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Author Topic: When Does Your School Start?
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As most of us North American folks are aware, summer is rapidly approaching its end. And after an angst-filled summer, as evident by some of your posts, I wonder how you all feel about going back to the daily grind we call school.

When does school start for you? Are you looking forward to it at all? What are some things you've missed about school? What are some things you'll miss about summer? Are there people you're looking foward to seeing when you get back?

I know I personally can't wait for school to start....for a variety of reasons. What are some of yours?

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My school starts tomorrow(9th Grade). I actually can't wait to go back because I think it'll be fun, and I'll be one step closer to being able to drive. I've missed all the girls that I've been good friends with, and I look forward to joking around, and getting in trouble with all my pals. And I'll be looking forward to seeing this new girl, that I might hook up with. Hopefully the ninth grade will be the next to best school year of my life, the best I hope is the 12th grade.
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My school starts on Monday, August 20! I am very ready to start school back up again! I will be a sophmore... only 3 more years, then I'm gone!


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I'm also starting on the 20th. I don't have very strong feelings either way; I'm a third year freshman, so it's a little discouraging knowing how long it's going to take me to finish. But it's exciting, finally having something to do during the week away from my house

I'm taking freshman english, fundamentals of Math (I'm too *slow* for Fundamentals of Algebra! ) and Science Fiction this fall, then in the spring I'm transferring to a new school again and will take the fine arts and science classes I enjoy.

As for the people there... I don't really have any friends here anymore, so hopefully I can remedy that. And it'll be nice to talk to someone who knows more words than Mama, Dude, Meow, and Good.

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I go back on the 22nd for the start of my senior year (yah!). I'm a little reluctant to go back since it's going to be my last year of high school and all that. Now I'm just wondering where the summer went - it seemed to have just flown by . To be perfectly honest, I'm not all that excited to see some of my friends again - I never am when it comes to going to school... And I also don't look forward to all the "stupid freshmen" (no offence, that's just what we call them) that are going to running all over. Oh, and I have yet to go school shopping but I'm going sometime soon.

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Our school starts after Labour Day ... which means school starts on Tues., Sept. 4. Yayyy! I'm happy to be going back. I'm usually really bored all summer and this is no exception. I'm going to be a first year senior (you have an option of being back for a second yr) and i'm looking forward to doing some OAC's (really first yr univ courses) like kinesiology and family studies

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I start the 27th of August. I'm excited to back because I am determined to have a better year than the last. Last year was such an awful time for me... It's NOT going to be like that again.

But here are the top reasons why I'm excited:
1. I'm taking computer science class! (I'm such a nerd.)
2. The Music Department might be going to Orlando this year for our competition.
3. It's one year closer to leaving.
4. I can start to drive!
5. I won't be a freshman.
6. Hopefully being able to post Scarleteen fliers!
7. Having an hour to myself everyday after school.

Those are all I can think of at the moment. I might've posted some in my Village People post, but I'm not sure.

This is what I'll miss about summer:
2. Not having homework.
3. Being a slacker.
4. Using massive amounts of TEEvee and internet.
5. Eating whenever I want to.
6. Staying in my PJ's all day.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends. I haven't really seen them at all over the summer. It's always fun to goof off all the time. You know, being social... Hehe.

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School starts the day after Labor day-September 4th! I'm dreading it only because I'm probably going to have some scheduling problems, I moved (and we're still trying to work that out so I can go to the school that all my brothers went to and my friends are going to), and this also means No Sleeping Late/No Going To Bed Late/No Playing The Sims All Day/No Bugging Danny To Play His Playstation/And Only 1/2 As Much Sugar!

On the other hand, I'm out of Middle School, and only a few more years before I graduate. Plus, I'm always a little excited about school starting.

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School starts officially on Friday the 31st, with my orientation the day before that. Sophomore orientation... fun.

I am kinda excited for school. It means I'll get to see my crushes! That's the only real reason I want to go back. How typical But honestly, I've slightly missed some of the people that I haven't seen over the summer. I'm not excited in the slightest bit to use the textbooks (eew, I have them all now. I'm going to bomb Biology).

I'm also dying to find out who's in my classes. So far almost everyone that I've asked has no classes or no lunches with me. Grr! Let us cross our fingers I get some with my crushes... wee.

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um..somewhere around 29 August. I only have two classes that are on campus and the other two are "online" so I really won't be there much. That's fine with me since I'm still sort of wondering if I'm nuts for going for three more years of college after I already finished four (shouldn't I be well onto the road of a PhD by now???).

