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Author Topic: Those Wonderful Siblings!
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So yesterday my youngest brother left for his college orientation in North Carolina. Two years prior to that, my other brother left SoCal for college in Baltimore.

So today I cam to the realization that my brothers are no longer going to be here every day to joke around with, to tease, to trade CD's with, and to play tricks on. I have really begun to realize how precious family is and how fortunate I was to have such great brothers to grow up with.

So what about all of you? Who has siblings and how many do you have? If you are the oldest (as I am...I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters) child, what sorts of problems or advantages does that come with? How about you youngest children? And for those of you who have no siblings, did you ever want any or have you found it to be advantageous to be an only child? Let's hear what ya'll think.

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I have four siblings, and I'm right in the middle- two older, two younger. However, my two older sisters are from my dad's first marriage, and as such, I've been the oldest child in the house since I was seven, and I tend to have more of the typical "oldest child" complexes rather than "middle child" complexes.

I've always gotten on well with my oldest sister- in fact, because we were both "the oldest" we could compare oldest child stories. And she did a lot of typical big sister things for me when I was younger, such as buying me my first trainer bra, and talking about boys and periods and that sort of thing, which was nice. She would sometimes invite me over to her place for a few days, which was always fun. She's got a family now though, and I live 500km away from her, so I don't hear from her much anymore. And we don't have that much in common, although we've always gotten on well.

With my other two sisters, I have something of a personality clash, which I won't go into here. I just don't get on with them, especially with my younger sister. Sometimes I feel like we speak two different languages that coincidentally have the same words.

My brother, who is the youngest of the lot of us, is a good friend. I'm just old enough to remember when he was born, and to have helped take care of him a teensy bit when he was a baby, so I guess I'm kind of fond of him in that way. And we have the same sense of humour too, so I have a lot of fun with m brother. I've said that if he ever moves to Sydney, we can get a flat and make it into a complete Monty Python shrine. He and I do fight sometimes, and he does make it his purpose in life to annoy me much of the time, but we usually make up pretty quickly.

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exit seraphim
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currently, i am sixteen and i was the only child for a looonnnnng time.

however, ihave a olderstepsister and a younger half brother that i honestly, have not seen for 9 years.

i also have a younger half brother with whom i live with, who is 4. he's a cutie, and is currently watching cartoon network. he's a good cheerer upper. always giving me hugs and kissies.

alsoooo....i have a little brother or sister on the way yey! i want a lil i can teach her all the cool stuff i kno about being a girl.

it's weird tho...starting to become sexually active while my mother is pregnant...

but even tho i have a younger brother, and i am the oldest (in the family of which i've lived), i have more "only child" complexes then "oldest". i have a great imagination and enjoy being with only myself.

however, i am the example i've always strived for the best i could possibly do...


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I have a younger brother. He's going into eighth grade this year, and he's a tolerable sibling.

To give him credit, my bro is pretty neat. He's creative, crafty, sympathetic, and a wonderful cook. He's also very popular with the ladies . I think he respects me more than he'd care to admit.

My family moved to our current residence two years ago, and this move was definitely beneficial to my brother. For years he had attended the schools I went to--in my shadow. Teachers couldn't seem to remember that this boy was foremost an individual rather than my younger brother. When my parents went to parent-teacher conferences, they often returned reiterating more comments about me than about my brother.

Any younger sibling would not be comfortable in this situation, and my brother was no exception. In the classroom, my brother and I have completely different learning styles, and teachers had trouble equating the garrulous boy with the bookish girl.

So the move helped. My bro can go to school without being prejudged; the teachers will expect neither more nor less than they should. And what makes my brother happy makes me happy because, hey, I love him a lot.

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im an only child. but i grew up with my uncle who is six years older than me and he has been like a brother to me. i love him to death. he just got married on june 16 and i realized then how much we really do care about each other. i was so happy for him and he said he didnt know what he would do if i didnt come to his wedding. i realized then that there is absolutely nothing more important in life than family. i am so glad to have them in my life.
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I was the only child for 9 whole years. Then, my lil brother popped into this world and everything changed.

Now, I'm 13 which makes my brother 4 and things are way different. As for responsibilties, I have too many. I walk him to his karate class and I visit his school functions, I cook him dinner when my parents are out, and I read with him. I love my lil brother but I have to take care of him way too much b/c my parents work.

