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Author Topic: In My New World
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The world finally makes sense, and our physical bodies have disappeared, now we're just auras (if you will). As an aura, you can only carry a small amount of baggage. Whenever you bump into another aura this is all they see to get to know you. It's, their first impression, so to speak.

You can carry:
1 scent
1 taste
1 color
1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)
1 aspiration you have
2 pictures
2 memories

What do you carrY?

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Celtic Daisy
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Very kewl topic. Hmmm...this is a tough one though.

You can carry:
1 scent - prolly the scent of fresh baked bread, hehe, i love it soo much.
1 taste - shortbread cookies
1 color - blue
1 dream you had - this weird one about lorna doone and trainspotting
1 aspiration you have - to sing and act
2 pictures - one of my whole family, and one with my friends all together
2 memories - when me and my friends were all hangin out at my friend, anthony's, all together
when me and my family all went to mexico and were all together.

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You can carry:
1 scent
1 taste
1 color
1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)
1 aspiration you have
2 pictures
2 memories

What do you carrY?

Scent: That would have to be the smell of my favorite shampoo, Freeman Color Dance in auburn-colored. It smells great.

Taste: I think I would have, hmm.. the taste of blood. My own blood.

Color: Black.

Dream: Once I had a strange dream involving several elements from video games, the neighborhood I'm moving to in half a year, and large, open fields. It was strange and pretty nifty. I'd say that.

Aspiration: To be a singer outside of my bedroom/shower. :) I don't necessarily have to be particularly famous, just want people to be able to know through my singing what goes on in my heart.

Pictures: First would be a picture of me in my bikini, the picture in which the sunset is turning my hair a really pretty color and my face is slightly shadowed. Oh, and my butt looks great in that picture too.. I just like that. The other picture would be one of both my boyfriend and me.. I wish such a picture existed now, but we're a bit too far away from each other to get any pics of us together.

Memories: Falling in love with Matt, and a single-memory archive of every poem I've ever written. :)


"Oh my hero, so far away now.. will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day.. it's just a fading dream.."
-aria de mezzo carattere

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Ooooh, wow, thought-provoking!

I will be carrying:

  • The smell of roses fresh from the garden, having been picked in the morning with drops of dew still on the leaves
  • The taste of cool water running down my throat after a hot day out in the sun
  • The color of newly-fallen, un-printed snow covering an entire hillside and coating the evergreens and the leafless trees alike with a cold frosting
  • A dream I had recurringly when I was younger, of being surrounded on all sides by people criticizing me, and then just flying away over their heads...I didn't know I could fly, and then the rest of the dream devotes itself to my attemts to learn how to fly again.
  • The image of my brother and me, him in a black tuxedo with a forest green bowtie and me in a navy princess skirt with a shiny white top, onstage at Carnegie Hall, as both performers and accompanists
  • A picture of a dear friend of mine who I haven't seen since September
  • The last full-family picture that was taken at our las family reunion
  • The memory of the first man I ever loved
  • The memory of the first time someone told me I was beautiful

That should give my fellow auras a rather good look at the inner me.


Nobody knows what you know, nobody's seen what you've seen, nobody's lived what you've why let them judge you?
~Personal Quote~

You know, Hobbes, sometimes I think the surest sign of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

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Gosh Pixie, where do you get fantastic topics like this?

I would carry:

  • The smell of napalm in the morning

  • The taste of that first slice of pumpkin pie

  • The color blue

  • The dream I had four nights ago when I got to kiss someone special

  • My aspiration to one day rid myself of all self-doubt and live happily unencumbered with worries

  • The picture of myself and my friends on my 17th birthday and the last picture ever taken of me and my mom

  • The memory of my college days, and the memory of my mother's laugh.

    I never thought it would be so hard to whittle down those items to one or two each...I guess that is a good sign when there is so much that you would like to take with you.

    "Verdugo, Engine 14; you can cancel all units responding to this structure fire...this is just a dishwasher gone bad."

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  • morphos
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    Thought-provoking topic

    *The smell of a forest after rain.
    *The taste of snow.
    *The only dream I remember clearly is one I had when I was feverish. I was a medic inside a GI Joe cartoon. It doesn't make much sense, but neither do I.
    *To be happy
    *1 picture of my dog and 1 picture of my old dog
    *Christmas Eve 3 years ago. For the second memory, sledding with my friends.


    Ambition is like a frog sitting on a Venus Flytrap. The flytrap can bite and bite, but it won't bother the frog
    because it only has little tiny plant teeth. But some other stuff could happen and it could be like ambition.

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    1 scent: The smell of Banana Republic's "Classic" cologne on reassuring skin.

    1 taste: I'd have to say the taste of cupcakes that haven't quite cooled and are iced while they're fresh out of the oven.

