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Author Topic: Your collection....
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What do you guys/gals like to collect.

I collect alcohol bottles, or bottles that are different, like the Sobe bottles or the new Snapple bottles that have a kewl curvey shape and say either fire, earth, moon or sun on them. Oh and another non-alcoholic bottle I have is the Starbucks Frappuccino, those are neat looking so I collected them.

This doesnt mean that I drink or anything, I'm to young yet.... I just think that certain bottles have a nice design on them. Some Alcohol bottles are Crown Royal, Smirnoff Ice, Tequila Rose, Black Velvet, and different kinds of beer bottles that have neat designs on them. I also have wine bottles. I think its kewl. They are on my shelf neatly in my closet, and some are on my computer desk.

So what do you collect????


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I have porcilain(sp?) dolls but I was never really into it, its just that my aunt was and she always bought them for me. I also have little statues of a girl from age 1-16 (I'm 16 now) a lot of people have those.

I could never really get into collecting things, I have tried collecting a bunch of different things and I have never really stuck to anything. I guess you could say I collect books, but most people do...

Not Unusual

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vinyl records. yeah, i'm a forty-something man who elbows people at garage sales in disguise
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I collect cd's.

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I used to collect rocks. Hehe, that sounds really lame, but they were crystal rocks. They're really cool.

I also used to collect dolls. I didn't particularly like them that much either, but my Mom did, so...

Heh, I used to get a lot of flowers and I'd have them until the wilted. I like them wilted, actually. Then it started to bother my lungs, so I had to throw them away. I still have my Homecoming corsages. I'm going to continue collecting my corsages. Weird, but I like them.

Good topic, by the way.

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Old books. Right now I have around 125 of them, all published before 1910. It's a neat little collection, I have everything from Embalming to Socialism to childbirth. Many of them have amazing illustrations, and some have pictures I can't legally post here. I've read maybe half of them; some of them will never be opened because they're so fragile.

Oh. And... uhh.... beanie babies.

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Origami that one of my wonderful friends makes for me, stuffed penguins, penguin figurines, or other forms of penguinosity, picture frames (I decorate my own now), and I seem to have a large vase collection from when I was sick.

i would say I collect chocolate, but it doesn't stick around.


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I collect pez dispensers and Disney character figures [little ceramic things that the Disney Store used to sell].
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Celtic Daisy
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This is going to sound very corny... ...but i like to collect memories...hahah!

No, seriously, anything that makes me think of stuff, or that will help me remember a good day, i take home and put in my journal. That thing is stuffed with flowers, blue hair(haha), blonde hair, pictures, postcards, notes, and all sorts of meaningful stuff...well, meaningful to me.

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This is gonna sound strange... But I used to collect different kinds of band aids. I used to be in the hosptial so much, that It just became something to pass time.

None I collect bears! There just so darn cute!

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I love to collect pins and buttons. It all started when I was at school and stmbled upon the most random button that said "Let peace prevail on Earth". The rest is history My coolest buttons of the batch may just be my Bis buttons. It's a set of 4, 3 of them are the silhoettes of each member and the fourth simply says "bis". It's from the Social Dancing era and I'm simply in love with them. Yes, I am a nerd. Collecting band stickers is pretty fab, too. I have some pretty neato sickers of Sigur Rs, a sheet of Blur, a cool sticker photo thing of Mansun, and a whole bunch of other britpop/euro bands.

I used to collect Jones Soda bottles... but I think my mother threw my prized collection in the recycling bin Yes, I am a double nerd.

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cds, bills (it just seems like it), candles, hummingbirds (no, not the live ones, but glass ones), um..i don't know..i just seem to pick up some random stuff.

The CDs that I really really like to collect are rarities and any Hole bootleg that has Patty on drums (pre-1998) =) But if it's a band I like, it has a bunch of songs on it that were never released (usually then it's a live version) then I'm interested. Also I tend to be attracted to live recordings in San Francisco...wonder why

OH! And of course..anything dealing with "Virgo" is high in my book You should have seen how nuts I went in Monterey, CA becuase I finally found a store that had the Virgo Hello Kitty from their astrology plush doll collection.

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I wish I had the funds to collect CDs! Instead I collect MP3s in wait for christmas when I'll be getting a 6g mp3 player (100 hours of music, baby).

