Americans (including a children's school in Chicago) have been attacked by our citizens simply for their race.

Heather Corinna
Editor and Founder, Scarleteen

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-- Kay Bailey Hutchinson

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This quote comes from one of the national papers here in Canada yesterday. I think it reflects the way many people, whether they want to admit it or not, felt and/or are feeling...

"I will never see another devout, turban-wearing Muslim without wondering -- unfairly, I admit, against my better instincts, I realize, but doing so nevertheless -- was he part of it? Or, at least, did he feel remorse?"

The article is by a writer named Ian Brown, and you can see the rest of it here.

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America must not repat the injustice of the japannese internment camps of WWII, and must not associate this horrible deed with any religion or ethnic group. However, I do think that milatary action is called for agains tthe Taliban if they do not turn over Bin Laden (the evidence is pointing his way on this one, and even if he didn't do it he is guilty as sin on too many other atrocities). The actions should be directed at the Taliban, and not the people of Afganistan, all efforts should be made to keep collateral damage and civilian casualties as low as possible. But the Taliban should get the status that Nazi war criminals now have, and should be liable for arrest anywhere in the world. They should be hunted down and exterminated like vermin. If we do this we will be doing the people of Afganistan a big favor. There is a big difference between the bin laden supporters and troops, the taliban leaders, and the average afgan civilian.
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Hey guys, I've been away for a while, but I had to put my two cents in here...

I'm still in shock. Looking at the photos and images from the other day, it looks like a scene from a movie, doesn't it?? Stuff like that doesn't happen here, it seems like a bad dream, or an action movie. Just Sunday night, I was watching the movie Independence Day. I didnt think twice about the horrible rubble and mess left over in the movie. And now it's happening in real life. And it's even worse now that it's not aliens who are attacking us, but our fellow human beings. But I guess they must not have been human, becasue NO human is that evil. People that evil are in a category all to themselves.

If you were affected directly, or even indirectly by this tragedy, know that my thoughts are with you. We will get through this, the USA is strong, and we'll show everyone that we can not be brought down.

PS- how many people are going to donate money to the red cross?? Please consider it, even the smallest donation can help a tremendous amount.

PPS- remember everyone, that we are all on this earth together, we don't have anyone but ourselves in the universe. Let's all just try a little more.

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I cannot believe that this has happened. Too many innocent people died...too many. Every time i watch the planes hit the towers, or someone jumping out of the window of the towers it just sends a chill throughout my body.

I am full of sadness, shock and total anger.

This has hit our country head on and i know that whomevever had done this wanted it to, but we will not fall apart. I know that we will get through this, we will.

God bless everyone and to all those whom have lost family members or prayers are with you.


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I think it's terrible that some people are taking their anger out on innocent Muslims. It's simply stupid. Yes, a Muslim terrorist group may have been responsible for this tragedy but there's no need to shoot at Islamic schools and stores, standing in front of mosques and waving the American flag threateningly. It makes me so mad when I see it on tv.

I was listening to a radio call-in talk show on my drive home yesterday, and this one lady called in and she just made me so angry. She said we (as in the US) needed to stop immigration, we needed to protect ourselves from them, prevent them from coming in and hurting us and ruining our country. She was just so ignorant. Not everyone person that comes into this country is a terrorist. Her selective memory was quite good, seeing that she didn't remember who was responsible for the last big bombing.

I couldn't believe her mentality. The hosts of the show didn't either, but she got quite upset when they said we might as well send the Italians home since they brought in the mob, and the Irish home because they bring in the drunks. But of course, according to her "this is diffent".

On to something else before I rant some more...

For me, the saddest part of all of this is how many fire fighters and police officers died. They go to help and rescue, yet they end up being killed for their bravery. Such a loss. I think the bond between all fire fighters is so admirable and enviable. So so sad, I can't really put it into words but I'm sure many of you understand. If you want to donate to the NY firefighters relief fund, go here

I wish you all well.

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I live in new york, on tuesday i was in class whan i found out, life changed in a moment for me, at little did i know at that moment my sister had just been ushered off the subway and was about to run for her life in a huge crowd of people trying to get way from the collapsing towers and to somewhere that the ground wasn't shaking.
My life was altered, i was holding on to everything i had, as my friends and i wandard through the crowded streets stupified by the ocean of life that was moving in one direction, the fear that had swept the land and the presence of police, fighter jets and black hellicopters.
Nothing was opened, and no one knew how they were going to get home. My sister arrived safely at my school and my boyfriend was given a ride home, our departing was dreadfull and saturated with the feeling of "will i see you agian?"
My sister and i walked 80 blocks along with a crowd of people to get home.
Once home I watched the news for 8 hours (only about four channels had normal programming) and listened for explosions, and waited to be safe.