If I didn't have a brother my social life would be at an all-time high right now,but in the summer I baby-sit him till late afternoon and by then everybody is out. So, I wind up doing my summer assignments and taking care of lil Jake.

My brother is pretty cool now that I think about it. We wrestle, he kicks my butt, we play video games, he kicks my butt--pretty smart boy. Hes gotten me outta trouble too so I really can't complain that much.

Jealousy really isn't a issue because Im at that mature stage where I could care less if I got the bigger present or the better seat. Its like I'm his second mom and I have to make sure he gets the best.

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my brother and i are 7 years apart, i'm 17 and he's 24. i also have a deceased sister who was stillborn. she would've been 22.
my brother and i as we grew up couldn't make up our minds on whether or not we wanted to get a long or not. we've got some great memories, then some not so great memories where he was just downright mean and cruel and would purposely hurt me and it would get worse when i wouldn't stop crying... anyways, i don't want to remember that right now.
as he grew up and matured we became good friends. we started hanging out, all his friends loved me, they were cool.
when i was in 8th grade, his current girlfriend was in 11th grade at the same school and that spring, she became pregnant. true, she was 17 and she dropped out of school, but we were all excited for the baby. well, T.J. was born my freshman year in december, she turned 18 the following january.
my brother (jason) and loretta had soon after gotten their GED's (he hadn't graduated because he failed a class he needed to pass to graduate). she got herself into real estate and now makes fairly good money. my brother found himself at an avery dennison plant making 17.50 an hour. on new years eve day of 1998, just after my nephew's 1st birthday, they married in front of a judge.
in february of 2000, my neice shelby was born.
i find myself with a cool sister-in-law, kind of the sister i never had, and the coolest neice and nephew ever!

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Well, I grew up being the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother. I'm 21 now, he's 18, and my sister is 24. When we were younger (and all still living in the same house) my brother was a little terror. I think little brothers are supposed to be that way, lol. So, I usually did things with my sister. We got along great, and I think she tolerated me very well for me being 3 years younger. I think she got a little sick of me drooling over her *very* attractive best friend though. Then when my sister moved out, my brother was about 14, so he had grown up a bit. I grew to tolerate him, and before long, we had the best times together. Now I'm 21, moved out of the house, and live a long ways from him and my parents. I miss my brother like crazy, but I think we're both getting used to not having each other around. All in all, I enjoyed being the middle child. I got a little more freedom than my sister, and enough discipline to keep me a little less wild than my bro.

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I have 2 half brothers from my dad's previous marriage. I'm the only child in the house at the moment. My mum has only ever had me and she can't have anymore, cuz she's fixed. But we might be adopting my 1 and a half year old cousin---she's a real cutie and she looks like me! But if we do adopt her, that means I won't have anymore "impromptu" shopping sprees....doh!

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I have two brothers, younger and older. As the only girl, i was lucky to get more of my own stuff when i was younger. For example, the first to get my own bedroom. My older brother is a bit of a grub, y'know, long hair, baggy clothes, but i love him. He was always play fighting with me and i would laugh so hard i wouldn't be able to defend myself, and would eventually just fall down, hehe. My younger brother is the one i got to be mean with, haha! He can get annoying, but i'm sure i was too.

My older brother is finished school, and is hardly around the house anymore. He just works now, no school, and he stays up too late, and leaves kinda early for work. I hope this stops soon, but when he's hear, we'll talk about stuff, and bands and stuff.

And my little brother, as far as i'm concerned, could stand to be around a little less. Hahah, jj.

Naw...i love my brothers, and if they ever stop hanging around the house, i know i'll be sad.

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I have one older brother (a year and a half older) and that's it. We used to fight a lot as children, but now that we have our own computers, and I get paid to make him his dinner and pick up his crap, and he lets me use his comp so I can come here (whoowhoo, well, he doesn't know I come *here*, but I use his computer nonetheless). now, we get along a lot more.

Since we're so close in age I don't think I was ever really treated like the baby of the family. We're just really really different, and that's kind of just that. He's a pretty good kid (no drinking, smoking, drugs, cussing, what have you), I'm the pretty bad kid (ehhh...all of the above plus some naughty pictures). Although he's more determined than I am, I'm smarter than he is. And I dress weird.

So now we talk and stuff...a little bit. But there's never really been any competition between us becasue we're just too damn different. However, I will say, having an older brother makes guys like me a lot more. As one guy put it so tactfully when I asked him why he liked to hang out with me so much: "Oh my god you have a playstation2! Oh my god you liked batman/superman/ninja turtles! oh my god you like Quake 3!? oh my god you like laser tag and paintball! oh my god you're hot! Brittany, you're making me orgasm here"

So, there are always advantages

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I have three younger brothers who are 20, 17, and 14.