I don't really collect anything

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Pictures. Whenever I see a cool design in a magazine, a beautiful picture of a celebrity or ordinary person, something interesting, or even my own photographs I put them in a box. One day I decided to use them to create a border around my room. My room is really large... so that one day's decision turned into a year-long project . Anyway... I still collect them. Pictures are fun!

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hehehe.... I'm such a dork- I collect stamps. Seriously though- I have a whole stamp album full of WW2 ones, christmas ones, black history ones, old old early 1900s ones, german ones, french ones, and any other stamps I can find. I particularly look for civil war stamps or stamps from other countries (which I have a growing collection of). Although, it's becoming increasingly hard to find decent stamps in america nowadays, since the post office has decided to start making those sticker-like ones that you don't even have to lick. Grrr...

I used to avidly collect stickers, but I guess I've lost 40% interest in it over the years. I've still been known to collect a cute sticker every once in a while if one catches my eye, though..

Long live the geeks..

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Like Lucina, I love vinyl records, and have a few hundred each 45's and LP's. My specialty would be Beatles, with one milk crate devoted to them, and containing all the legit American albums, mono/stereo variations, a few imports, and some boots. And I've got Buddy Holly, old and new Rolling Stones, a German Beach Boys pressing, and stuff like that. And 45's of bad music, like I Am Woman, and that 'My name is Michael, I got a nickel song'.

Old computers, and a few video game sets, like my beloved Amigas, and Intellivision. My uncle found out I like computers, and has given me some of discards including *gasp* a Pentium 1, and two really nice sound cards (I felt soooo lucky).

Old recipe books. I bet no one else here has as many jell-o and condensed milk-based recipes as I do.

Old clothes, shoes, and stockings, which I actually wear regularly, and many other old things . . . don't know why I like them so much, but a group called Trout Fishing In America did a song called 'Old Things' which gets the basic idea of it.

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Vintage or antique sexuality books or other sexuality tidbits (flyers, vintage toys or contraceptives, etc. -- for display only, of course).

I know, you're all so shocked. My prized piece at the moment is a turn-of-the-century birth control manual. Sad part is, despite being written in the Victorian Era, it was a lot more open and progressive than a lot of manuals today.

Nice thing is, Hanne and other folks send me this sort of thing when they find it, which is divine.

Heather Corinna
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Pez dispensers are at the top of the list, though I haven't bought any new ones for a while. They're also a horribly annoying collection, since I stand them all up on my entertainment center and then have a tendency to bump into it and send them flying all over. Oh well.

I also have an insanely enormous stamp collection. Three check boxes are overflowing with stamps, most of them from decades ago (saved by my grandmother) as well as a smallish manilla envelope full of more stamps. Older stamps are very cool, especially stamps coming from times of war. I agree with Lucky -- the USPS is doing us in with all these boring self-sticking stamps.

Then there's the high-tech realm of old computers and video game systems (the latter wasn't intended to be a collection, but it has certainly become one).

And here's my weird one -- empty film cans (not the plastic canister, but the actual metal container the 35mm film is in). Taking photo as my art elective for 3 years resulted in my having used all sorts of different film. Some are simple, some are complex, and some are just... unique. Kodak HIE has the most boring design ever, but since you can't load or remove it in anything except pitch black, it makes sense.

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I collect cds and tapes and such. I have like hundreds of tapes/cds that I probably couldn't live without.

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I used to collect regular Snapple bottles, but then one day I decided to recycle all of them. I have a few new Snapple and Sobe bottles, though. I have a lot of snow globes. I used to collect rocks; I still have them. I have a rubber band ball; I don't know if that counts. Stuffed animals. Cd's. Movies. Books. Randumb containers. Words I cut out of magazines. Band stickers and buttons. I have a lot of "knick-knacks". I'm such a pack rat.

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I like to collect this really cute things called Dreamsicles or something like that. Their lil angel churbs thats are really cute. I haven't got very many though bout 12! I also collect stuffed animals which my mom would love for me to get rid of! I used to collect frogs (no not the live ones)
But thats bout all i collect!

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I collect elephant statues and fish statues and crepe paper
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Shadowhawk, when trying to make little things stay in place, beeswax is your friend. I used to use it a lot when I did more with miniatures, and loved it because it was just sticky enough, smelled yummy, and was absolutely non-damaging to any surface. I only learned recently that that it was a recognized technique at all.
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