The next morning my boyfriend had shown up at my door, and filled my heart with a calm. We layed around and then went to the closed zoo. Then we bought gas masks and decided to go to Manhatten.

We tried to get as close to the WTC as possible and then gave up when we realized it was pointless and went to see a movie (which was free on 14th street) then we seperated to get home, i still dreaded the end, and worried if i was going to see him agian but felt more calm about it.

I got on the subway and smelt smoke, i went frantic and found myself uptown looking for the safes way to get home. I got home thinking "Please god let me get home safely"
I did and i am greatfull of that.

Life is terrifiying here, transportation, school, and recreation are terrifying. An unknown sound or rumble strike alarm, a siren or announcement are the line between calm and panic. I see the terror in peoples faces, and i can feel it everywhere, the city is quite and humble.

Today we were cleared from the great lawn, all people heard at first were," emergency, leave the lawn" the terror had returned, my thoughts were "i knew it" and my boyfriends were " i can't believe this", i'm familier with the run that says "i'm scared *** all hell!" and i know how it feels to run that way. then the message got less fuzzy and it was just "emergancy helicopter rescue something or other." the reliefe was amazing. I can't even explain how it feel's to try and live your life when you fear death is truly lurking around every corner, when your parinoia is justified and when your not at all ready for any of it. All i can do is live my life, i'm too young to donate blood, to average to control the country and too uneducated to volenteer. I just want to make it through this, and the only way i know how to do this and know that i'm Pro-life and Pro-freedom and anti-terror.

all i can do is enjoy what i have and pray for tomorrow.

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For those who are too young or for some other reason cannot donate blood, I heard a really good suggestion today. The Red Cross always serves snacks to donors after they give blood. You might call your local Red Cross and see if they need post-donation snacks. Cookies, brownies, small sandwiches, crackers, sodas and other sugary drinks, and suchlike are all appropriate. They may have other ideas for volunteering, too.
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I chose not to read any posts after they started turning political. I am EXTREMELY patriotic and i dont want to start a debate or continue any debate.

I want to say that i have stepped back from things to think about what happened to all those people. I hear the horrific stories of different people and i cry. I am angry at who did this, but more then that i am sad for those who lost their families and loved ones. Leave the polotics to our government. Our job right now is to mourn and try to rebuild our nation.

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From the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer:

"Keep watch, dear Lord, with those who work, or watch, or weep this night, and give your angels charge over those who sleep. Tend the sick, Lord...; give rest to the weary, bless the dying, soothe the suffering, pity the afflicted, shield the joyous; and all for your love's sake. Amen."

Just heard from my folks that my aunt's stepsister, who works in the WTC, is okay. I've never even met this person and have only the most tenuous of connections to her (my aunt is my aunt by marriage and the stepsister is the child of her father's second wife, married long after my aunt was grown and left home), but I'm so very glad she's safe.

Blessed be, everyone.

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im so confused, sad, and it seems all so surreal still yet. when i turn on the news, and see ground zero, it doesn't even feel like im looking at NY, much less America. it seems as if i'm looking at israel or another mid-eastern country. even if i am hundreds of miles away, i still feel just as heartbroken and painful as most others. i just wish that this all couldve been avoided.

god bless america.

peace, love, & seXwax!

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I'm a little late, but that's okay.

So...what to say? Umm, as for prayers, I've been praying to every god and every person I can think of, but reading about buddhism and the dharma has been comforting me the most, so here's a little bit I found that is a part of a buddhist prayer, that sums up how I feel.

Let no one anywhere despise another,
Let no one out of anger or resentment,
Wish suffering on anyon at all.,

I know a lot of people think that the terrorists and those related to them were monsterous peole, that it's a tragedy, and that we should bomb Afghanistan. They don't care that innocent people will die, they don't care that we'd just be monsters too.

Mostly though, I've been trying to keep my views to myself about this because I've gotten a lot of hassling for it. People accusing me of not caring about what's going on. That's funny, because I was crying on Tuesday trying to get my class to be quiet so I could hear the news, while those accusers were talking about the Homecoming dance. Ironic, isn't it? I most certainly care, I think that this is a horrible tragedy and I do think that we need to get justice for the people who died, we need to punish the terrorists and their associates.