I was definitely the second mom and the good example growing up, but now that my brothers and I are all getting older, we're starting to form more of a friendship as opposed to a relationship.


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I have a younger brother who is 8, and a younger sister who is almost 13.

Being the eldest, I often get frustrated when they won't stop fighting or be quiet. My little sis has a fabulous voice, but it doesn't help if shes singing while i'm trying to get my head around quadratic equations.

In recent weeks, my brother has discovered his rude finger. He's chosen me as his target so rest assured he'll stick it up at me once a day.

This afternoon when I watched my sister perform her song, I realised that though she could be a real pain, I'm really proud of her. I'm sure there is something hidden in my brother I could be proud of too.

I feel soooo corny,
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I have one sibling and thats my older sister that hasnt lived in the house since she was 18. So technically I have been the only child in the house for about 4 years. My sister is now 21, and she had a baby about a month ago. My neices name is Alanna Marie, and I LOVE HER TO DEATH!!

I do miss some of that sister to sister time. I realy dont like being by myself sometimes, (like when Im grounded!!!!!)


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I don't have any siblings.. it's only my mom and me. I enjoy it sometimes though, well to be honest, I enjoy it most of the time. I don't have "only child" issues, I'm not spoiled.. I am just soooooo lucky to have a relationship like I do with my mom.. I never understand my friends who don't get along with their parents.. my mom and I are best friends, and that's probably because it's only the 2 of us!


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**waves hello to jenni**

hey babe! so glad you joined us!



(now...trying not to sound too much like a "teeny" bopper...~*jenni and teeny. bffae.*~)

finally she posts!

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I have one younger sister who's 12 (almost 13). She is the BEST! I love her to death! Whenever someone asks whats one thing you couldn't live with out or whats the one thing you would take to the moon with you i say my sister. She is my everything! She's my best friend, my sister and some ways a daughter. I feel like i take care of her when i'm with my mom (10 days out of every 2 weeks) becaues my mom is incapapble of caring for my sister and I. My sister came to me when she first got her period, she talks to me about guys and she comes to me for advice. We cook for each other, we watch out for eachother. I go places with her and i love to hang out with her. I'm not saying we don't fight cause we do but it only lasts a few hours because we don't stay mad long. She and i both don't get homesick we get sistersick!! its really funny! I never ever miss being home but i always miss seeing my sister! She's the same way. If something were to happen to her i don't konw what i would do!
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Well, I'm the eldest. I have a younger sister (three years younger) and it doesn't cause much problems.

As young kids, we faught like cats and dogs over everything, but now we've grown to accept eachother and the space we need to survive.

We get along quite nicely, and I'd like to think that I'm always here to advise her, if need be.


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Undercover Cinderella
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I have 3 (much) older brothers. I'm the little sister. I don't know what I'd do without them. They always stick up for me. I wouldn't be able to list all the advantages because I'd be here all day...but the main ones I'll mention. I always have someone to talk to..ALWAYS! Theres always someone to buy you a tub of ice cream and stay up all night listening to you cry over so-and-so. They're really goofy. And of corse, they spoil me! The only downfall (besides the hand-me-downs from when I was younger) is having to watch them all move away...One of them is already gone and I miss him like crazy.
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I'm 14 and the oldest. I have two sisters, 12 and 8, and a brother, 11. They can be pests, but there's always something interesting going on here

I don't like how my parents feel more secure allowing them to do things at a younger age than they allowed me. And how I'm "responsible" for them- why should I be responsible for them? They aren't my kids. If I want to be responsible for kids, I'll have some when I'm older. And, yes, sometimes I would rather how hang out with my friends than "play" with them.

But I can't imangine life without the Terrible Trio, and wouldn't want to. They've helped make me, me

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I've got one older sister. She drives me nuts a lot of the time even though she lives 2800 miles away now. The rare times that I can make it to her place though, she treats me really nice which is something that I never thought she'd do. I usually think about all the fights and stuff that we used to get into when we were at home. She definitely acts like a caring older sister though when I do get to see her. Plus, since she's married now, I get a brother also who likes to spoil me too when I'm around He has four sisters and one brother of his own and he refuses to use the world "in-law" with me and says that I'm just his sister.
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