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Author Topic: Dress Code Problems!
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My school got a new principal this year...AHHH! She's so strict on dress codes! No flip-flops, even GAP shorts are too short! No one knows what to do! We want to rebel but are scared to do so.. Any Ideas? Would really appriciate it!
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Hey its ok to have a dress code just hit em with some class instead of shorts wear skirts and no flip flops try sandals

Our school has uniforms so I even envy your choice to wear shorts

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Sadly, most schools in the United States now are reverting to either some sort of dress code or to a uniform policy. There isn't really all that much you can do about it, since most dress codes are enforced through a detention or suspension system. I went to high school from 1993-1997, and even at that time we were not allowed to wear sandals or open-toed shoes, baggy clothes, or clothes that exposed any skin between mid-thigh and the neckline. It was fairly rigidly enforced at the beginning, but tended to wear down during hot times.

My advice would be to follow the dress code by the letter at the beginning of the year. Feel things out for a few months to see what you can get away with. I used to wear sandals to school and just hide from the administration staff when I was a freshman...but by the time I was a junior I'd walk right up to them in sandals and nobody ever said a word. So play it by ear for a while, and if you feel you must push the envelope, be reasonable and subtle about it. Coming in wearing sandals, spaghetti straps, and an ultra-miniskirt would be a little too forceful. Start small, and eventually I'm sure you'll get a few small victories in there somewhere. Good luck

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Danny, the mastermind at breaking the rules. But, he's right you know. At my school we only had three classes a day, alternating each day, and on one day I could wear anything I wanted, but on the other my shorts couldn't even be half an inch too short! Feel out your teachers, see which ones are strict, see which employees are strict, and always keep an alternative in your locker. I just had a pair of pants and a top in my PE lockers in case I got caught, because the clothes the school provided were not at the height of fashion.

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For my grade 9 and 10 years i went to a uniform school. We were the kind of public schools that likes to think they're a private school. We had to buy the pants and shirts from the school and wear black shoes and socks.

I just finished gr 11 and am starting gr 12 in a different school. We have a dress code. We can buy our clothes from the school, but we don't have to. Our tops have to be a certain colour as do our pants. Our shoes are up to us ...

To be honest, i think i want my uniform back.

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exit seraphim
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over the past couple of years, the dress code has gotten worse and worse. i just *want* a uniform.

(this is what the rumor was before school ended):
a. along with the already implemented (but highly unregulated) no head apparrel rule (included, but not limited to, bandanas, hats, visors, headbands, pieces of string, hoodies [with hood up], earmuffs, babushkas, doorags, those fun girly triangular head coverings) we will no longer be able to:

a. wear shorts that are shorter then the length of the middle finger
b. skirts/dresses must be at the knee or below
c. pants must be worn so that boxers do not show
d. shirts that show cleavage are not allowed
e. shirts that show the stomach/back are not allowed
f. tank tops are not allowed
g. bra straps cannot be shown
in our calender, it briefly outlines the student dress code.

Students ar expected to dress in an appropriate manner and to maintain personal cleanliness. The code covers students' dress, grooming and appearance including hairstyle and color, jewelry, make-up and nails. Students' appearance must be safe, appropriate, and non-disruptive. The following rules apply.

- No extremely brief garments, including net tops, tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, low necklines, and see through garments.

- Underware must be completely covered with outer clothing.

- Safe footwear must be worn at all times.

- No hats or head apparel is allowed to be worn in the classroom with exceptions for religious or medical reasons.

- No clothing may promote or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs or encourage other illegal or violent activities.

- No clothing or items that law enforcement officials consider to be gang related.

- No items that are vulgar, obscene, libelous or denigrate others on account of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and identity.


now, some of these things are very very very, loose on interpretation. what exactly is *safe* footwear. when will we know what items law enforcement officials deem gang related? the rules that are presented in the above (which i took from the calender) will be shown in more detail in our code of conduct (which comes in our handy dandy assignment book we get). blah. i just find this so rediculous.


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Bummer... Our school was rumored to be considering uniforms a couple of years ago. They were trying to ban cargo pants and bandanas because they were "gang related", and there are already rules against spaghetti straps and short skirts. I agree with BruinDan, little by little is the key, not just outright breaking the dress code.

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I went to Catholic schools through 8th grade and that all involved uniforms. When I went to high school, I was at my first public school where I don't even know if there was a dress code beyond no wearing clothing with profanity on it. I didn't really care all too much. In college they absolutely didn't care what I wore to class..some of my friends came in their pajamas. Most of my jobs after college didn't care what I wore either. At one of the places, I used to walk around in my socks and they didn't mind. Now I'm working at a place where I can't wear jeans or t-shirts (most of my wardrobe) so I've been wearing other shirts with collars and khakis every day. I really don't mind that as I found out which surprised me. I thought that I'd die without my jeans and t-shirts but it turns that I didn't mind at all.

Since your rules are new though, I'm sure the enforcement of it would wear off over time.

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My high school is the same way... no flip flops, no frayed jeans, no tank tops, and no weird hair colors (they find it distracting).

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Ugh, almost all schools in Australia have uniforms, and I always hated it (though it was better in 11th and 12th grade when we got to wear a different uniform to the rest of the school). I prefer to have a choice about what I wear every day thank you.

A lot of people like not having to make that choice though, and a lot of parents, I know, were very happy because it reduced the amount of washing that they had to do. However, I always got the feeling that the school administration was more worried about whether or not we wore our uniform than whether or not we were learning anything. And this is at a school that was, overall, lax with its uniform policy.

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Thanks guys for the input..I think we will start slow and BUILD UP to normal clothing!
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wow, that's so weird. i didn't know so many schools had dress codes. i went to public school outside boston after 7th grade, and the only time anyone ever tried to force a dress code on us was in middle school, when they banned tank tops and short shorts - and even then, it was a huge scandal and most people ignored it.

in high school though, we just wore whatever we wanted. maybe because it's a pretty small school in a suburban setting. no gangs, etc. to worry about.


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My school has a dress code but they didnt start enforcing it untill the end of last school year (the hottest time of year when everyone wants to wear slightly less) But it really isnt heavily enforced, especially by most of the teachers. They didnt even attempt to enforce the "no distracting haircolor or clothing" crap with us. We had about 5 mohawks of various colors and about 500 wallet chains hanging off people last year. I had my wallet chain and purple hair at times as well. My old school didnt have any dress code that i know of. Expect one girl got sent home because her butt was hanging out of her shorts and some teacher got a little upset.

I dont like uniforms because i buy clothes that fit me a certain way to make me feel good about what i am wearing. And from what i have seen uniforms would not make me feel good, but extremely self conscious.

I dont really break most dress codes in terms of overly sexual or revealing. I dont wear clothes that have pictures or words on them either. The only thing wrong with me is my chain and sometimes my hair.

Oh yeah. pajamas are a major style right now. I dont do it though cuz i dont own any... but people are starting to buy them now just to wear to school... its kinda odd.

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No flip flops AHHHHHHH!!!! I would die. I wear them in the snow!!

Well just try to follow what you can, you dont wanna get introuble. Be a good girl now!! Have fun at school!

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