But...I can't see killing innocent people. I just can't condone it or agree with it or promote it. In my opinion it would be almost Nazi-ish. What did the nazi soldiers want to do? Wipe out people. Why? Because of their religion, because of their race and their color or who they liked or how they acted. So what'd they do? They killed them. They listened to Hitler and believed him. Now so many people want to do the same.

Bomb Afghanistan they say, even though we don't even know for sure who is behind this, but because the news is speculating that it might be them...who cares about the children who don't know what's going on, who cares about the women who don't even have a say on leaving the house by themselves. Let's just kill more people. Yeah, because that will make all our people come back.

I just keep wondering...when did the first person decide that they could kill someone to get their way? When did they think it was okay to take a human life, and what was it over? And why is it that so many people think that killing people is the answer to our problems?

-scarleteen advocate

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i think the evidence is starting to become pretty clear that bin Laden was behind this. We know that he was behind many other attacks on the US (ie Kenya and Tanzinia, the Cole etc.) The Talaban is harboring him and his organization. If they don't turn him over to us, then they are as guilty as he is. The average citizens of Afganistan, however are not. Thus any action we take has to be aimed at bin Laden and the Talaban.
Revenge should not be the reason we take them out, but our safety is the reason we take them out. Its clear that if the organization is allowed to go unhindered, that there will be many more attacks like the one on tuesday.
The British did not sink the Bismark for revenge over the sinking of the HMS Hood. they sank it to prevent any more ships from being sunk. Bin Laden's organization has to be distroyed root and branch. If it is not, then we will suffer many more attacks in the future. Maybe the next one will be chemical or biological. Yes we should do all we can to prevent collateral damage, and avoid killing civilians. However, many more innocent civilians will die in the long run if we do not act.

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Stars N Stripes
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I have been really upset about this whole act of terror. Its not right. I mean why did innocent people have to die!!!!! Im in rage now! I can see the images of the plane going thru the building constant. Last night I was watching the news and I get so emotional when I see ppl pleading to find there loved ones. My bf has been supporting me thru this. Hes great.

I just hope this does not get outta hand.

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im not helping out much but i am a little to the red cross. we have a donation box at my work for the red cross and i put all my extra money in it. our local radio staion here is holding a contest for one hundred thousand dollars and instead of giving it away they are donating it to the red cross. i think that it is great, and the red cross themselves are great. my family has dealt with them personally a few times and they have been wonderful.
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I cannot honestly say that I don't want some form of retaliation against this terrorism, right now, I'm feeling as if I was personally attacked. I am the stereotypical angry American. I'd enlist now, if asked to.

BUT, after witnessing some real-life hatred between those around and close to me, I have to plead with my fellow Americans not to hate each other. I have heard such HATEFUL and DISTURBING things coming out of the mouths of my high school friends about Arabs in general and Arab people that we know, simply because of their ethnicity. I've never witnessed such behavior, and I'm appalled. It makes me very uncomfortable hearing 10 people bash somebody who sits next to me in English because of the country her parents emmigrated from. So, as corny as it sounds, can we all just support each other in this? Because we're all hurting together.

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Walk where you like, your steps...
Do as you please,
I'll back you up.." ~DMB

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Lady Moonlight
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I am not Muslim, but it is my understanding that the Qur'an (the Muslim holy book, equivalent to the Christian Bible) actually prohibits the killing of innocents.

If you hear anybody expressing hatred against Muslims or Middle Easterners in general, please remind them that a few wackos do NOT represent an entire group of billions of people. More than once in the past few years, high school students have brought guns to school and slaughtered their fellow classmates and teachers. Should we assume, therefore, that all high school students are homocidal nutcases? Of course not!

I was shocked when I heard that a mob in Chicago actually tried to attack a Mosque. Please, if you hear people stereotyping and speaking words of hatred, speak up. The vast majority of the Muslim world is just as shocked, appalled, and sad as everyone else over the destruction of property and innocent lives.

Adding to the amount of senseless hatred in the world will not help anything. It's okay to be angry, but for heaven's sake, be angry at the folks who deserve it--the monsters who did this act, not a group of people as innocent as the victims themselves.

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I will never forget that look on my drama teacher's face when she told us the awful news. That tone in her voice and look on her face will always me an image in my mind as well as the images that have been shown on the news.