    1 colour: white

    1 dream: the dream I had where a "close friend" of mine found me at my cottage and took me on a canoe ride. Very romantic.

    1 aspiration: to sing the lead in Bizet's Carmen.

    The picture of me as a very young (and very cute) child and the picture of my last happy memory (2 years old, on a picnic with my family.)

    The memory of this past new years eve and the wonderful conversation that saved me. The memory of being on the farm with my extended family.


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    Gumdrop Girl
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    <quote>1 scent
    1 taste
    1 color
    1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)
    1 aspiration you have
    2 pictures
    2 memories

    my lover's scent on my skin
    the taste of real coconut milk
    a lite hue of greenish blue, with fleck of lilac (what, you wanted a wavelength for that color? okay, it's somewhere in the 600nm range)
    that dream of holding him down and kissing him, and running till i felt like it was flying, yet not going anywhere
    hope for enlightenment
    a good picture of me (so that i can remember what i looked like), and a picture of the ocean
    that elation i felt at the Underworld concert; the relief, joy, love, fear, sadness, confusion i felt the last time my boyfriend and i had a big fight and when we subsequently reconciled.

    "And who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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    1 scent- the smell of grass or trees after a rainstorm

    1 taste- ambrosia

    1 color- a kind of bright grey-y pink

    1 dream you had -the dream of actually being truly happy and running across fields of bright green grass and many flowers

    1 aspiration you have- to be happy with life and myself and to feel loved and special

    2 pictures-
    1.the picture of me and my friends when we were little, all so happy and cheery and care-free.
    2. i WISH i had a picture of all the wonderful amazing people that i have come by in my life, somewhere and how(mainly online) and Lizzie. all together. [AS IF]

    2 memories- none really. i guess there could be some from when i was little.

    i love this topic

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    Oooh...I love auras...they're fascinating.

    1 scent: My cat Julia.

    1 taste: My mums spaghetti bolognase with a mouthful of milk.

    1 color: Dark Red

    1 dream you had: The one I had where this man (dressed like a thief) came into a farmhouse my family were staying in. We were scared but he told us not to be afraid and that he only wanted to watch our TV. Turns out he was Jesus. I think it had something to do with armageddon, the whole "he will come like a thief in the night" thing.

    1 aspiration you have: To write a bestselling novel

    2 pictures: One of me and my family at a happy time in our lives, and one of Gillian Anderson. I kinda wish they could be moving pictures like in Harry Potter.

    2 memories: My 6 months at boarding school, and the day I found out my dad had been having an affair.

    Whoa, that was long.

    Hugs & Scully,
    Winnie :0)

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    *the scent of bitter oranges
    *taste of elderflower presse
    *olive green
    *the dream i had where i was washing my hands with ivory soap, then the bar got pinker, then redder, until my hands were covered in very thick crimson blood, the soap had turned into a clot. not a particularly pleasant dream, but a very intense one.
    *to be content with myself
    *pictures - one of myself taken in a photo booth, and another of my parents
    *memories - a saturday night party in october; another saturday night in a boy's room

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    Awsome topic, Brit!!

    1 scent ~ Vanilla

    1 taste ~ Apples

    1 color ~ Sunflower yellow

    1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal) ~ Flying like a birdy over all of Toronto ... I wonder if it really looks how i imagined it ... ??

    1 aspiration you have ~ To be a midwife or sex educator (like those travelling public health nurses that everyone loves lol)

    2 pictures ~ One of me and my bf that was taken about a month ago and a picture that was taken about 10 years ago of everyone on my dads side of the family (and mom, when they were still married)

    2 memories ~ Grade 10 leadership camp and memories of my Papa George (who died when i was only 3)

    When mom found my diaphram, I told her it was a bathing cap for my cat.
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    Well, here goes...
    1 scent: Freshly cut grass
    1 taste: Pizza
    1 color: Blue
    1 dream: When I was a lil kid again
    1 aspiration you have: To be outgoing
    2 pictures: One of everyone I've ever met, and another of a view of my hometown
    2 memories: Good times with friends, Good times with family

    "I like man with rock in bum."
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    1 scent
    1 taste
    1 color
    1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)
    1 aspiration you have
    2 pictures
    2 memories

    Scent: my boi's own unique scent
    Taste: Chocolate
    Color: dark purple
    Dream: the one where I'm at a campfire with a huge group of friend's and a significant other
    Aspiration: to make a difference in some way
    Pictures: one of my late dog, Tina, and one of my mother acting goofy
    Memories: the memory of reading Bernstein Bears books at my granny's house while munching crackers and drinking orange soda (even today, the taste of crackers reminds me of the smell of those new pages) and just the feeling of sitting outside on a mild summer night with the sky lit up above you by stars and the wind blowing lightly past you

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    What a nice old topic I found with the search button, although I wasn't looking for such thing. Anyway, here's my reply to this amazingly creative question:

    - 1 scent: the smell of Canadian trees near the border (try it some day, you'll see that air smells different as you cross the Canada-US border)

    - 1 taste: I really don't know, I would like so many buy I'll choose the taste of fresh sweet oranges.

