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Author Topic: The Arts/Show Off Your Stuff
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Who's involved with the arts? What are you involved with? What's the best thing do you think? What's the worst? Who is your favorite artist? Want to show off your stuff, go ahead

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real poetry is all based on this old myth about this beautiful, scary, trippy goddess who the poet wants to possess but he always loses her to this shadowy other guy - Girl Goddess #9

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Well, I'm a poet, a writer, a sketcher, a decoupager, and a dancer. Jazz and ballet, to be precise, but any dancing makes me happy. I think the best thing about being involved in the arts is all the people you meet and how openminded they are. I don't know why it is, but I always tend to find more open-minded artists then general people. The worst thing? A lot of it is so demanding and your dreams are shot down before you even start (like, being a dancer. It's unheard of to be a professional dancer if you start after the age of 13, and even that is unlikely. I've always been dancing in some way, but I started ballet and jazz when I was 14. When you add in that I don't have enough money to take more than two classes a week, and the fact that I have the wrong body type, I knew I couldn't be a dancer even before I started).

And of course, as an artist, I want everyone to see my stuff
^^^There you can find my decoupages and sketches. The altoid tin is actually my wallet, heehee.
^^^My poems
^^^The index for my stories
^^^My poetic ramblings. Yes I've invented a new genre, not quite a poem, not quite a ramble, but still lyrical.

Go ahead, critique me

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real poetry is all based on this old myth about this beautiful, scary, trippy goddess who the poet wants to possess but he always loses her to this shadowy other guy - Girl Goddess #9

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Ooh...I'm an artist and writer, and I just enrolled in a dance class (though I'm getting the sense I'm not gonna be too good at that, heh heh).

My favorite art movement would have to be the Pre-Raphaelites, especially John William Waterhouse (although he isn't -technically- a part of that movement, he has been associated with it so often that I can't help but think of him as a part of it). I also love slightly more contemporary artists, like Edward Gorey and Dave McKean. I have some online friends that are pretty kickass artists, too.

I write surrealistic fantasy/sci-fi/horror/dark humor stories (whew, broad spectrum). My favorite writers are Neil Gaiman (my muse), Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, and a crapload of others.

Once I have my website up and running, I'll put a link to it in my siggy so you all can see my crap-a-licious art, and read my halfway decent writing. (Tho for now you can look at my art that's in a gallery hosted by a huge website that hosts amateur artists: )

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OOOOOH!!! Good topic!

Let's see, I am: a dancer, musician (!), poet, writer, and definitely not an artist! I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

I've danced on and off for my whole life...I took about four years of ballet when I was really little and took three years of jazz ending last summer. I stopped because, yeah, I was at the top of the class and yeah, I was leading the dances, but I wasn't really learning anything new and there wasn't an advanced class at that school.

I've been playing piano since, oh, 1992 (I think), oboe since fifth grade, singing since before I can remember, and playing flute since...three months ago. I had to start because you can't be in a marching band with a double reed, and if you're not in marching band at my school you're not allowed to be in band, and if you're not in band, then you can't do festivals. Besides, I was not about to play cymbals! I'm pretty decent, I suppose but...anyway. I have a performance on Thursday (of which I was notified yesterday), and so I'm going to play one or two piano pieces (depending on what sort of piano they have, can't play Rachmaninoff on an upright), an oboe solo with my brother accompanying, accompany (maybe) my brother on clarinet, and then we'll do (again, maybe) an oboe/clarinet duet. It's at an old folks home, and I've wanted to do some volunteer work, so this was a really good opportunity. Only problem? I've never practiced my bros clarinet solo with him, and we both just started on our duet yesterday. All this on top of having to study for a math final (don't ask!) and having my mother away in Dallas AND going to a wedding on Saturday. Man, oh man.

As for poetry, I've been writing it since the summer of Arava 1, which would have been...ummm...1998. A really cute counselor told me I wrote well, and so I kept writing to try to impress him. Now, it's sort of my journal. I write totally free, and if I fall into a pattern, I haven't been aware of it. I just find it hard to express myself under the constraints of meter. Besides, it's never really made sense to me.

The best thing? I would have to say music. All the way. I've been into it ever since I could remember, and I honestly would have been dead today if I didn't have music. I was severely depressed in sixth grade, and I thought I had nothing going for me, and I almost killed myself twice, but there was always music running through my head, and it calmed me down and cleared my mind, and then I went and sat down at the piano and played for hours until I felt at least a little better. So yeah, music is definitely the best.

I don't know that I have a favorite artist; some of my many "favorite" composers include Bach, Handel, Saint-Saens, Labate, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Joplin (gotta love that rag!), Schumann...well, you get the idea.

Righto, this is long enough already...