I spent my whole school day listening to the radio, or sitting in the library watch T.V. I just couldn't and still can't believe that this is happening.

My stomach hurt and I just wanted to scream at the kids who weren't taking this serious. I heard some commment on how cool it was watching that plan fly into the building and others comment on how funny it was that the world was going to end.

There was also alot of kids scared. Living in Wichita, Ks, we are the air capitol of the world, which means we build alot of military planes and was once the home of the B-1 bommer, many thought we were next.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is suffering right now.

We must not be angery but come together as one in this country and be stronge. Together we can get threw this horiable event and live together in peace.

"Freedom itself was attacked by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended."

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For those of us who are interested in how and why the WTC collapsed, the CBC has posted a good summary here:

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

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I have been gone for a few days because our power/ethernet/phone was out over the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) due to hurricane Gabrielle, and before that I was, well, wrapped up in news of the horrible events that happened Tuesday.

I don't personally know anyone who was in the WTC (or the pentagon), and so far all of the people that I knew of (people here, people from camp, people from college) are safe. I am very grateful for this and deeply distressed that there are so many who are not as fortunate as I am.

Varied thoughts, none of them unique:

Seeing the world trade towers and the pentagon hit by planes on TV, over and over and over again was nightmarishly surreal. I am angry that I have seen the towers blown up before, that I have seen the pentagon blown up before, that I have seen the white house blown up before... up close, in full color, looking much more vivid and "real"--and all pretend, all carefully orchestrated for the movies. And this time it was, IS real. This time there were thousands of people in the towers.

I'm not specifically angry at "hollywood" or any given writer/director/producer. I realize that I don't have to watch movies where things explode. I am angry about this anyway.

The response of the "american people" has surprised and astonished me. The many, many people who gave their lives for their fellow citizens--not just the officers and firefighters, but "regular people," construction workers, the airline passengers who struggled with the hijackers. The fact that the Red Cross has to urge people NOT to give any more blood until they start to deplete the current overstock. The outpouring of plain old cash. The signs lining every highway, the flags, the comments on every website, newsfeed, e-mail, the tribute comic strips and entertainment programs and blog posts and random rants. The candle light vigils. Just everything. I'm very impressed, and very very proud, which is not really something I've felt before, in general or about this country particularly.

This is balanced by my deep fear and alarm at the rhetoric that I am reading in the newspapers and hearing on TV. The hurricane and resultant brief lack of utilities on campus made it even more of a shock today when I began to read the news and realized how far things have progressed in such a short time. Too many headlines with the word "war." WHO are we at war with, exactly, and exactly why? There's no answer to those questions yet.

I could talk about some specific statements and policies and trends and enactments, but I don't believe that this is the forum for that, and frankly, if things continue to progress at this rate and intensity I will not feel safe making any of my objections known. I will say that while a global crackdown on terrorism is a right and appropriate response--terrorism is unequivocally evil and wrong--there is no way that I know of that this can be accomplished without severely limiting personal freedom, of everyone, world wide. This also scares me.

I am also afraid for my arab-american friends and acquaintances, in light of the recent violence against them.

Pray for peace.

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I just thought I'd post a few of my thoughts here. I went to a candlelight vigil tonight, organized by the Americans staying at my college, and I spoke to a few of them afterwards, and I found myself saying "This wasn't an attack on America, it was an attack on all of us" and then I had to stop, and think about what I meant by that. Who is all of us? When I think about it "all of us" really does mean just that- everyone in the world. But then, there are people in the world who have lived with that sort of fear for their whole lives, and as such, I have to think that ANY sort of thing like this, whether it happens in America, or any other place in the world, and I mean ANY other place, is an attack on "all of us". It's just that the enormity of this one, the fact that it hit where people didn't think they were vulnerable, it's woken people up who were asleep and left them wandering blindly in the dark. And I think that I was one of the people who was asleep, because I'd hear about horrible things happening like this and be able to pass it off with an "oh that's horrible". So I had to ask myself, why did the events on the 11th affect me more than these other things I've heard about? The only answer is that I was only paying the idea of "awareness" a lip service.

Yes, I think that September 11th was an attack on all of us, but I think that we have to realize that all forms of terrorism are an attack on all of us, where-ever they occur, and whomever they hurt, whether CNN considers them newsworthy or not.

Some people knew this already, and I really wish that more people (myself included) had been able to be aware of this WITHOUT something like this having to happen.