    - 1 color: Blue, I've always liked

    - 1 dream: the dream where I ended up kissing a friend of mine, it was just so real that I could feel the kiss

    - 1 aspiration I have: wanting to be a race car driver, to be able to feel fear and excitement

    - 2 pictures: I'd take one of me and all my friends and one of all my fave artists

    - 2 memories: I'd have to keep one of myself as a child playing with my dad, and one of our family vacations to the beach.


    - I hope I shall be able to confide in you completely, as I have never been able to do in anyone before, and I hope that you will be a great support and comfort to me.

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    Originally posted by Pixie69:

    You can carry:
    1 scent
    1 taste
    1 color
    1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)
    1 aspiration you have
    2 pictures
    2 memories

    Wow. Make me think. Hmmm....

    1 scent: Roses. That smell is so comforting to me, because my Grandmother has a huge rosebush that is so fragrant you can smell it from two feet away.

    1 taste: Fruit Punch. That is the greatest stuff in the world.

    1 color: Green. If you look outside, in Washington atleast, at any given time of the year, you see green. It is endless. It also reminds me that there is always abundant life all around me.

    1 dream: I don't have a dream that I can remember. My dreams come and go as they please.

    1 aspiration: My aspiration is to be someone that I can be proud of. To be a great person.

    2 pictures. I'd carry a picture of my family, i.e. my mother and father and grandmother, and a picture of my 3 best friends.

    2 memories: The memory of being loved, and the memory of pain to keep me humble.

    "They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me."
    -- Nathaniel Lee

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    scent: freshly-bathed baby.

    taste: Peach pie.

    color: a rich, dark Purple

    dream: I have a recurring dream in which I'm walking in the forest with my grandfather and two children, a boy with brown hair and a girl with blonde hair. It's a whole circle of life thing.

    aspiration: To be a good mother.

    pictures: My grandparents' wedding picture, to remind me of undying love, and Evan's very first picture in which he's barely alive and being resussitated, to remind me of hope in times of despair.

    memories: Giving birth and my grandmother before Alzheimer's hit her

    How can you not like muffins?!

    This surely was the product of a twisted mind.

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    1 scent - The mix of cigarette smoke and bubble gum that the girl who sat in front of me in 8th grade homeroom always had... It was the perfect mix of wild rebellion and innocence...

    1 taste - chicago-style pizza with sugary sauce and mushrooms.

    1 color - crayola's spring green

    1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal) - the one I seem to have every morning when my alarm goes off and I dream I'm on a game show, and I win because I hit the buzzer.

    1 aspiration you have - to help children everyday of my life when I become a teacher.

    2 pictures - My favorite picture of my friends at a boat show a few months ago that somehow perfectly showed every one of our personalities. The one I have of my kitty that I took a few weeks before putting her to sleep where she's drooling her medicine all over the couch, because it showed that even when the tummy cancer had her throwing up everywhere and she had brown gooey medicine pouring from her mouth, she was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

    2 memories - Spending several hours just sitting in a friend's car, talking about anything and everything, feeling the closest I'd ever felt to anyone. The ways my dad showed he loved me and cared for me after I moved out of the house.

    Imagine what my body would sound like, slamming against those rocks. When it lands will my eyes be closed or open?

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    Scent: My grandma's laundry detergent
    Taste: Cheese Pizza from Peter Piper Pizza
    Color: Dark Silver
    Dream: Any dream in which I've had a boyfriend
    Aspiration: To be loved by someone I love
    Picture 1: One of the illustrations from my first edition Alice In Wonderland
    Picture 2: My class photo from this year
    Memory 1: Falling in love
    Memory 2: French Camp

    I'm adding two:

    Book: The Ultimate Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Song: I Wanna Be With You (Dance Remix)

    I figure one more suitcase can't hurt in aura-land.

    I am not who I appear to be.

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    Hmm...lets see

    Scent-Cold autumn air
    Taste-My girl's skin
    Color-A dark teal
    Dream-The one about me finding a ton of money on the ground, in weird denominations, like $27 bills
    Aspiration-To not have to live from paycheck to paycheck
    2 Pics-The first would be of me, my sister and my grandma when i caught my first two fish. Second would be the pic of me and the igloo I built!
    2 Memories-Snowboarding at Vail, and the first time I actually got to touch my girl

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    Hey Gaffer, we all should be taking along the Hitch Hiker's Guide...and a else will we survive the universe? It's the ultimate instruction manuel!

    Now, for my answers...