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Well, school starts for me on the 29th. I'll be in grade 11 this year. (Uh-oh, I typed 10 the first time... But I'm a moron, so... ) Last year must have went fast... What I miss about school is the routine. If I'm not told what to do, I'll just sit, rot, and die because of laziness. I miss the people, the fun, but certainly not the homework. Some things I'll miss about summer would probably be the days upon days of sleeping in, the hours upon hours on the net, and the long summer days with no worries. Finally, I'm basically looking forward to seeing everyone again, except for a select few, but I have my reasons.

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I start the 27th. I can't say right now if I look foward to it or not.

I mean, yeah I'm bored and I'll finally have something to do than just sitting here all day reading about nothing and everything but most of my friends droped out, so I'm pretty much alone this year

At least I'll start my 2nd year at college, so that brings me to almost halfway to the end... Yeah, I don't actually plan to going to university afterwards but I might change my plans according to how it'll go.

Anyway, I hope I'll have fun meeting new people this year !!!


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I start the 6th of september!

In so excited because I get to see all my friends every day!

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August 16. I live in a town of six thousand people and there are two high schools to deal with the thousand or so high school students here, and here I am, too darned antisocial to be going to high school after homeschooling for quite a long time. Lucky me, eh?


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I dont know, all i know is that its my last year!! Whohoo! Im gonna be a senior!!!


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No one is quite sure when my school starts, but it'll be sometime the week of August 29th.

I really can't wait to get back to school, away from my parents, back to my friends. There are people I miss very much that for this reason or that one I haven't contacted at all this summer (even my best friend...I'm horrible, I know). Plus I can't wait to get to the swing of things, take my PSATs (I started studying for my SAT's earlier this pathetic am I? I'll only be a sophmore!), and to prove to my family once and for all that I can get good grades if I so desire. Plus PixieDust and I are going to start a GSA, if all goes well, which is good

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Girl, Interrupted
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I start September 5th. I'll be in grade 11. Fun.

I HATE school... I enjoy sleeping in and I get really stressed out by all the work.

Plus, I had to do 10 days of summer school this year (darn math!)


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I'm all done high school, and haven't sorted out whether I'm taking culinary or computer stuff in college, so I've nothing lined up for September. I think the next educational things I'll be doing are looking into what I can learn of programming by myself. Either find some software for my big AmigaBasic book, or go for something a bit more recent and practical. Need to learn to drive, too. And take a bartending course. Which, even though it's appropriate for the work I intend to be doing, and I'm not too fond of drinking anyway, still makes me feel like a lush.
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If only I could freeze time...

School for me (Arizona State Univ) starts on the 20th. I'm not exactly psyched to be going -- after all, I'm now a lowly little frosh and it's time to meet all sorts of new weirdos and hope I find people to talk to in classes. However, given the amount of money I sunk into this semester, I'll be there come hell or high water.

"Welcome Week" junk actually starts Thursday, so ASU just wants to worm its way into my life however it can.

On the positive side of things, I'll get to meet new people. Unfortunately, though, I'm going to have to work my butt off to maintain the friendships I already have (none of our schedules are friendly), and there's also the evil class which calls itself Calculus.

Oh well. High school was a blast, and it can only get better from there.

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Gosh my school starts in 7 dreaded days! EEK!!!!!!! Im VERY nervous. I will be starting college. Its only an hr away from me, but still. I had an awesome summer. The best ever and I wouldent change a thing. I just wish it could last a lil longer!!
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heheh now this thread is making me feel *really* lucky!!

I'm not even sure when school (university) will start for me, because it won't be before the very end of September!! wheeeeeee!!!

I'll be on 1st year of Uni again (changed course), so I'm a bit excited because this is the course I always wanted, and I'll be in a new class and I won't know anyone... it's a kind of self improvement goal to actually get to know new people and have decent grades this year! But if I could choose I'd still delay the re-starting of school a couple months... hehe it's too good being on holidays, Summer... especially when you've just got back from 2 weeks at the beach! hehe

To all of you who are going back to school... Good Luck!!!

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My school starts on August 28, and I have really mixed feelings about it. I'll be going to the highschool, and I've already made a bunch of friends there because of marching band, but...oh, I don't know, I'm still nervous about being left out. See, the thing is, my older brother will be a junior this year, and so he's already had two years to make friends, become a part of "the scene," and establish a place for himself, so I'm rather worried about being "Isaac's little sister" for my entire highschool career. I'm sure everything will work out, but I'm still sort of scared.

Course-wise, I'm generally quite satisfied; I have all of the hardest teachers in the school, so I fully expect to learn something this year, unlike last year when, although I got higher grades in English than anyone in the teacher's 15 years of teaching ever managed to do, I basically floated through the year. I'm going to have to really revamp my time this year; I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to fit in all the extra studying and homework, but I'm sure it'll all work out. Hey, who needs sleep, anyway?


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Well I was going to start in texas which started the 14th but im moving to connecticut which starts the 30th. What fun going to high school without know a soul! Lucky Me!

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