It's very tempting, I think, to go back to sleep, to try to feel strong and invulnerable, to react in "strong and invulnerable" ways. But I don't think that will do anyone any good. Personally, I just hope that I can stay awake, because I'm angry at myself for being alseep for so long. Please don't take this as a judgement call on anyone else, I'm just talking about me here.

One thing I really liked about the vigil tonight was that it did bring a strong message of peace, and while I'd be a hypocrite if I called myself a complete pacifist, I do think that you can show strength through peace, because you can't fight violence with violence- by its very definition, the means defeats the end.

I'm rambling now, so I think I'll just leave off- they're just a few thoughts that have been running through my head over the past week, most of which I've shared with people at different times, but I just wanted to write them all down, and thought this would be an appropriate place to do it, since I don't keep a journal.

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To all in and around the NYC, Pittsburgh, and WA DC areas, I offer you my greatest sympathies. There is so much I want to do. As a broke 16 year old, I can't offer my financial support. I would if I could. I'd offer my blood, but I would pass out giving it. I am contimplating just doing it. But I can and I do offer my prayers to everyone.

This was sent to me in my e-mail. I find it very un-nerving.

"There will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb, The third big war will begin when the big city is burning." - Nostradamus, 1654

It was sent to me compared to these things:

The great thunder is the planes, the Two brothers the twin towers, the fortress the United States, the great leader is those responsible, and the big city is New York.

In the event of a war, there is the horrible possibility of a draft. The people I have grown up with, given a gun and stuck somewhere away from home, told to point and shoot. My mother had vietnam. My grandmother had World War II. My generation has this.

Mizpah: May the lord keep watch between me and thee, While we are absent one from the other.

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I hate to show you this DarkChild (well, actually, I'm quite pleased to) but according to most credible information that I can find on the Internet, the Nostradamus stuff is incorrect.

According to this link Nostradamus died in 1566, so there's now way such a thing attributed to him in 1654 could be true. At the link, there's lots of other "predictions" from the man that were later found to be hoaxes.

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Another thing you have to remember with Nostradamus is that it's very easy to interpret his words to mean whatever you like. Also, I've heard a lot of people quoting prophecies that involve conflict in the middle east- and there has been conflict in the middle east for an awful long time- it wouldn't have been a great speculative leap for him to say "there will be conflict in the middle east in the future", just as (sadly) it would probably not be a speculative leap for us today to say the same thing.
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OK first of all i wanna say God Bless everyone in the world... this is not just about America but about the whole world...I remeber exactly how I found out about this horriffic event- I was in school, Language Arts class, and the principal came on the intercom and told all teachers to turn OFF there TV's.... we didnt no why becoz we didnt have our tv's on... well then during lunch 2 periods later.... i hear that the WTC have been bombed... i was really confused and angered that our school wouldnt let us watch it, we should have known what was goin on rite then... Well then when i got hom i got filled in on the real news... i was still confused but it didnt really sink in.. then i had a normal day and went to bed, the the next day school was entirely different... eeryone was kinda in a trance, and we had flags everywhere in rooms and on the doors, in Language we had to write a paper on how we felt, it was really hard for me explain how i felt on paper, i was never very good at that... all i knew was that i was sad, angry, and extremely confused.. Now i understand what is happening, i dont no why but i kinda understand i cry alot and I am in ohio, i really didnt no anyone in Ny, except for a girl named Sigma that i met in Florida last year, she worked for the NY stock market, i cant get ahold of her so i am worried, i will rpolly never no if she is ok or not... i have pictures of her and i look at them and just wonder.... i am so upset, i hve donated my money, which isnt alot becoz i am only 14, i wanna do sumthin to help but i really cant, i just pray and now i look to God more than I ever have.... I am so upset... and i no retaliation may not be the rite thing, violence never is but i for some reason do feel the need for revenge, we cant jus sit here and act like npothing happened, becoz it did, and the terrorists must pay.... the US will not stand Terrorism anymore.... God bless and much love to you all....

*We hear you, the world hears you, and now the people who did this to us will hear you very soon*- George W. Bush


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I'm back...

And what a way to return, eh? Scarleteen was one of the first virtual places I thought about on the 11th. I hope everyone's okay.

Love to you all, and blessings on your family and friends.

*When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities. -From "Basic Sex Facts
For Today's Youngfolk" in "Life In Hell'', by (Matt Groening)

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