    1 scent - my lovers skin
    1 taste - tears
    1 color - the exact dark blue of the sky at home on a clear night when the moon is full and there's a million stars
    1 dream - the one where the dragon let me ride along with it and then taught me how to fly on my own...I'll never forget how to fly
    1 aspiration - to learn to love without reservation, forgive completely, and live life to the fullest
    2 pictures - (a) my family, (b) my boy and I from this summer
    2 memories - (a) that time between first and third grade when I did indian princesses with my dad, (b) when my boy walked off the plane and kissed me

    Wow, that was actually harder than I thought it would be...and it made me almost a bit sad for some reason.

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    • 1 scent-That slightly stale mix of cigarette smoke and alcohol that reminds me of good nights and amazing people. (That's from a teetotal non-smoker by the way!)

    • 1 taste-A good, dark chocolate when I'm feeling down.

    • 1 color-Purple. Probably the pale purple of a hazy sunset.

    • 1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)-I don't think I've ever had a really good dream. Not that I remember anyway. Hmm.. there's an extra reason to start a dream diary.

    • 1 aspiration you have-To travel the world (I mean the whole world, not just the nice, clean, pretty bits). I don't know how ths would work if it's a brand new world though.

    • 2 pictures-One of my cat. I don't know why, he smells and he's not very nce to me.
      One of me picking flowers as a 3 year old. I love that photo.
      There's no one who's so important in my life that I feel I would beneft from carrying their picture. Which is quite sad I suppose.

    • 2 memories-My first kiss and the tingly feeling that went with it.
      Lying under a sleeping bag in a field in France watching shooting stars with a friend and three blokes we'd just met who were on
      a trip round Europe. That was a very good night, and I've never seen so many stars. We stayed up all night and watched dawn break. Then they heped us take our tent down and we somehow managed to make it to the ferry port and get back to rainy old England. I wish I hadn't bothered-I could have stayed there for ever.

    This is is my first experiment wth UBB code so I hope it works!

    Edited because my keyboard is somewhat broken.

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    1 scent- laundry right out of the dryer.
    1 taste- the taste of warm sweet apple cider. that's one of my favorite things about this time of year, the apple cider...
    1 color- deep blue, like the color of the sky at that pivital moment right after it gets dark.
    1 dream you had (as in, nocturnal)- that freaky@ss one with the tornado and the talking deer, oi. o_o;
    1 aspiration you have- to touch people's hearts with my art, somehow
    2 pictures- a picture of all my friends, and a picture of my painting that was put in a museum-type place downtown.
    2 memories- running screaming through the alleys downtown with 2 of my friends... i'll never forget the rush of adrenaline and feeling of freedom that gave me. also a sleepover about 2 years ago with my best friend- we stayed up nearly all night talking about love...

    i was thinking that i might fly today
    just to disprove all the things that you say

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    *scent- the smell of the back of my guy's neck, i dunno why (maybe it's phermonal?) but he just smells really good to me when he's clean but not squeakily so and not wearing any colone.
    *taste-the taste my mouth has when i'm not tasting anything. i read once that everyone's "resting taste" is different, so i'd keep mine.
    *color- that electric blue that the sky turns about an hour or so after sunset. it's kind of a thalo/prussian blue with some paynes grey.
    *dream- i dunno, i don't remember many really.
    *aspiration- to figure out how to be happy without working 60+ hrs a week.
    *2 pictures-fight club and brazil...oh, pictures, van gough's starry night and one of me, dan, jaqui and eddie being a human totom pole, taken right before we fell in a heap on the ground.
    *2 memories-the one where someone asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up and i screamed and cried and said "i want to be corinne when i grow up" and the one of the moment where i figured out i'd managed to do just that.

    love this topic by the way

    "-and i hope i'm not shooting my mouth off...again...and i pray i'm not tempting the fates....."
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    can you delete this one? i replied and stopped and got two replies out of it

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    Compliments on the topic, Brittany.
    Let's see...

    1 scent- the smell of my home

    1 taste- the taste of Mom's spaghetti dinner

    1 color- orange... happy and just the right shade

    1 dream- I found the perfect guy

    1 aspiration you have- to tell my Grandpa I loved him just before he died

    2 pictures- a family portrait and a picture of my friends

    2 memories- a summer spent with my Grandma and the day we brought my dog home

    Dont Mess with Texas

    "Only in America, where we can dream as big as we want to."
    -Brooks and Dunn

    Life is not fair, a fair is a place you show cows

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    Scent: the smell of my bf John...and it's not cologne!
    Taste: cheesecake
    Color: trying to decide between pink yellow and blue!!
    Dream: the first one i remember having
    Aspiration: i wanna sing on broadway
    2 pictures: a black and white one that was taken of me by my friend, and a baby pic of me with my blonde curly hair!!
    2 memories: matt, and texas

    So you call this your free country?
    Tell me why it costs so much to live.--3 Doors Down

    I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. --Chris Slater

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