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I think I fell in love with Lisolette

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real poetry is all based on this old myth about this beautiful, scary, trippy goddess who the poet wants to possess but he always loses her to this shadowy other guy - Girl Goddess #9

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Ooohh... I love the arts! I think maybe it's the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes. But our school has a pretty crappy art program (which I think I enrolled in by accident *wink wink*) so I've kinda just relied on myself and my artistic friends and relatives to teach me and to motivate me.

So let's see... I'm a poet, a painter (not a great painter, unfortunately), a sketch artist, a dancer (classical dance - I've taught myself to tango and waltz), writer (song lyrics and short stories), musician (clarinet and I'm learning to play the acoustic guitar), and I like to argue and do speeches. I'm not sure if that really qualifies as an art, but I consider as my own personal art- I put my many of my own thoughts, dreams, and emotions into my speeches and arguements. Apparently I'm one of the very few people in my school who appreciate things like that. I LOVE art and literature- the theatre, operas, art exhibits, museums, little cafes where I can go on stage and read my poetry. I was the only one in my class who liked reading Romeo and Juliet and the Odyssey.

Right now I'm in Drama Club (hopefully thespians society next year) and I had some small freshman type rolls in Pride and Predjudice and Lil' Abner, band, and flag corpe (twirling flags also inspires me a bit). Just recently I went on a trip with the drama club to Detroit to see Phantom of the Opera (which was absolutely great). When I get into college I'm going to study to be a biological scientist, and I hope to possible take a few courses of art history or english literature. Yay!


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Hmm. All of the arts interest me to some degree, but dance the least. I'm a bad dancer. I like drawing, and going to art shows (but I don't do either as often as I'd like). I used to write a lot, but I've slipped with that. I also used to do theatre, but, now I don't...I've gotten really into music. I'm in a couple of choirs, and I also write my own songs. I've just started recording them onto my computer (bad sound quality, but it's nice to have a record of them). Maybe if I get brave I'll put them on the web.
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The arts seem to be what my life revolves around, so I think I should write in this topic.

I do photography. I have some work up at my site (the link is in my signature), but a lot of it is at my journal site. I recently started at it, and I'm the first to admit that I'm not so great. But I have fun, and that's the most important thing, right? I also paint, but I don't have any of that online.

I play guitar, piano, violin, and am soon going to start bass and drums. I'm in one band, where all the rest of the members still live in my old town, but oh well. I write a lot of songs, mostly just 4 chord deals, but it makes me feel good about myself.

I've also been involved in the theatre for the past 2 years. I'm probably directing a production next year, so.. go me!

The arts are so much fun.

- madison eliza
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exit seraphim
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lucky : if you liked the Odyssey, go check out the movie, "O Brother, Where Art Thou"'s loosely based on it...great great great film.

well...for me...i'm a writer, a musician, a poet, a decoupager, a photographer.

a small portion of my writing is here

i love music more then anything...i'm a percussionist. marching band season has started...we're doing the firebird suite by Stravinsky...oh do i love him. i also love Holst, Handel, Holsinger, Resphigi, Gerswhin, Rachmaninoff, Beethovan, Williams, Dave Matthews, Maynard Fergeuson...etc etc etc...

the name of my favorite photographer is escaping me...but he did a large exhibit on the family of man. i also like the guy who did the picture of this nude model with a snake around her, licking her. i think it might be the same guy...but it's midnight and i can't think straight.


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art... i love it all. though when it comes to drawing and writing, i can't just sit down and do it... it just comes to me, sometimes in the middle of the nite. but not very often, i've only a few things from the past 4 years.
music is beautiful. i've been exposed to so much through band the past 6 years yet, i've yet so much to hear. as for newer artists, i am in love with dave matthews. he writes the best music ever and it's not like some other music where the guitar player makes up a cool riff and they go with that. dave's music is so complicated and so many different instruments and sounds and patterns interwoven to make one beautiful song. and none of his songs are the same. dave is god. (well, my personal god if you will... hehe)
as for dancing, i love dancing though i've never taken a class... i've always wanted to but never had the money. i still love it, like what i learn for shows...
which brings me to my absolute favorite art: acting. though some don't consider it as much an art as the rest, i do. yes, you're speaking lines written by someone else, but, you're putting yourself into them. not just yourself, but your experiences, people you know, people you've seen. you have to be something you're not to get the authors ideas across. now if you can do that, you are an artist. i consider my self an actress, and an artist.

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I am art. Everything around me is art. Art is life. Life is art.

Sarcasmic, orgasmic, fantasmic...

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the arts sometimes keep me sane.
its so good to be able to express yourself with out words... the arts are a magic in my opinion.
i am an artist and a musician and a pretty shitty writer...
i never learnt any instruments, but taught myself, which in a way was better than getting lessons, bedause i wanted to learn and teach myself to do stuff..
the arts are god-like

that story with astra was awesome..

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